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North Wind Hot Tubs - 2

Escape to a Whole New World Without Leaving Your Home Sometimes getting away doesn’t mean having to leave. With your new NorthWind Hot Tub™ you have a key to your own personal paradise that you can access anytime and for however long you like. The perfect retreat that you can share with friends and family to create a unique atmosphere for socializing, romance or relaxation. NorthWind hot tubs have modern styling, tranquil water features and powerful hydrotherapy jets. You will get the features of a high-end hot tub without the expensive price tag. So relax, we make getting into hot water...

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 3

STANDARD FEATURES Digital Control Panel Digital Control Panel Exa SS Massage Jets (threaded) Exa SS Massage Jets (threaded) Designer Hand Controls HAND CONTROLS Designer Hand Controls 50 sq.ft Teleweir Skim Filter 50 sq.ft Pressurized Filtration 25 sq.ft Pressurized Filtration - NWO 28 100 sq.ft Dual Teleweir Filter - NW8L | C 3” Underwater Safety Light 3” Underwater Safety Light Ridged Thermal Tapered Cover Ridged Thermal Tapered Cover Thermal Lined Synthetic Cabinet Thermal Lined Synthetic Cabinet Light Blade Waterfall Adjustable Stainless Steel Waterfall** WATER ROPES Water Ropes - NWZ...

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 4

seating water capacity dimensions The compact NWC 728 and NWL 728 models are built to be the perfect entry-level hot tub for young families and couples looking to get into hot water. Standard water features include hydrotherapy jets, infinity fountain, blade waterfall and two water ropes which are all adjustable with independent hand controls.

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 5

seating water capacity

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 6

More Jets. Better Massage. With the additional jet pump on the NWC 744 and NWL 744 models you get an intense hydrotherapy experience. Two powerful 5 BHP jet pumps and the increased number of jets give the bather an intense deep tissue massage. Hydrotherapy jets have been placed to target specific muscle groups from your neck and shoulders down to your feet . Each seat is engineered to give a unique massage experience with alternating jet styles that work tension from major muscle groups. Compact and powerful, the 744 models pack the most punch for our seven foot LP Series models. 6

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 7

seating water capacity seating water capacity

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 8

NWC 844 seating water capacity dimensions The NWC 844 and NWL 844 hot tubs are spacious models that have room to seat eight adults comfortably. These spas come standard with two powerful jet pumps, 44 massage jets, infinity fountain, blade waterfall, twin water ropes, digital controls and foot massage dome. They are the largest spas of LP Series and are so completely loaded with built-in features, that they would easily rival the most expensive hot tubs on the market.

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 9

Foot Massage Dome seating water capacity dimensions FOOT MASSAGE DOME When your feet feel good, you feel good. Take good care of your feet with NorthWind Hot Tubs™ Foot Massage Dome and get revitalized each and every time you enter your spa.

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 10

HP Series hot tubs are deeper than the LP Series. Additional attention was spent on engineering these spas to be even more ergonomic and comfortable to complement the increased depth. With a fit and finish of hot tubs twice their price, you are getting true value when you step up to the HP Series MODELS The NWO is a popular choice for couples as it can comfortably seat up to four adults and with its smaller footprint it won’t take up much space on your deck or in your yard. The NWZ and NWV models are full sized spas that are very versatile and comfortable. Friends and family members will...

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 11

seating water capacity seating water capacity

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 12

Foot Massage Dome Available seating water capacity dimensions

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 13

HP LARGE with TWO JET PUMPS The NWF and NWH are large luxurious spas with the capacity to comfortably seat you and all your guests. These are the ultimate hot tubs with a value and size that far exceeds their minimal price tag. NWH 44 seating water capacity

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 14

Snow White (standard) Pearl Shadow Sterling Silver PREMIUM SHELL COLORS Midnight Canyon Unstained Cedar* Grey Synthetic Chestnut Synthetic *Unstained Cedar Cabinet option requires full foam upgrade

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 15

OPTIONAL FEATURES LP SERIES Spectrum Safety Light - Upgrade Full Spectrum Waterline LED Lighting iTray Docking Station w/ (2) Marine Speakers Full Spectrum Waterline LED Lighting AUDIO • add 2 Marine Speakers (4 total)* True Ozone plus UV Sterilizer Package • Add Ozone Contact Chamber • Upgrade to LED Lit Contact Chamber*** • Upgrade to LED Lit Contact Chamber*** PRO MASSAGE Super Charged Air Blower - All Jets 24/7 Mini Circulation Pump N/A Full Foam True Ozone Purification System True Ozone plus UV Sterilizer Package • Add Ozone Contact Chamber Air Blower w/ Additional 18 SS Jets iTray...

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North Wind Hot Tubs - 16

Tubs® © 2014 NorthWind Hot Tubs® all rights reserved. Northwind Hot Tubs® and Northwind ® are the registered trademarks of Coast Spas® Manufacturing Inc. All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks, trade names and service marks used are the property of their respective owners. Due to our continuous improvement programs, NorthWind Hot Tubs™ may make product modifications and enhancements. Tubs™ Specifications may change without notice. International products may be configured differently to meet local electrical requirements. Dimensions are approximate. Product pictured may...

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