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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET DESCRIPTION Relocatable, solid or glazed partition. CONSTRUCTION • FULL PANELS WITH STEEL FRAMEWORK: .. Thickness: 100mm .. teel skins 0.8mm or timber faces 19mm S thick. .. ossibility to mix different materials within a P single module. .. teel floor and ceiling tracks are concealed S within the partition. .. nternal filler: mineral wool / polyester. I • LAZED UNITS: G Glazed panels, full height: .. Double glazed. .. Extruded aluminium frame sections. • DOOR PANELS: .. Aluminium frame. .. lazed leaf with / without frame, flush on both G sides or flush on corridor side. .. Solid leaf: steel or timber. • JUNCTION BETWEEN SOLID PANELS: .. ertical junction: edge to edge joint, or V shadow gap of 3 or 6mm. .. orizontal junction: Shadow gap of 3 or H 6mm, minimum 50mm intervals between junctions. • jUnction BETWEEN GLASS PANELS: .. For 10 or 12mm: frameless mechanical junction achieved with a unique dry jointed EPDM seal or through bonding. .. orners for 10 or 12mm glass: consisting of a C minimal aluminium profile to protect corners from impact. Alternatively, these corners can be bonded. .. ramed double glazing with 6 or 8mm glass: F 28mm wide aluminium frame. .. Frameless double glazing with 6 or 8mm glass: bonded to aluminium frame. • GLAZING: Film, sand blasting and stained glass. Most glass finishes including. • ARTITION ADD-ONS: P .. ur range of accessories can be used to O tailor the partition to the specific project needs and user requirements (blinds, magnetic accessories, sliding panels, etc.). .. s an option the horizontal and vertical A junctions can incorporate a hanging system, allowing the installation of accessories, shelves hooks and holders, without the use of tools. .. he partition design offers the ability to T integrate technical and AV equipment: boards, screens, cable runs… GEOMETRICAL FEATURES • IMENSIONS: D Height: .. ull height steel panel without intermediate F rail: Modules ≤ 1000mm wide: max. height 3200mm. Modules from 1000mm to 1350mm wide: max. height 3000mm. .. olid panels with intermediate rail: max. S height 3600mm. .. lazed panels with upright and without G intermediate rail: up to 3200mm. .. lazed panels with upright and intermediate G rail: up to 2600mm. .. lazed panel without uprights: up to G 3200mm depending on glass thickness and local regulations. FITTING CHARACTERISTICS • tOLERANCES: .. ± floor: 12.5mm, .. ± ceiling: 12.5mm. ACOUSTICS • COUSTIC INSULATION following A en iso 717-1: .. olid panels: S up to Rw (C;Ctr) = 51 (-2 ;-8) dB .. imber panels 19mm thick: T up to Rw (C;Ctr) = 47 (-3 ; -9) dB .. lazed panels, toughened glass, frameless: G up to Rw (C;Ctr) = 43 (-2 ;-4) dB • COUSTIC ABSORPTION: A Technical solutions for steel and wooden panels achieving absorption values of 0.4 to 0.7 α depending on the finish and acoustic insulation. airflow A range of air transfer panels are available. Performance data is available from our technical team. CLEANING Glass, painted steel and anodized aluminium: rubber squeegee and a mild detergent. ACCESSORIES Clestra offers a wide range of partition accessories, supplied with clever self-fastening systems. Our products are constantly changing. To find out about the latest approved acoustic performances, please visit • coloURS: Colours in Clestra chart. Others: following technical approval. • ALUMINIUM PROFILES: Painted or natural anodized finish. Other anodization optional. • OLID DOOR PANELS: S Steel with colours from Clestra colour chart. Timber, laminated or veneered. Ceiling track acoustic seal Key post Steel panel Timber panel Glass panel Mineral wool / Optional polyester fibre Adjustable post foot Floor track acoustic seal System glazing bar / horizontal The information in this brochure is given for guidance only - 2012 • surface TREATMENT: After surface treatment by alkaline degreasing and nanoceramic conversion of the skins and accessories, an application of thermosetting polyester powder paint is applied, ovencured at 180°C (thickness 70 ± 10 µm). The paint gives a decorative surface that is shock and UV resistant.

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