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SILESTONE byCOSENTINO A product designed by Cosentino®

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Welcome to a new era 5 ICONIC DISTRICTS 5 UNIQUE COLORS 2020 will be remembered as a time of profound social change. Changes that we have experienced in recent years have cultivated a hyper-connected world; a more condensed yet increasingly individualistic society. At the heart of everything, is a search for the bare necessities. Senses are no longer just digital but are becoming the best tool in this new era. We are enjoying contact again, in our relationships with others and with objects. We are rediscovering authentic experiences that touch every aspect of our lives. Cities in this new...

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City Connection New Loft Series We invite you on an architectural and sensual journey to the heart of the city. LOFT will be your companion: a collection that reviews, in terms of design, the character and essence of 5 iconic places. Let’s begin the journey in England, in the bustling area of Camden (1). We will make the most of our journey through Europe and enjoy colors in the Mediterranean light: Poblenou (2). We will then leave the old continent behind and head for New York. There we will walk through Seaport (3), full of efflorescence. And then, we will go to the island of Manhattan...

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Exposed brick wall The contrast between the exposed wall and Loft Seaport really highlight the texture of the brick. Two stories Two stories provide attractive and visually-rich spacious areas. Respecting the integrity of the material is on trend. To achieve this, a great option is to use exposed features in living spaces. The sea plays its part in the design thanks to decor accessories such as illustrations, photos, oars and anchors. Seaport recreates a dark cement color with a worn charm. It invites you to explore different atmospheres with its hazy white shade which makes it a unique...

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Integrated kitchens Seaport creates an intimate feeling perfect for cooking and enjoying day-to-day life with your loved ones. Cosy fabrics Designer upholstery, unique prints and smoked glass are all great options for your design. Wooden accessories and plants Seaport combines with all kinds of wood and materials reminiscent of worn leather. Vivid and bright colors Seaport works perfectly with ochre and blue tones reminiscent of the sea and times of old.

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Introducing the new Silestone Loft Series with HybriQ Technology® More Beauty. More Sustainable. Less Impact.

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100% Renewable energy We are committed to the use of circular energy and sustainable products. That is why we defend the use of renewable energies. 98% Recycled water We use 98% of recycled water in our production process, thus reducing the ecological impact. Made with Recycled Glass & Minerals A generation of innovative surfaces with a hybrid formula made with minerals and recycled glass.

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Applications Thanks to its remarkable characteristics, Silestone is the ideal surface choice for unlimited applications. Silestone® Lyra Kitchen Countertops Silestone is the only quartz surface with a 25 year transferable warranty. It also offers a wide range of colors and textures to transform your kitchen into a unique space. Silestone can be used in a variety of applications, including countertops, flooring, cladding and backsplashes or even furniture.

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“The Kitchen is the heart of the Home” Silestone® Bianco Calacat

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Kitchens for every style: which one is yours? Trends and styles change all the time. It’s time to choose which one goes best with your kitchen. Modern Avant-garde Rustic Style Style Style If you like functional rooms, formal simplicity, straight lines and units without handles, you should go for a modern kitchen. In these minimalistic looking kitchens, panelled appliances are common, creating a clean and uniform area. This trend is reminiscent of almost futuristic aesthetics. For ergonomic reasons, kitchens often feature curved and sinuous designs with no handles in sight. But the key...

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SILESTONE* WARRANTY SILESTONE® Benefits Silestone® is made out of Natural Quartz created to provide color and texture for bath and kitchen surfaces. Thanks to its physical and chemical properties, a result of years of investigation, it guarantees maximum safety and hygiene. Resistance to Stains Silestone® is a non-porous surface which is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, oil, vinegar, make-up and many other daily-use products. Resistant to Scratching Quartz is one of the hardest minerals that exists. This makes our products very durable, with a high level of...

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LOFT Poblenou Feel the Mediterranean warmth Poblenou offers a warm, smooth, shade of grey, with very subtle veins on its surface. It is the ideal tone to use in a day-to-day family atmosphere. Ceiling moldings Elements of other decor styles are combined here, creating rich contrasts. Natural Elements Poblenou integrates natural beauty into any interior design. Wooden flooring and walls Soft wood plays a key role in the design thanks to its harmonious and understated tones, perfect for reflecting natural light.

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Paintings and art Art is a safe bet to create attractive combinations. 1 Classic design pieces Classic design pieces stand out and shine thanks to the warmth of Loft Poblenou. Crafts and soft tones Objects made from fibers and handmade fabric are perfect for this warm tone. Living nature Poblenou represents Mediterranean nature: feel free to combine it with plants, both decorative and aromatic.

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Silestone® Color Collection Iconic White White Zeus Extreme Miami Vena Miami White Pearl Jasmine Blanco Matrix Eternal Bella White North

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White Diamond Kimbler Mist p Polished Finish l SUEDE™ Finish Stellar Snow White Storm Tigris Sand Ocean Jasper v Volcano Finish i Integrity Sink j Jumbo Slab Size r Regular Slab Size Blanco Orion Capri Limestone Silken Pearl Urban Frost Blanco City Alpina White

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Silestone® Color Collection Poblenou Sienna Ridge Royal Reef Coral Clay Color Artika Polaris Grey Expo

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