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NOYER SOMBRE + LAQUE PLOMB H: 761 mm l: 4400 mm A: 434 mm DESIGNER - Mauro Lipparini NOYER SOMBRE + LAQUE PERLE H: 397 mm l: 3375 mm A: 420 mm NOYER SOMBRE + LAQUE PERLE H: 761 mm l: 4050 mm A: 420 mm NOYER SOMBRE + LAQUE PLOMB H: 1449 mm l: 4050 mm A: 461 mm NOYER SOMBRE + LAQUE PLOMB H: 1449 mm l: 4725 mm A: 461 mm NOYER SOMBRE + LAQUE PERLE H: 791 mm l: 2700 mm A: 420 mm NOYER SOMBRE + LAQUE PLOMB H: 761 mm l: 2700 mm A: 420 mm DESCRIPTION CONCEPT & DESCRIPTION : “Canaletto’s modular nature opens up new horizons in terms of containing, but also displaying, showcasing, demonstrating...Open or closed modules and staggered vertical separations confer remarkable graphic lightness reminiscent of the tableaux of the view painter Canaletto. The closed chests are given substantial and extremely significant character in the profiling, both horizontally and vertically, of the flap doors and drawers, thanks to the profiled uprights and projecting handles in ‘Canaletto walnut’. These finishes transform a furniture system into a jewel with a unique spirit which draws the attention to the manufacturing details and a refined appearance. With Canaletto, putting together a composition will no longer be a puzzle or a series of difficult choices between function and aesthetics. Canaletto is an essential expression of a tranquil design response to the practical demands of modern life.” Mauro Lipparini An elegant modular range combining lacquer with solid wood. Note the quality of finish as embodied by the dark walnut lip which serves as a handle for the doors. It responds perfectly to contemporary requirements of a modular system, offering solutions for hi-fi and storage, plus shelving and a sideboard. Items are created by juxtaposing elements. Once the structure is defined - H 50 (TV unit), H 75 (sideboard), H 145 or H 210 then W 67 or W 135 - it can then be completed in a number of ways. Shelving can be located in the lower section with a door above, or vice versa. One could also have full-height shelving, or even close the space completely. The end result of this is an undeniably original style with a powerful identity. The shelving can be equipped with 2 or 3 optional illuminated vertical separations (predefined) to provide refined, indirect LED lighting (LED ribbon, glued in place, with a reflector which slides along the vertical panel). The double doors have the unusual feature of having only one handle on the right-hand side. This touch of visual lig htness is all part of the overall minimalism. The left-hand door may be opened via a finger-hold on the edge once the right-hand door has been opened. Wooden elements incorporating slim aluminium shelves may be used to d ress a wall. If these are extend ed toward s the floor by an additional wall panel, a complete wall panel is created. A choice of 3 widths is on offer. These wooden elements may be complemented with illuminated LED strips which are located towards the top and across the width of these wooden elements. With his sense of proportion, and with the rhythm and looks he has brought to it, Lipparini’s new modular range is both luxurious and high-end. Thanks to its simplicity, it is immediately comprehensible. The lacquer colours have been selected with care : elements may be plain, in either plomb or perle lacquer, or these two lacquer colours may be combined with dark walnut veneer. Argile lacquer is always used in combination with dark walnut and interiors of chests in argile lacquer are always in plomb lacquer. The doors come with a vertical solid walnut lip to both left and right. The shelves are perforated on the sides. The subtle nature of the indirect LED lighting, and the addition of a glazed element (green-coloured, H-shaped) in the shelving unit reinforces the understated elegance of the alliance of materials. Probably one of the best-finished ranges in our collections, this is a real work of cabinet-made art. SPECIFICATIONS TECHNIQUES

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