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Wellness Spas - 3

The Wellness Health and Swim Spa series has been developed with the sole objective to bring together the health benefits that can be achieved with hot water, exercise, hydro massage therapy and swimming - all built into one beautiful product, just for you and your family. Water resistance has long been proven to be a superior medium for strength, cardio and endurance training. Owning a Wellness Spa gives you anytime access to this medium and provides an experience that is so enjoyable that you’ll find it easy to maintain your new healthly lifestyle by simply spending time in your new...

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Wellness Spas - 4

Wellness I Built for Positive Health and Arthritis Relief The Perfect Spa for Health and Wellness Rowing Bars Resistance Exercise Bands Textured Steps for Safety and Traction Seating Capacity Dimensions Center Ring for Stability and Exercise Dedicated Seat for Ultimate Massage Therapy Easy and Safe Spa Entry The Wellness I (One) was developed in partnership with the Arthritis Research Center of Canada’s Consumer Advisory Board to directly target ailments associated with arthritis and improve the day-to-day life of those who suffer from this potentially debilitating condition. The Wellness I...

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Wellness Spas - 5

Wellness II Small Footprint, Full-Sized Swim Spa The Wellness II is an incredible package of positive healthy alternatives to your current workout. Swim indefinitely against a resistant current produced by powerful River Jets. Connect exercise bands and row bars to make a full workout with elements of cardio and strength training. The Wellness II has a full sized swim area and is engineered to take up as little room as possible to easily fit your backyard or fitness room. River Jets - The Ultimate Swim Resistance Jets Deep, Full Sized Swim Area Levitator Jets (Buoyancy Equalizer)...

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Wellness Spas - 6

Deep, Full Sized Swim Area + RESISTANCE EXERCISE BANDS + ROW BARS (2) + SWIM TETHER PUMPS NA 2x 4HP + 1x 1.5HP INT 2x 3HP SF + 1x 1.5HP PERFORMANCE PACKAGE PLUS 32 JETS | 3 RIVER JETS + RESISTANCE EXERCISE BANDS + ROW BARS (2) + SWIM TETHER NA 4x 4HP 25 JETS | 2 RIVER JETS PERFORMANCE PACKAGE PLAY PACKAGE Our Wellness II Lounge is available in a “shallow” model if the standard depth of 4 ½ feet is not required. Ask your authorized dealer for details. 4 Seats + Swim Area 5000 L | 1321 US Gal 151 x 90 x 53 in 384 x 229 x 135 cm Seating Capacity Dimensions WELLNESS II LOUNGE | SWIM SPA River...

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Wellness Spas - 7

The Wellness III is built specifically to add a Hot Tub to your Wellness II or Wellness II Lounge Swim Spa The unique shape, compact design and detachment option of the Wellness III makes it especially desirable in situations where installation is not easily accessible or if you intend on not leaving your unit behind if you move residence in the future. Seating Capacity Dimensions The Wellness III is the perfect alternative to an all-in-one or dual zone swim spa as it can be separated and moved independently from the Wellness II Swim Spa. The Wellness III has independent controls so that...

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Wellness Spas - 8

Wellness IV Hot Tub and Full Sized Swim Spa. Dual Zone Perfection. The largest Wellness Spa we build. The gigantic dual zone Wellness IV is a swim / exercise spa that includes a full-size, independently controlled hot tub. Truly the complete all-in-one wellness package ready for your backyard or exercise room. Dual Zone Integrated Hot Tub with Swim Spa. Independent Temperature Controls. Premium River Jets for the Ultimate Swimming Resistance. Full Sized Swim Area with Dual Massage Seats Stylish and Powerful Jets. Get a deep tissue massage for your post-exercise cool down. Unique Massage...

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Wellness Spas - 9

Wellness V All Sport. Swim & Exercise with Room to Spare The Wellness V has the largest swimming and exercise area. Complete with an integrated cool-down/ massage area, the Wellness V is the must have swim spa for those who put fitness first. Powerful River Jets provide the ultimate swimming resistance. Massage and Cool Down Area Large Swimming Area for Seamless Exercising Stylish and Powerful Jets Provide a Deep Tissue Massage for Post Exercise Cool Down Plush Headrests for Total Relaxation Stainless steel and beautifully designed accent pieces bring a luxury finish to your swim spa....

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Wellness Spas - 10

Feature Overview STANDARD FEATURES SPA COMFORTS Hand Controls Plush Headrests Safety Light Beverage Holders Thread-In Jets Anti-Slip Textured Floor Ergonomic Seating Multi-Level Seating Non-Float Lounger (Lounge Models) Large Footwells (WI and WV - Hot Tubs) Recessed Jetting INNOVATION Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®* Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet*** Remote Monitoring and Control Ready Programmable Filtration Cycles PROTECTION Bottom Moisture Protection** Coast Guard Corners** Freeze Protection Energy Saver Cover STRUCTURE Steel Reinforced Acrylic Shell Hand-Made Cabinets ADDITIONAL STANDARD...

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Wellness Spas - 11

Shell Acrylic Color We offer only the finest acrylic material available. These elegant colors will stay vibrant for the life of your Swim Spa or Hot Tub. UV resistant and made to endure all the elements. Sterling Silver Only color option for Swim Spas Pearl Shadow Storm Cloud Premium Acrylic Colors Desert Horizon Snow White Midnight Canyon Cabinet Finish A full choice of beautiful cabinets to add the finishing touch to your custom spa. Choose between our premium-grade Canadian Cedar, durable Coast Guard Synthetic or maintenance-free Luxury Slate Cabinets. All the materials that we offer to...

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Wellness Spas - 12

Purification Systems The Very Finest In Water Treatment for the Freshest Feeling Spa Environment All hot tubs require a method of water purification and just like swimming pools, hot tubs and swim spas require sanitizers and filtration systems to maintain clean water. Just as filtration system will use filters to remove debris from your spa, purification systems use light, oxygen and salt generators to actively attack unwanted contaminants in your spa water. Having a purification system installed on your spa will reduce the amount of additional chemicals needed to maintain clean water....

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