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Copyright Concast Precast Ltd © 2009 Note: Please note technical information provided is for guidance only, project specific requirements should be discussed at the appropriate time.

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The Concast Precast Group is a major provider of precast concrete solutions servicing the Irish and UK markets. Founded in 1975, Concast’s Bridge Beams business has grown through our reputation for delivering quality projects, on time and within budget. Concast has a professional cross functional team with the expertise and state of the art facilities to deliver an extensive range of precast solutions. TY Beams Concast offers both public and private sector clients a comprehensive service including design, production, transportation and installation on site. Concast provides precast...

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1. Docklands Residential Scheme Concast provides multi-storey structural precast concrete solutions for major residential schemes, including luxury apartments, duplexes and townhouses, social-affordable schemes and student accommodation. Concast’s design team provides flexible solutions, to suit modern designs. In addition to the structural frame, Concast can provide additional products such as precast balconies, cladding panels, lift-core pods. 2. Sports and Leisure Stadia Concast are a leading manufacturer of sports and leisure facilities including spectator stands which generally...

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Design & Planning Transport & Installation Concast’s in-house designers, work closely with our clients design team to deliver a flexible and innovative solution for every project undertaken. Concast has a fleet of specialist equipment, to facilitate the transportation and installation of our precast concrete products. Professional crews, complete the installation process on site. It is essential to identify the most efficient sizes and shapes for components, at an early stage. This ensures structural efficiency and minimises cost. Concast is committed to delivering projects on programme and...

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Bridge Beams Prestressed concrete bridge beams provide a durable, high quality solution for modern road structures. Concast has a dedicated production facility, which manufactures to precise tolerances in compliance with ISO 9001 quality procedures. The high quality steel moulds produce units with an impressive finish, available in a wide range of bridge profiles, which span up to 45m depending on Medium span bridges, car parks, jetties and marine decks. Generally used as edge beams to the TY Beam. Provides voided bridge deck for medium and long span road bridge construction. Medium and...

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TY Beam SECTION PROPERTIES Short and medium span bridges Section Depth Span [mm] [m] No and commercial developments. Span: 5-18m Second moment Approximate self weight of area [kN/m] [mm4 x 10^9] edium pan d al ents am for short 1m dium span and cial ments 6 -18m 15.46 200.36 117.510 SECTION PROPERTIES 1400 Design self weight per unit has been taken as 24kN/m3 U10 22.5 - 30.5 677357 634.3 16.26 187.93 226.90 143.910 B Depth Area Height centroid Second moment Approximate Span Section Section modulus U11 24 682.2 17.06 weight 254.60 173.690 area [mm]1500 [mm] 710737 self [m] - 32 of No Span...

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span bridges Section Properties Span: 13-45m U Beam Ideal for medium and long span bridges. Span: 14-34m Ideal for medium and long span U bridges Beam Spans:Ideallongmedium 14 -for span 34 m and SECTION PROPERTIES SECTION PROPERTIES Design self weight per unit has been taken as 24kN/m3 13.85 74.168 beam for short Edge medium span 17.86 bridges and commerical developments. Span - 5-18m Design self weight per unit has been taken as 24kN/m3 Design self weight per unit has been taken as 24kN/m3 Typical Specification: Concrete PROFILE 38.220 9.86 142.09 Cement usually complies with B. S. 1 18.30...

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Bridge Decks Concast manufactures various forms of bridge deck including glass reinforced concrete (GRC) panels and omnia plates. These panels replace the need for temporary shuttering and hence increase the speed of construction. A thorough testing and transparent quality control procedure is in place, as the units must be sufficiently durable to last the lifespan of the bridge. Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Omnia Slab GRC slabs are glass fibre reinforced concrete panels, which are used to span the short distance between bridge beams on site. They can be provided in various profiles such...

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Retaining Wall Units Concast’s retaining wall units are an efficient means of bulk storage and the retention of materials. The precast concrete units are generally free-standing and can be dismantled or relocated if required. Concast manufactures various types of retaining walls, including: • Single or double heel wall units, of varying heights to form a load-bearing wall. They can be loaded from one or both sides. • Retaining wall with insitu heel, the precast wall unit is cast with exposed projecting steel in the heel of the unit, the concrete is then poured on the projecting steel on...

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Concast’s concrete box culverts are used for conveyance of fluids such as stormwater, stream crossings and sewage as well as for short-span bridges and underground access. Precast box culverts are produced in a controlled environment allowing a high degree of quality and uniformity. Concast also provide wing walls and head beams, which can be used to guide fluids through the box sections.

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In addition to a standard range of box culverts, Concast can also provide non-standard sizes to suit your requirements. U shaped culverts (or trenches) are also popular, when access is required from the top of the culvert. Lids can be cast separately for these units, which allow the user to have the culvert covered over or accessible, as required. These lids are often used when pipes or other equipment stored within the culvert/trench may require Final design and wall thickness is dependent upon the project specific design criteria, which can be reviewed by our design department. Culvert...

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