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2 at coast spas... Trust, Integrity and Peace of Mind… Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc. was founded in 1997 with our Head Office and Factory located just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Every Coast Spa is hand-made in our Factory to strict ISO 9001-2008 Quality Managed Standards. “Quality always takes Precedence over Quantity” at Coast Spas. At Coast Spas we understand that your choices are vast in today’s market and a purchase of a new Hot Tub is a decision that you will enjoy for many years. If one was to ask; “What are the most important reasons to choose a Coast Spas Hot Tub”?...

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3 CoAST SPAS CO MMITMENT TO Quality Vacuum Formin g We form every hot tub shell using a state of the art PLC programmable computer controlled double-sided vacuum former that produces a part that is seamless, strong, durable and free from blemishes. Stee l Reinf orcemen t 1 14-inch Steel Angle iron is added into every hot tub shell for extra strength and durability. Barcol Te stin g We Barcol test every hot tub shell to ensure that the hardness of the fiberglass is greater than 25 Barcols before we will continue manufacturing in the production line. Jet Installation All jets are installed by...

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Coast Spas... Where Stress Is Water Soluble® 4

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5 The Cascade Spa Series is the world’s first patented “Vanishing” edge portable spa. Coast Spas’ Cascade Spa Series is the winning edge in hot tub design and creates a joyous union of water and sky. We were the first and one of very few hot tub manufacturers around the world to receive the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification recognizing the most stringent quality assurance requirements. We are a proud sponsor of the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada. NSPI International Design Award – Portable Hot Tubs Category. International Awards of Excellence APSP –...

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6 COAST SPAS Mode lS HELIOS 384 US gal (1454 L) • 92 x 92 x 40 in. (233.7 x 233.7 x 101.6 cm) • 1425 lbs / 646.3 kgs KAUAI 280 US gal (1064 L) • 72.5 x 81 x 30 in. (184.2 x 205.7 x 76.2 cm) • 725 lbs / 328.8 kgs VANTAGE 330 US gal (1249 L) • 81.5 x 81.5 x 40 in. (207 x 207 x 101.6 cm) • 915 lbs / 415.9 kgs UNITY 310 US gal (1173 L) • 92 x 92 x 40 in. (233.7 x 233.7 x 101.6 cm) • 990 lbs / 449 kgs ZENITH 390 US gal (1098 L) • 81.5 x 81.5 x 40 in. (207 x 207 x 101.6 cm) • 935 lbs / 424 kgs Note: All measurements are approximate. Please consult your Coast Spas dealer for details. MIRAGE 680 US...

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7 WELLNESS™ I 592 US gal (2241 L) • 96 x 96 x 45 in. (243.8 x 243.8 x 114.3 cm) • 1325 lbs / 600.9 kgs WELLNESS™ III not sold separately 170 US gal (644 L) • 83 x 83 x 48.5 in. (211 x 211 x 123.2 cm) • 679 lbs / 307.9 kgs WELLNESS™ II 1667 US gal (6312 L) 90 x 151 x 53 in. (228.6 x 383.5 x 134.6 cm) • 2100 lbs / 952.4 kgs WELLNESS™ II Lounger 1580 US gal (5981 L) 90 x 151 x 53 in.(228.6 x 383.5 x 134.6 cm) • 2100 lbs / 952.4 kgs Shell Fini shes Clear satin Cedar Redwod Cedar Greywash Cedar Unstained Cedar Coast Guard ™ Redwod riverstone Coast Guard ™ Greywash Coast Guard ™ Chestnut Coast...

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8 TH E HEART & SOUL OF YOUR SPA Built with the strength of the Pink Panther The Pink Panther is a ™ and © of United Artist Pictures Inc. Licensed by MGM Consumer Products. We consider the shell to be the most important part of a spa - the heart and soul of your spa. We focus intently on this important component during the manufacturing process. Coast Spas’ unique hot tub shells are comprised of the finest Acrylic, vinyl ester skin coat and multiple layers of hand rolled fiberglass. In fact, we use only the highest quality fiberglass in the industry,Owens Corning™. The fiberglass is...

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Soak in pristine clean water with Coast Spas’ exclusive Cyclonic Filtration System® designed to follow “Worldwide Regulatory Health Guidelines”. The filtration occurs outside the bather environment and includes up to a 175 square foot cartridge with a Microban bacteria inhibitor and water diversion blades that provide 100% filtration for your spa. These blades direct the water like a cyclone through the entire length of the filter. The convenient top-loading canister design is housed on the outside of the hot tub for easy access to capture and trap oils, dead skin cells, and ultra fine...

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10 21st Cen tury TECH NOLOGY - TH E Drivin g ForCe OF Your Coast Spa Cuttin g Edge Top Side CO NTROLS We have transformed the control of hot tubs with the most advanced spa control system in the industry. Coast Spas continues its tradition of producing innovative hot tub products that enhance your spa experience with True Carbon Fiber Top Side Controls. We source our advanced control systems from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. Coast Spas controls have unmatched performance in reliability, visibility, and flexibility. Designed to provide hours of trouble free usage, our...

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Coast Spas... World’s Best Built Spas® 11 COAST cascade III "The Phantom " Shown

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12 EXCEPT IONAL cOAST sPAS Features ENTERTA INMENT Entertain your friends and family in the comfort of your backyard. Nobody does Entertainment Spas like Coast Spas. We lead the industry in Audio and Video Entertainment by providing you with a wide variety of Audio/Video systems; including an MP3 docking station, waterproof stereo, CD player and pop -up surround sound speakers. Add a TV and DVD player to any hot tub for the ultimate spa experience! WAT ER FEATUR ES All of our spas have water features. Relax and rejuvenate with Coast Spas’ exclusive 24” waterfall in select models or try the...

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13 The natural alternative to maintaining clean and clear water in your spa. coClean™ from Coast Spas WAT ER PUR IFICAT ION Whether you choose Eco-Pure Ozonator or Eco-Clean Salt Water and UV purification, Coast Spas offers the finest in water purification. In addition, our standard, selfcleaning hot tub sweeper jet ensures the cleanest hot tub in the industry. INSULAT ION - Your Spa Your way At Coast Spas YOU have the option to choose Partial, Thermopane or Full Foam with engineered equipment enclosures. PU MPs/motors Whether you are looking for total relaxation or the most powerful...

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