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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 2

Not Just Another Hot Tub Years of product innovation, development and eld-testing has perfected the most unique and luxurious spas in the world, the Cascade Series. For the rst time ever, an innity (vanishing) edge design is available on a portable hot tub. This patented feature is more than just aesthetically stunning - it successfully eliminates water displacement from multiple bathers and the need for space consuming skimmers. In the past, owning a vanishing edge spa would require a home owner to have an expensive custom hot tub built on-site with a complex plumbing system. Not anymore,...

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 3

SpaSelection Choose the Hot Tub and Class that fits your lifestyle. Your spa will have either the Elite Class or Luxury Class of premier standard features. Your spa class determines which spa control panel, number of available jets, size of jet pump(s), Hot Tub standard lighting, size of filter system and more. Patented Design ELITE SERIES LUXURY SERIES Digital Carbon Fiber Control Panel Smart phone Remote Control App Ready The World’s Only Vanishing Edge Portable Hot Tub. One edge of the spa is removed to the waterline, allowing for a seamless and stunning view of your surroundings....

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 4

A hot tub needs to be ready for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be outside in the blistering sun, blizzard. We build our spas to endure the most extreme Zero Water Displacement. No matter how many people you have in your cascade series spa, the water level will aways stay the same. Cascade Spas are the only hot tubs in the world that have no “bobbing skimmers” and no filter grate. In a Coast Spas® Cascade Series spa, the water level will always stay the same regardless of how many people are in the spa. No wasted water caused by overow means less chemical usage and no additional...

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 5

StandardEquipment We believe that a quality spa is not only built to the highest standards but also includes the best standard equipment. All the features listed below come standard when you purchase a Coast Spa. These features range from functional and aesthetic design improvements to practical innovations that separate our spas from all others. AUTOMATICALLY CLEARS AIRLOCKS The Cascade Series has a built-in purge system that will clear air-locks created by lling your spa, automatically. On any other hot tub you would be required to manually bleed the water lines to clear the airlocks in...

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 6

Edge A Large Impression from a Small Footprint The Edge is the most compact Cascade Series spa available. Being smaller than its predecessors allows for installation in a broader range of environments. The new Edge sports a unique seating arrangement with a bench-style area that will accommodate a surprising amount of bathers, without feeling crowded. The two massage seats are designed to position the bather deep into the spa with jets aligned to target the back, neck, hips, hands and legs for a premium hydrotherapy experience. In keeping with all other Cascade models, the Edge provides...

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 7

The Edge Seating Water Capacity Dimensions 5 to 6 Adults 1218 L | 322 US Gal 197 x 228 x 101.5 (80 front) cm 78 x 90 x 40 (32 front) in Elite Series Monthly Cost* North America International Monthly Cost* Includes Sheer Descent Waterfall Cost* Monthly We list our spas in True Horsepower. See below for Brake HP Ratings North American: Monthly Cost* Monthly Cost* Monthly Cost* *Monthly Cost - Model average energy consumption cost. Calculated with current global energy costs and based on hot tubs with average ltration cycles, common daily usage and stock equipment. For general reference only....

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 8

Cascade II The Biggest Vanishing Edge Spa We Build with the Largest Waterfall Available Corner to corner this spa measures over 11 feet, seats 7 people comfortably and has over 6 feet in waterfalls. It’s large, it’s powerful and it’s very impressive. The Cascade II has up to 61 massage therapy jets and three jet pumps with the horsepower to deliver some serious massage therapy. This spa has no bobbing skimmer and no grate. Water ows over a four foot waterfall into a closed pressurized ltration system so you don’t sit in the same body of water as your lter. With a lit color LCD control...

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 9

CASCADE II Seating Water Capacity Dimensions 6 to 7 Adults 1817 L | 480 US Gal 233.7 x 256.5 x 119.5 (79 front) cm 92 x 101 x 47 (31 front) in Luxury Series North America International MASSAGE BOOST. CASCADE II INCLUDES: Volcano Jet with Independent Control Monthly Cost* Monthly Cost* Includes 24” Adjustable Waterfall Monthly Cost* We list our spas in True Horsepower. See below for Brake HP Ratings North American: Monthly Cost* Monthly Cost* International: 3HP (SF)= 5BHP 5HP(SF) = 7BHP SF = Super Flow: pump with a more aggressive pump impeller for more thrust. Monthly Cost* Monthly Cost*...

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 10

Phantom This Spa Turns Heads, Drops Jaws, and Gives an Incredible Massage We didn’t build the Phantom to blow minds, but that’s exactly what it has become known for. This spa attracts so much attention that we build one to take with us to every show and any event we sponsor. The Phantom was initially built due to overwhelming requests to have a vanishing edge spa that would look stunning if installed into the corner of a deck, yard or room. However instead of becoming a spa that sat in the corner of a yard, it has become the centerpiece. Full color LCD controls with stainless steel...

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A S C A D E S E R I E S - 11

“I like to stretch out with my crossed arms draped over the Vanishing Edge. Watch the sun go down as the water slowly streams past me before falling over the innity edge. The refreshing sound of the soothing waterfall dropping gently behind me, the warmth of the water and the sun on my face delivers a level of tranquility and contentment that was all too rare in my life... until now.” - Robyn, British Columbia - Phantom Owner The Phantom Seating Water Capacity Dimensions 7 Adults 1817 L | 480 US Gal 239 x 239 x 119.5 (76 front) cm 94 x 94 x 47 (30 front) in Luxury Series Monthly Cost* North...

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