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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 2

Water does not resist. Water flows... If you can't go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does. MARGARET ATWOOD, THE PENELOPIAD

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 4

From its founding in 1967, Crystal™ has become a leader in the commercial water feature industry. From family business to recognized global innovator our history with water gives us the experience to help you at any stage of your water feature project. We are committed to manufacturing quality product and custom products and delivering outstanding service. Crystal teams are located in Canada, the Middle East and Europe, making sure your water feature captures the imagination of your audiences wherever they may be.

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 7

fast* Crystal? We've harnessed its power and tamed it into tranquility. We've helped clients out of deep water and never been over our head. We understand what they need, when they need it. When they want to be wowed and when they need the straight truth.

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 10

Crystal Creativity u>fares fc/e&f fioco Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating or entertaining others. Crystal fosters a culture of creativity throughout various departments; Design and Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Customer Service and Sales. Whether it's developing new products, creating custom products, recommending products that solve budget, space or timing challenges, our teams collaborate to help create truly spectacular water features.

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 11

Working with developers, architects, designers and installers, Crystal products can be found in installations around the world.

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 14

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 16

Canada's Wonderland, Toronto. Ontario. Canada

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 17

For centuries artists have used water in their work to express. themselves, and this is no different today, with conte artists using water as an expressive tool, taking"adva latest technology to create inspiring work. Crystal, has been collaborating with artists since its acting as a bridge between artists and engineers, belie fountains are a place where art and engineering gr Many of Crystal's staff are designers and thrive on converse with other artists and help bring their ideas to lif

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 18

A work of art is the unique result OSCAR WILDE Jaume Plensa

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 21

People loue We're all water in different easy to meet. Someday we Waterway Square,The Woodlands, Texas, USA

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 23

Just outside of Washington D.C in Georgetown is a landmark destination known as a commercial and entertainment district. The Washington Harbour in Georgetown is part of a recent revitalization project and features a 7,600 sq. ft. contemporary musical fountain at its heart.

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 24

The project offered the challenge of working with old and new—planning with existing infrastructure and integrating newer technologies. The additional requirement to transform this water feature into a 12,000 sq. foot artificial skating rink in colder months, creates a unique feature and a year-round active urban space.

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 25

DESIGNER SUPPORT Crystal will help any water feature project go smoothly from the start. VISUAL SUPPORT We can bring your water feature concept to life with pictures, videos and Crystal's WATERlab (see page 28). CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT AND REVIEW Let our designers help you to develop your water feature designs to make them work technically as well as achieve sustainable and safety standards. TECHNICAL PACKAGES Crystal can provide supporting technical documentation, architectural details, M&E systems, product installation information, equipment room layout and specifications. BUDGET REVIEW We'll...

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 26

CUSTOM PRODUCTS Crystal has a long history developing custom manufactured water feature components to meet specific design or performance guidelines. » All custom products undergo rigorous testing The R+D team of engineers and technicians manage new and custom products from concept through to final testing and documentation phase prior to manufacturing TESTING FACILITIES Crystal's state-of-the art testing facilities allow you to test water feature aesthetics, performance, lighting effects, splash, noise, Design workshops and client meetings with full photo and video production capabilities...

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 28

A considerable part of Crystal's product manufacturing involves creating water feature components that meet specific architectural, design or performance guidelines. From simple modifications to completely new products, Crystal's in-house manufacturing and testing facilities can create custom products that work "just so" within certain constraints. MODIFY EXISTING PRODUCTS: » Longer cord lengths » Different spray heights or hole patterns Custom spray ring sizes/shapes Custom installation details Custom light boards and color temperatures for LED lights CREATE COMPLETELY NEW PRODUCTS: New...

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 29

CRYSTAL'S WATER FEATURE SIMULATION SOFTWARE LETS YOUR FOUNTAIN VISION COME TO LIFE. Welcome to Crystal's WATERIab. Come on in and play. Real water simulations help you see your fountain vision or pre-test creative design process. CHECK THINGS LIKE: » Sequenced nozzle and light programs » Day & night views All the traditional nozzle and light effects » Water and solid object collisions Water walls and weirs » Sight lines Splash zones » Rippling » Wind impacts Premium quality visualizations rendered in real-time with fast turnaround 2-way integration with Google Sketch- background in select...

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2015 Fountain Idea Book - 31

Crystal's Sustainable Water Feature Design Philosophy Sustainable projects with water features work well by treating the water feature design as one piece of an integrated project. Also by treating the water feature design holistically. we can ensure the water feature integrates with all the other site systems to contribute to sustainable initiatives. During the design process, Crystal looks at Water Conservation, Energy Consumption and Environmental Considerations. Water Conservation Pre-plan though Crystal 'WATERlab' simulations to analyze and address future water loss due to splash and...

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