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THE FLOOR Happy on the floor is a way of life: freedom, breaking the rules, happiness, changing habits. Throwing yourself on the ground, rolling around, living life from down below, changing perspectives has always been beautiful and liberating. For children of course, but also for grown-ups, from established professionals to more elusive spirits, life on the ground is the rediscovery of external and internal points of views. It is for all of these people that the Panariagroup Research Centre has developed PROTECT, an exclusive line of extremely high performance antimicrobial floor and wall...

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HAPPY ON THE FLOOR. BUT WITH NO SURPRISES. It is said that there is more bacteria on one hand than people on planet Earth. How is it possible then to live with surfaces freely, especially flooring? The solution has arrived thanks to the Panariagroup Research Centre, which has created the PROTECT line. Besides being beautiful and remarkably resistant, PROTECT antimicrobial surfaces have been created with Microban® technology, developed by the world leader in the sector: a true antimicrobial shield built into the ceramic product that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on the surface. The...

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o ETERNAL EFFECTIVENESS thanks to technology integrated into the product Silver ions, permanently integrated into the tile at the moment of firing, are active throughout the life cycle of the product and always guarantee a high level of protection between cleaning operations. Unlike other technologies, such as those based on the use of Titanium Dioxide, the protective shield is always active, day and night, with or without sunlight and it does not need UV rays for activation. 0 GUARANTEED QUALITY by the partnership with Microban® PROTECT is guaranteed by the partnership with Microban®, the...

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ALEX FREE TO GROW UP. For little Alex the time has arrived to explore a new environment: the world. Starting from down below, because that is where they start to crawl, slide, roll, laugh and even sleep, and free to do so without any worries. For this reason, both at home and at day care, PROTECT antimicrobial surfaces are the best travel companions! PROTECT SURFACES ARE IDEAL IN HOUSES, KINDERGARTENS, GAMES ROOMS, NURSERIES, PLAYROOMS.

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• MORE HYGIENIC AND EASIER CLEANING The level of cleanliness of the product can be visibly improved with PROTECT antimicrobial technology, and while not a substitute for normal cleaning, it allows complete and easier cleaning, rendering it less expensive and allowing you to reach a better level of protection between cleaning operations. • IT ALSO ELIMINATES SUBSTANCES WHICH ARE NOT VISIBLE Bacteria are invisible, but that doesn't mean they are not there! Thanks to PROTECT antimicrobial technology the growth of bacteria is significantly limited on floor and wall tiles, kitchen countertops,...

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ANTIMICROBIAL EVERYWHERE The continuous antimicrobial action of the PROTECT line prevents the formation of biofilms, colonies of bacteria that form a slimy coating on surfaces, which are difficult to clean and can compromise the tile itself by fading colours or adding resistant and smelly mildew. PROTECT technology is especially effective with bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, very frequent in any environment. PROTECT ANTIMICROBIAL SURFACES ARE RECOMMENDED FOR DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENTS BUT ALSO: Restaurants, canteens, countertops for kitchens...

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PROTECT SURFACES ARE IDEAL IN SCHOOLS, THEATRES, CREATIVE WORKSHOPS, SHARING SPACES. EMMA FREE TO EXPLORE. In every aspect of her life Emma looks for a new emotion, a different path, a discovery that may help make her future amazing. For this reason she loves all spaces, especially where she can lie on the ground, where it is easier to create because you can see things through the eyes of freedom. And PROTECT, among all her discoveries, is by far the one that allows her to start designing her tomorrow.

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THE RESEARCH: A LEADING GROUP IN THE INDUSTRY Research and Development is at the core of Panariagroup that, over the years, has developed into one of the groups at the forefront of the industry. Panariagroup has established an important Research Centre made of highly qualified personnel: technicians, engineers, architects and researchers. Every day, they study new solutions to successfully compete in the field of floor and wall tiles, thus maintaining the position of market leader. MICROBAN® TECHNOLOGY. COMPLIANCE WITH SAFETY REGULATIONS The use of Microban® antimicrobial technologies for...

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are notified in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) No. 528/2012 for the relevant product types in accordance with their end use application. The Microban® additive used in Panariagroup PROTECT ceramic tile products is also approved for use in direct food contact applications regulated under the Food Contact Materials Framework Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. It is also registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States. THOROUGHLY TESTED APPLICATIONS To substantiate the antimicrobial claims,...

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ANGELA FREE TO MOVE. Angela loves to work out. After a long day at the office, carrying out her duties, confined to her desk, she can’t wait to let her hair down at the gym. Here she can finally devote herself to her favourite activities, because only when you exercise do you truly feel free to focus on what matters: your wellbeing. And PROTECT antimicrobial surfaces are the best personal trainers anyone could want. PROTECT SURFACES ARE IDEAL IN GYMS, SAUNAS, CHANGING ROOMS, YOGA AND PILATES CENTRES, MASSAGE PARLOURS.

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THE STRENGTH OF A WORLDWIDE LEADING PARTNER: MICROBAN® Panariagroup has chosen to develop PROTECT products together with Microban®, the world’s leading antimicrobial technology brand. Thanks to its global approach, Microban® technology is known and appreciated by more than 250 brands worldwide and used in more than 1000 products, not only in construction but also in commercial and consumer goods. Microban®, which has been operating for over 25 years, has managed to establish itself as a world leader through painstaking research and constant innovation. The company’s areas of operation have...

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