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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 4

The ACOUSTIC | DESIGN division by CELENIT provides high performance acoustic solutions: enviromentally friendly panels, made of mineralized wood wool that combine sound absorption with indoor comfort and safety, leading to an infinite range of design options.

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 5

Mineralised fir wood wool, bound with Portland cement. CELENIT boards are made of 48% wood wool and 52% mineral binders, mainly Portland cement and marble dust. Fibres are mineralised: the process stops the biological deterioration, making the fibres totally inert. In addition to retaining wood's mechanical properties, it increases the level of resistance. Fibres are coated with Portland cement and bound together under pressure to form a steady, resistant, compact and durable structure. The characteristics of CELENIT panels, such as mass, porous structure, low elastic modulus and internal...

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 6

Acoustic comfort and aesthetic pleasure An accurate acoustic design of crowded public places such as restaurants, schools, theatres, conference halls and cinemas needs a consistent choice of products, with already tested and certified performance Interior designers do not often consider acoustic insulation issues when designing buildings. In fact, crowded public places are often rich in smooth uncoated surfaces, which have a strong reverberation and amplify any noise. CELENIT boards, with their various textures and colorations, manufactured edges and several mounting systems, allow creating...

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 7

CATERINA CUCINA & FARINA Milano, IT design: Maja Group | photo: Ilaria Caprifoglio

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 8

Advantages ACOUSTIC | DESIGN products are excellent acoustic insulation boards with high insulation performance and they allow the creation of safe sustainable spaces with innovative design. Sound absorption Porosity and elasticity for a high sound absorption. CELENIT boards can be classified as natural sound absorbers. They dissipate sound energy through their cellular structure by progressively reducing energy, which is converted into heat. They have a good level of sound absorption especially at higher frequencies (acute tones), which are the more common ones. CELENIT panel absorption...

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 9

Fire protection Planning that ensures the safety of users in case of fire is crucial. Flexible design CELENIT recommends versatility and flexibility as the passwords for creativity! In crowded public places, fire safety must be designed very carefully in order to avoid risk to people’s lives and damage to the goods. Wood wool panels are classified in reaction to fire A2-s1,d0 and B-s1,d0. Furthermore, the fire resistance values of false ceilings can reach 60 minutes of fire resistance (EI60 certificate), maintaining its aesthetic appearance and acoustic qualities. Wood wool boards can be...

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 10

SPORT Facilities for recreational activities, free time, sports and fitness require robust, durable and safe sound absorbing surfaces, which ensure the safety of users and aesthetics. CELENIT has certificated solutions to guarantee a long life and appealing design, with high performance and resistant products. CLUB METROPOLITAN Bilbao, ES design: B+R Arquitectos | photo: Roberto Lara Fotografía CADORAGO SPORTS HALL Como, IT design: Marco Castelletti architetto | photo: Filippo Simonetti

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 11

VITTORIA COLONNA INSTITUTE Milano, IT design: Studio ARX2 architects Giancarlo Noce + Giovanni Picolli + Angela Natale | photo: Daniele Frigerio

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 12

EDUCATION CELENIT, with over than 50 years of experience in acoustic and thermal insulation, provides maximum comfort solutions for school refurbishing for ensure maximum quality, durability, certified acoustic comfort, safety for pupils’ health and environment sustainability. CITTADELLA PRIMARY SCHOOL Padova, IT design: Gianni Toffanello architetto | photo: Giovanni Porcellato RALDON SCHOOL Verona, IT design: Michael Tribus Architecture | photo: Meraner & Hauser

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 13

ir AMATORI INSTITUTE Vicenza, IT design: Caretta Carlo e Depau Liliana architetti | photo: Giovanni Porcellato

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 14

RESTAURANTS Excessive noise is often overlooked by owners of bars and restaurants. CELENIT offers acoustic solutions for interior design that ensure comfort to customers and staff, creating a more relaxed and pleasurable environment that improves business productivity. SPAZIO CAFFELARTE Treviso, IT design: Dario Maggiolo architetto | photo: Nicoletta Aveni IT’SO NATURAL! Milano, IT design: Maja Group | photo: Ilaria Caprifoglio

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 15

TINGLADO Pamplona, ES design: Koa Arquitectura | photo: Koa Arquitectura

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 16

COMMERCIAL Creative design solutions, simple yet customized with versatile interior design systems, which meet the acoustic needs of offices, stores and other businesses. BESTWAY EUROPE SRL Milano, IT design: Sara Signorini Architetto | photo: Sara Signorini Architetto EQUIPE SADDLERY Vicenza, IT design: Verlato+Zordan architetti associati | photo: Giovanni Porcellato

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 17

LA STAZIONE Conegliano, IT design: Francesco Dal Col architetto | photo: Studioarchitettura Dal Col & Pisotti

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 18

PUBLIC Public spaces for the community and the gathering of people where persist reverberation problems and difficulties of speech intelligibility, need design solutions that integrate acoustic comfort, indoor wellness and a customizable design. VÅRDBOENDE TRÄDGÅRDARNA, ELDERLY CENTRE Örebro, SE design: Marge Arkitekter | photo: Johan Fowelin ONLUS MARTINO SANSI PAVILION Sondrio, IT design: act_romegialli + Luca Volpatti architetto | photo: Marcello Mariana

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 19

INTERBRENNERO CONFERENCE CENTRE Trento, IT design: Mauro Facchini architetto | photo: Alessia Mora

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ACOUSTIC|DESIGN Technical Guide - 20

INDUSTRY In factories and other industrial buildings solutions with CELENIT sound absorbing panels provide very good acoustic comfort, protecting the workers from loud noise and reflecting light well. All this creates good work environments. SILOS PARKING Trieste, IT photo: Eddy Tiozzo WORKSHOP Roma, IT photo: Alessia Mora

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