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Cast Concept 2019


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Cast Concept 2019 - 2

ARCHITECTURE STUDIO Cortina & Kail LOCATION } Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA BUILT 2017 MAIN CONTRACTOR K Construction- J. Zyskowski EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT Jeremy Kruska STAIRCASE Cast Stairs-European Cabinets Design Studio (Authorized Reseller Cast stairs in USA ) CATEGORY Interiors, Private House The helicoidal staircase mounted inside an apartment on the 20th floor ' required an important design, necessary to study the length of the lateral structures according to the elevator shaft. It has been realized with a step in oak, 60 mm thick, with brushing and oil painting treatment, in...

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Cast Concept 2019 - 4

LOCATION Hotel Waldorf Milano Marittima Italy BUILT 2014 EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT Francesca Valzania STAIRCASE Cast Stairs Hotel Waldorf - Milano Marittima ITALIA Following the expansion of the Waldorf hotel in Milano Marittima, which provided for the construction of three new elegant suites, each on two levels, spiral staircases were installed. Our proposal therefore focused on our Ice Blue model with an extra-clear glass step and polished stainless steel components The characteristic of these three staircase is the very important diameter of mm.2300 considering that they have a glass step, of...

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Cast Concept 2019 - 6

WAVE — Foggia ITALIA LOCATION Foggia Italy BUILT 2017 STAIRCASE Cast Stairs CATEGORY Interiors, Private House For the renovation of this villa we were asked for a staircase that was integrated into the very elegant living environment The choice of staircase was directed to a spiral model with a central helical pole and with fine finishes. The railing and the outer band were made of AISI 304 stainless steel with welded brackets without visible screws. The steps are in glass th. 10 mm milk white color.

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Cast Concept 2019 - 8

LINK INFINITY VERNICIATA - Reggio E. ITALIA ARCHITECTE Tosi Andrea Fabiana LOCATION Fabbrico - Reggio Emilia BUILT 2015 STAIRCASE Cast Stairs CATEGORY Interiors, Private House elegant staircase, with a minimal design, characterized oy the lateral iron structures, painted white and with a wooden step bleached oak with brushing treatment. The stair railing is made of extra-clear 10+10mm glass and was supplied in whole pieces for each flight of staircase: this allowed to obtain an important result in terms of elegance and formal cleanliness of the building. A fixed glass balustrade has been...

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Cast Concept 2019 - 10

SWING INFINITY— Milano ITALIA LOCATION Via Montenapoleone-Milano ITALIA BUILT 2018 STAIRCASE Cast Stairs CATEGORY Interiors, Private House Light Effects In this elegant environment with marble-clad walls was installed a staircase, characterized by lighting with LED lights integrated in the steps that gives an added value to the whole staircase. The steps in natural painted wood are hooked to the lateral iron structure, hidden in the wall. The railing of the Infinity model staircase is made of panels of 10+10mm extra clear tempered and laminated glass and polished stainless steel components

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Cast Concept 2019 - 12

HELIKA LUX - Francia LOCATION Francia BUILT 2019 STAIRCASE Cast Stairs CATEGORY Interiors, Lawyers' office This elegant staircase with a sophisticated design installed inside a well-known law firm, it fits into the environment like a work of art, perfect for large spaces where all its beauty can emerge It is characterized by a double side band in stainless steel AISI 304 10mm thick and 60mm thick wooden steps The railing of the staircase is made of panels in tempered glass and extra-light curved stratified 10+10 mm In the loft a glass balustrade has been mounted, increasing the prestige...

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Cast Concept 2019 - 14

ARCHITECTE Roberto Cranna LOCATION Omegna STAIRCASE Cast Stairs CATEGORY Interiors, Private House Our LINK INFINITY model staircase has been included in a prestigious renovation: a teamwork between our design office and the architectural firm that oversaw the works, for a result of great effect. The first steps of the staircase are made of masonry with a wooden covering, while at the arrival of the staircase we have created a large landing, made of extra-clear glass, which recalls the glass parts of the railing. The steps are solid oak painted in bleached color with a brushing treatment.

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Cast Concept 2019 - 16

LINK - Francia LOCATION FRANCIA BUILT 2019 STAIRCASE Cast Stairs CATEGORY Interiors, Private House A staircase to live with a young and modern design, but at the same time elegant for the choice of white / black colors, characterized by the lateral zig-zag iron structures, laser-cut painted black and with a solid beech wood step white painted, fixed to the structure with appropriate internal brackets The Jazz Iron railing fixed externally to the staircase structure is painted as standard, but also available in stainless steel, chosen by the customer with 4 rods.

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Cast Concept 2019 - 18

LOCATION FRANCIA BUILT 2019 STAIRCASE Cast Stairs CATEGORY Interiors, Private House The Y8 model scale is appreciated for its simplicity of form and its attractive budget. This staircase has a large diameter of 200 cm In the right environment and with the right finishes, sandblasted and painted transparent and with the railing in AISI 304 stainless steel, it becomes an undisputed star of the surrounding spaces. The step is in pressed sheet metal with non-slip holes, available in smooth sheet metal The S2800 railing in stainless steel with vertical columns ø 20 mm and 4 rods ø 8 mm The...

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Cast Concept 2019 - 20

Via Costituzione 1/3 42047 Rolo (RE) - Italy +39 0522 665923 TAILOR MADE PROJECT design - development - manufacturing Our experience and our organization allow us to offer the customer a complete service that starts from the measurement, design, production up to the staircase laying service. YOUR PROJECT We realise our customer project, sustaining and working together with architects and designers in order to best define the functionalities of the product and its aesthetic and structural characteristics. Starting with the materials choice and with the...

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