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Concast Precast Industrial Frames - Warehouse - Grid Jumper Beams - Gutters Concast Head office, Hazelhatch, Newcastle, Co. Dublin PRECAST CONCRETE SPECIALISTS Phone: (01) 6288055 Fax: (01) 6272326 Email: Web site:

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Concast Precast Ltd Industrial Frame - Warehouse Industrial Warehouses are generally designed using a beam and column arrangement. The beams in these structures are often required to be long span, to create large open plan areas for storage or manufacturing. To cater for these long spans, Concast us it’s C4 beam. This is a pre-stressed roof beam with a 4’ pitch, which are available at spans of up to 36 m, and generally at bays of 6 m. Multiple spans can be accommodated using our valley detail (as shown on page 3). It is recommended that expansion joints (i.e. double columns) should be used...

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Industrial Frame - Warehouse Isometric View of C4 Frame Connection Details Horizontal rails fixed to precast upstand column Sheeting stepped Around upstand Flashing piece Roof Purlins Roof beam Precast Column Flashing piece supplied and fixed by others on site Precast Roof Precast gutter dowel fixed to roof beam Roof Purlins precast beams Precast Column Typical Parapet Eaves Detail Typical Valley Detail Phone: (01) 6288055 - Fax: (01) 6272326 - Email: - Web site:

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Concast Precast Ltd Industrial Frame - Warehouse Grid Jumper Beams Grid Jumper beams act as transfer beams in C4 structures. They reduce the requirement for columns, as ever second C4 beam can bear directly onto the Grid Jumper, with no column below it. This also reduces the requirements for foundations. These beams are typically rectangular in shape and provide a concrete corbel for the C4 beam to bear on to. The depth of these units can be altered to suit the requirements of a particular job. Grid Jumper beams can also be designed to take C4 beams on each side, if required in the central...

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