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CompassPools 1 Technology 2 Riverina 3-4 Trainer 5-6 Java 7-8 Briliant 9-10 Colours 11-12 Self-cleaning 13-14 Sheltering 15-16 Cover 17-18 Accessories 19-22 Automatic pool concept 23-24

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1 CompassPools | philosophy What is a Compass Ceramic Pool? It is the most resistant, durable and modern composite pool in the world 2 CompassPools | Technology Facts on Compass ceramic pools: • the only original and patented ceramic technology in the world • over 60 000 pools sold • 25 years of experience and research in Australia and the U.S.A. Ceramic Pools – exclusive patented system Advantages: • exclusive 3D shiny surface without pores • 20-year guarantee for osmosis (absolute impermeability) • ceramic core (patent Pn1690) enhanced firmness without any loss of flexibility • fast and...

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CompassPools | POOLS integrated grip rail and step ledge staircase with a non slip finish relaxation zone 3 4 CompassPools | POOLS Ri verina Series Ri verina Series: greatest advantages • The modern „free shape“ design makes Riverina an elegant pool for each type of house or surroundings • Gradually descending pool bottom is suitable for both older people and children • Wide steps and integrated relaxation area where massage nozzles or air massage devices may be installed • Perimeter grip rail and the step ledge around the pool make young swimmers feel safe • Relaxation zone in the deeper...

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5 CompassPools | POOLS 6 CompassPools | POOLS TRAINER Trainer Series Tw o lanes for health, fi tness, and fun for all Standard pools allow only one swimmer to swim at a time. Two lane X-Trainer allows two or more people to swim together. X-Trainer’s extra width suits water games and cross-training programs. Aquatic training is kind on bones and joints and is perfect for both the elderly and young children. The greatest advantages of the Trainer Series pools: • modern geometric shape with two lanes, • two staircases with integrated relaxation zone, • gradually sloping pool bottom suits both...

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9 CompassPools | POOLS 10 briliant harmony briliant Puristic elegance Brilliant Pools are an economical version of Compass Ceramic Pools. The combination of the puristic- minimalist design and absolute usefulness make them the classic type of pools suitable for any client. • steps are situated to take as little space as possible, • steps with non slip finish, • perimeter step ledge ensures safe leaving of the pool at any point, • relaxation zone for installation of massage nozzles. Type L ength Width D epth V olume Weight Briliant 66 6,60 3,63 1,40 27 m3 500 kg Briliant 74 7,46 3,46 1,40 32...

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Solid colours permanently elegant standard RAL paints of the top quality for conservative pool fans. Application of state-of-art additives secure the highest possible colour stability. Colour your swimm! The colour of the pool is important 12 CompassPools | colours Solid Colour | Compass Blue Solid Colour | Papyrus White Cyber Colour | Cyber Moon Cyber Colour | Cyber Aqua Cyber Colour | Cyber Sky Bi-Luminite® | Blue Granite Bi-Luminite® | Blue Saphire Bi-Luminite® | Golden Pebble Bi-Luminite® | Smokey Quartz Bi-Luminite® | Granit Diamond Reef | Diamond Bi -Luminite® Colours Bi-Luminite®...

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CompassPools | 13 Self-cleaning 14 CompassPools | Self-cleaning Self-cleaning pol A mountain spring is a symbol of cleanliness and freshness. Despite flowing through the woods and collecting many leaves and other things on its way, it is clean and fresh. What makes it so clean? It moves permanently. The spring flows in its bed, takes away dirt and dust and moves all the time thereby giving no time for algae and bacteria to grow. The same result can be achieved in your pool. But you must either clean, sweep, clean with a pool vacuum cleaner and add chemicals or you can simply buy a p ool wi...

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15 CompassPools | enclosures 16 CompassPools | enclosures POOL enclosures CHARA CTER ISAT ION : Compass Pools Top is a series of covers and shelters adjusted to Compass pools colours and shapes that is manufactured by one of the renowned European manufacturers as an exclusive product. Compass Pools Top makes use of the latest development in this area, including several patents. Major advantages: • aluminium frame profiles in three different colour SAN AN glassing, • „floating“ installation of glass, • super thin cover guide bar, • special type of guiding wheels with stainless steel...

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17 CompassPools | covers 18 CompassPools | covers Lamela covers for pols for pols Compass cover The Compass Pool rollo cover, a lamella cover, guarantees full safety around your pool. It prevents fast pool cooling at night and when it is colder. Special solar lamellas secure optimal warming of the water by solar energy and thus they contribute to significant energy saving. Lamellas are rolled below the surface and separated from the pool by a cover of the same colour as the pool. They are comfortably controlled by remote control. The Compass Pool Rollo Cover meets the strictest EU safety...

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20 „We offer only selected brand products - the quality of which we are 100 % sure. Check it yourself.” CompassPools compass skimmer PT ECO a basket, flange set, reducing adapter for vacuum cleaner, floating door, PT screw set, gaskets, the possibility to connect to the sewerage system, including skimmer extension with 2“ and 1 ½“ outputs. Compass Genuine Pool Parts: CompassPools devote great attention to the quality, design, and functionality of each part used within the installation of pools. All parts are designed and optimized to meet all required European standards. The optimum...

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21 22 CompassPools | príslušenstvo EVOLUT ION – POOL WATER LEVEL REGULATOR NC 01 - integrated into the skimmer - the time delay might be set between 2 and 135 seconds, - magnetic PVC float for simple integration into Ocean skimmers M5 and PT because they already have an integrated holder with adjustable height for this regulator. Ec omatic ES C 16 - self-cleaning unit, - digital indicator of performance, - water flow meter, - electrolytic titanium unit with long service life, - winter mode. Additional acc essories: • Evolution - pool water level regulator • Aqua star 6-way valve • S...

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