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PRODUCT TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CASTER Flat Elements 200/400/600 x 150 x 10-30 | Corners 200 x 100 x 150 x 10-30 Piece photo Thickness ≈ 10/30 mm Piece Dimensions – Flat elements Thickness ≈ 10/30 mm Piece Dimensions - Corners Given the characteristics of aggregates and their photographic reproduction, there may be slight variations in particle size and tone. Product characteristics and package Colors Available Technical Specifications Concrete Coating Surface Quality Visual Inspection Product Classification Product Type Flat Elements Maximum Water Absorption Average Apparent Density Freeze/Thaw Resistance Flexural Strength (after 25 cycles) Thermal Shock Resistance Flexural Strength (after 20 cycles) Average weight/sqm Minimum Flexural Strength Average weight/Box Compressive Strength Class Minimum Compressive Strength Average weight/Pallet Approved: Vítor Silva Elaborate: Bruno Veloso A Cimenteira do Louro, S.A. | Ap. 163 E.C. Famalicão 4761-926 V.N. Famalicão, Portugal | Tel. (+351) 252 301 900 Water Absorption by Capillary Date: 02-09-2016 acl@a

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