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TROC ADÉRO A tribute to the geometric triangle shapes associated with Parisian design. This design connects the triangular shapes with lines to increase the privacy level. To contrast this design raises the privacy level yet further whilst allowing light to pass through.

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Discover the face of a wall ultra-fine, clear and contemporary. Lightweight, stylish and quality of manufacture characterise the new office partition Metropolines 1, designed as a glass skin stretched between minimal structures. Despite the lightness of appearance, the acoustic performance is high. Metropolines 1 offers a «collection of textures»: Trocadéro, Tuileries, St. Germain, whose geometries are designed, arranged and calculated to provide the necessary comfort needed in the workspace, whilst preserving the transmission of light.

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General: Digital printing on glass. Texture «Tuileries». Left: Writeable panel of back-painted glass. Right: Double glazed flush glass door. Left: Writeable glass panel between two wooden panels. Glass panels Double glazed panels can be used of 10 Hauserman partition. It has a simple and 12mm thick glass, mounted in thin construction with its fine lines and extruded aluminum profiles. The junction tracks that almost disappear into between the glass is either «frameless» (EPDM positioned into a groove machined Ultra-thin base track of 18mm. into the edge of the glass that allows more...

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Metropolines 1 Glass panels General: Digital printing on glass. Texture «Saint Germain». Mitred glass joint The 90 ° angle between two panels double glazed (10 or 12mm) is achieved either by UV bonding that captures all the elegance and transparency of glass, alternatively the same junction is available with an ultra-thin aluminum strip. Back-painted glass transforming the partition into a writeable wall. Panes of 6 or 8mm glass are mounted in a minimal aluminum frame.

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Back wall: Solid painted steel panels set into glass wall. Full height lacquered steel door. Door panels Metropolines 1 offers a simple but complete door and frame solution, available full height in steel, wood or glass. In the basic version, the doors are flush to the outside, but are also available flush to both sides. Above: Full height glass door Flush double glazed.

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Metropolines 1 Flexible thin walls Solid panels Metropolines 1 has responded to the needs to achieve very high soundproofing. The 83mm thick solid panels, and bi-block panels, have very high acoustic performance. The basic composite panels can be installed quickly, or can be manufactured to enable specific integration with other elements, for example back-painted glass whiteboards or for technical access management (wiring). All types of materials and finishes are available: steel, wood, glass... steel panels are coated with a high quality factory applied paint. The junction between the...

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET METRopolines 1 DESCRIPTION Solid partition panels and all glass walls with flush jointed glazing. CONSTRUCTION • SOLID MONOBLOCK ELEMENTS: . Thickness: 83mm. . Steel skins 0.8mm or 1mm thick or timber skins. . Base and head channels in aluminium. . Height of base channel = 18, 35 or 50mm. . Height of head channel = 35 or 50mm. • GLAZED UNITS: Glazed panels, full height: . Double glazing. . Extruded aluminium profiles. • DOOR PANELS: . Aluminium or steel frame. . Glazed leaf with / without frame, flush on both sides or corridor side. . Steel or timber leaf. • JUNCTION...

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