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BUILDING|CONSTRUCTION products provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to the wood-cement agglomeration and the production process, they guarantee particular solidity and resistance, giving the buildings features that protect against atmospheric agents, fire, noise, temperature fluctuations and molds, for a sustainable design.

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CELENIT. Natural by nature Eco-friendly solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation The CELENIT mission is to provide the best thermal and sound insulation solutions with natural panels that respect human health and the environment. In order to be deemed natural, ecofriendly and sustainable, a thermal acoustic insulation product must comply with many conditions and certifications that concern: • Raw materials and the distance between their sources • No danger to human health and the environment • The production process from the energy standpoint • Emissions and health • Any work scrap...

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Natural products for energy efficient buildings CELENIT panels have provided insulation solutions for the construction industry for over 50 years, ensuring an eco-compatible and thermal-acoustic insulation by improving interior conditions in our buildings. Wood and cement panels were the first industrial insulation materials used in buildings and their versatility lends them to several applications. Born as panels for the insulation of concrete castings and the correction of thermal bridges, over the years they have proved excellent for insulating the casing with high performance up to...

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BUILDING|CONSTRUCTION products are excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for building enclosure and partitions, in order to obtain maximum living comfort. Thermal inertia Mass and specific heat define CELENIT as the best insulation for the summer. Thermal insulation Universal combinations with wood wool for excellent insulation performance. Buildings are subject to temperature excursions, therefore their thermal inertia and insulation properties are important. CELENIT, thanks to its mass and specific heat, can accumulate heat 20 times more than other common insulating materials. In...

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Breathability CELENIT is totally breathable and allows natural vapor migration. Fire protection Planning that ensures the safety of users in case of fire is crucial. Its natural porous open cell composition, allows total permeability to water vapor diffusion: they ensure pleasurable dry conditions, allowing the excessive water vapor in the rooms or in the building structure to migrate outwards, avoiding the accumulation of humidity and the formation of mold, thus keeping the building dry and healthy. In crowded public places, fire safety must be designed very carefully in order to avoid...

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Thermal insulation From the external or internal insulation, on a traditional or prefabricated structure (wood houses, steel structures) to bio-ecological coverings for wood and reinforced concrete roofs, in order to guarantee maximum insulation performance. Acoustic insulation Concrete insulation The acoustic design of the building can be easily realized with the adoption of technical solutions that are certified by manufacturers. The perfect adhesion between CELENIT boards and concrete permits applying the boards as permanent formwork for concrete casting, in order to guarantee maximum...

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Thermal insulation When designing thermal insulation, thermal resistance should not be the only consideration. Other correlated insulation characteristics must be taken into account for great living comfort. Therefore, they reach excellent thermal inertia values, which provide excellent attenuation and phase shift performance, lowering and delaying temperature swings inside the rooms during summer. CELENIT panels, thanks to the high breathability of the materials, allow the correct outward migration of steam. This avoids any form of condensation and mold, ensuring excellent health...

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Acoustic insulation CELENIT offers a wide range of acoustic insulation certified solutions, fruit of an extensive experimental research campaign carried out at the acoustic laboratories. (Rw) up to 70 dB. The tests cover different construction technologies: traditional brick partitions, Poroton blocks, aerated concrete blocks, wooden and steel framing partitions. With regard to the sound insulation of the perimeter wall or roofs, the sound insulation index of the different elements composing the building must be evaluated, in particular the walls, roof, windows and doors, and then a...

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Concrete insulation Building with concrete castings during the work is a rationalization of building yard works that has been known for a long time thanks to the unquestionable advantages it can offer. The elements manufactured in this way are simultaneously structures and closures, they can incorporate plants and they can directly receive the finish. The perfect adhesion between CELENIT boards and concrete permits applying the boards as permanent formwork for concrete casting. In this way, reinforced concrete, slabs, pillars and beams can be casted directly on CELENIT panels. The...

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Wood buildings Light buildings with high living comfort: wood buildings are characterized by their excellent energy efficiency, with reduced external wall thickness. It should be remembered that the efficacy of CELENIT external insulation also extends to the summer. In fact, thanks to the high density and specific heat of the mineralised wood wool, the heat wave is attenuated, limiting internal heating. Thermal inertia can be increased by adding an internal layer of CELENIT N panels with the additional advantage of being able to carve the panels to place power lines. CELENIT N panels offer...

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CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER WALL external wall TIMBER FRAME WALL external wall CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER WALL partition wall 56 dB WOODEN PITCHED ROOF with external insulation 16 6 15 PLYWOOD BOARDS partition wall 61 dB thermal transmittance periodic thermal transmittance phase lag evaluation index of the soundproofing power 1. Plaster, th. 15 mm 2. CELENIT F2/C or CELENIT L2/C 3. Cross laminated timber, th. 85 mm 4. CELENIT N/C 5. Plasterboards, th. 12.5+12.5 mm 6. CELENIT N 7. Vapour barrier KLÖBER SEPA® FORTE 8. Framed structure: OSB th. 15 mm, wood fibers or rock wool 50 kg/m3, OSB th. 15 mm...

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