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T R E N D S T H AT COMPLEMENT ONE ANOTHER Objects made from concrete and cement combine well with organic and natural elements, hardwoods, plants and neutral colours creating harmony and balance and filling every corner of the home with light and personality. New for 2018 Spaces are filled with contrasting trends. 2018 sees the consolidation of two trends that were already very visible last year: We are talking about the Natural and the Industrial. We see the return of open and exposed spaces along with the elegance of Natural Chic, and unpretentious beauty in raw materials that are visible...

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Trend Guide - 3

TRENDS 2018 | NATURAL TREND THE TREND GUIDE | NEW COLORS 2018 craftsmanship and naturalness of the most authentic, untreated and unsynthesised materials. The main purpose of this trend is authentic well-being. It's at the heart of this trend, showing us how to live and breathe slowly again, be in contact with nature and our authentic origins. The intention to reconnect with the natural is achieved by increasing the amount of plant life in communal spaces, multifunctional designs, and all that allows us to live in simplicity and practicality. The home is an imagined construction, created by...

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Trend Guide - 4

NATURAL MATES Nature permeates every corner of the home, in the form of light and sparse materials, textures and colours, to provide an apparent decorative simplicity. It’s a more elegant concept that allows you to enjoy an environment where quality is prioritised over extravagance, thereby bringing more natural warmth and comfort to the space. NATURAL TREND Colours, textures and materials The various shades of white, pale grey, bleached wood and powdery pink become essential colours. Fundamental for designing spaces with a natural edge made from impeccable materials, with no frills or...

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Trend Guide - 5

The objects that surround us transform into pieces with personality and simple uses, which do not try to be anything beyond what they are. The softer and lighter shapes and materials differentiate themselves from the crude minimalism of yesteryear, which merely communicated frailty and discomfort to furnish spaces that appear lifeless. Instead, we discover newer, more pleasant silhouettes that reject excess, complications and impossible designs. Everyday objects become authentic works of art in their own right through their simplicity and perfect or imperfect beauty, thanks to the use of...

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Trend Guide - 6

TREND GUIDE Urban Trend Taking on the Streets The objects have a personality of their own. They wear their own personality and character. THE TREND GUIDE︱NEW COLORS 2018 The industrial style was created in the 1950s in the United States, when a large movement of artists, photographers, painters, sculptors and all types of creatives moved from the heart of the major cities to the suburbs. This move saw them set up in abandoned factories and lofts that were characterised by their large windows, wooden or iron beams, columns made of cast iron and open-plan spaces without partitions. These...

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Trend Guide - 7

URBAN TRENDS Colours, Textures and Materials COLOURS AND TEXTURES THAT THE TREND GUIDE︱NEW COLORS 2018 The beauty and naturalness of wood and stone and the brutalist texture of the cement or concrete and iron are the most frequently-used materials for industrial-style decoration. Choices that, when combined, complement each other to create warmer and more inviting spaces. Surfaces with more texture and marble or velvet finishes are particularly apt for adding personality and comfort to different spaces, and the most elegant and sophisticated fabrics together with aged surfaces and...

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Trend Guide - 8

Noteworthy pieces are made with simple lines and raw materials such as iron and wood, in the form of dining tables made from untreated wood with iron legs, coffee tables with galvanised profiles or made from old sewing machines, pieces of wooden pallets and restored spools or furniture with large wheels, an element that allows you to design a space with an industrial edge, full of personality and style. Furniture and accessories made from cement have become a key trend in the design of industrial-style spaces: ceiling lights, vases, candlesticks, and even tables and chairs fill homes to...

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Trend Guide - 10

Back to the Origins This trend seeks to rediscover Nature and share spaces with it. Surfaces, ambiances and materials that embody harmony and show themselves unadorned and resembling their original appearance. Plants, stones and colours that give order to our homes and our minds. TREND GUIDE︱NEW COLORS 2018 We present unique ideas from Silestone® as well as Dekton® that will give a feeling of naturalness and warmth to any surface in your home. Take a look

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Trend Guide - 11

The New Eternal Collection® delivers an interesting addition following the current trend of marble and elegant neutral spaces. Vibrant tones, reinventions of the classics, are now materialized in golden and elegant grey hues. TREND GUIDE︱NEW COLORS 2018 Three new proposals with a wide colour range that are born with the aim of giving versatility, luminosity, and personality to both cold and warm spaces. Discover them all. Reinventing Eterni

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Trend Guide - 12

TREND GUIDE︱NEW COLORS 2018 Silestone Classic Calacatta Silestone Desert Silver An elegant and subtle reinterpretation of the desirable Calacatta. It stands out for its uniform grayish veins that cross the neutral background with a translucent appearance. The Classic Calacatta evokes nature thanks to its great resemblance to real stone. Evokes an icy surface patterned with fine and clear veins. It offers a very balanced and uniform translucent design. Inspired by the classic and long-lasting marble trend, it stands out for its easy combination with any type of material or architectural...

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Trend Guide - 13

Silestone Eternal Emperador TREND GUIDE︱NEW COLORS 2018 Emperador stands out for its creamy streaks and bright touches scattered on an earthy brown background. Natural tones very in line with the trend of marble and warmer environments. Tradition and elegance that reinvents itself with a touch of sumptuousness. Make a bold statement. ETERNAL EMPERADO

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