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Toshiba-Carrier Light Commercial Brochure

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Light commercial range

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Light Commercial Solutions for professionals, from professionals Toshiba-Carrier Super Digital Inverter systems deliver exceptional operating savings in extremely compact units. With state-of-the-art technologies, flexible controls and improved installation they bring comfort and convenience to any commercial installation. A complete range of indoor units satisfies all commercial applications: underceiling, cassette and high-wall. The wide range with maximum cooling capacities up to 42 KBTUH can address even more commercial applications with larger loads. When the inverter becomes digital...

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Who says that you must choose between improved performance and minimized consumption? The Toshiba-Carrier Super Digital Inverter systems are powerful and extremely efficient. They provide air conditioning with great energy savings. The new Super Digital Inverter provides efficiency, which is among the highest in the industry: up to 21 SEER in cooling mode and over 11 HSPF in heating mode. The variable capacity management of the compressor allows the Super Digital Inverter to maintain room temperature control and to ensure minimum energy usage.

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Indoor units: an extended range of solutions Toshiba-Carrier offers a wide range of systems and indoor units, to satisfy any kind of requirement. They’re ideal for shops, offices and restaurants. Slim underceiling units, discreet cassettes and stylish high-walls: Toshiba-Carrier can offer the right solution to meet the most demanding application. Cassette This compact unit is easy to install and to maintain, while providing high performance and total comfort. Unobtrusive and flexible, it’s ideal for small commercial applications, where space is limited. * 30, 36 KBTU 4-way cassette and...

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All the flexibility you have ever dreamt of If you want high performance, compact units and optimum comfort, Toshiba-Carrier has the ideal product for your requirements. With the continuous improvement of the inverter control system, Toshiba-Carrier offers vector control for its DC hybrid inverter, which enhances system efficiency and reduces noise levels in the power lines. The new developments in electronics have been complemented by compressor innovation. High-tech elements include improved coils, high precision components and higher refrigerant compression thanks to redesigned...

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Light Commercial IPDU Vector The heart of the system DC Inverter IC Board Toshiba-Carrier's Super Digital Inverter models use the new, vector controlled, Intelligent Power Drive Unit, which produces a power supply whose frequency and voltage provide superb control and energy efficiency. This technology has allowed a much wider range of frequencies and voltages to be achieved. Performance is further improved by the high-speed converter circuit which calculates the relationship between the compressor’s windings and rotor through the currents drawn – allowing instantaneous optimization of the...

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Vector control inverter DC Twin Rotary Compressor Refrigerant R410A DC Twin Rotary Compressor: secured efficiency and energy saving The Toshiba-Carrier DC Twin Rotary Compressor has a large capacity range, with an effective system of the power limitation, that allows a great reduction of the power consumed. Thanks to this compressor, the desired comfort is reached quickly. Improved motor windings deliver greater motor efficiency More effective compression thanks to high-precision parts Flow channels re-designed to deliver more efficient compression Easy installation The outdoor units have...

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Simplicity and beyond The Super Digital Inverter range for commercial applications provides compact, light weight units with exceptional performance. The wide range of indoor units is able to satisfy any kind of requirement and the the enhanced DC twin rotary compressor delivers stable performance with less friction, making this system very quiet. In addition, the Super Digital Inverter units boast SEER levels up to 21.0 and enables an even larger number of applications. Outdoor unit Advanced DC motor and fan The fan in the outdoor unit has been redesigned to deliver higher static pressure...

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Super Digital Inverter: high performance The Super Digital Inverter range is dedicated to those who demand the best, without any compromise. In fact, this system offers all the features of traditional systems, plus superior characteristics, such as excellent performance, high energy efficiency and wide operating range.

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Toshiba-Carrier units have everything under control Wired remote controller Simple wired remote controller Wireless remote controller kit for stand alone The standard remote controller can control an individual indoor unit or a group of 8 indoor units. The remote control allows the operating parameters to be set for the indoor unit. It also allows faults to be displayed and unit configurations to be set up. The simplified remote controller is connected in the same way as the standard remote controller, but offers reduced functionality. The remote controller does not have the lapse timer and...

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TCC Link. Toshiba-Carrier simplicity TCC Link controls have been projected to ensure an easy installation and a simple maintenance. The number of wires connecting the internal and the external units has been reduced: from 3 to only 2. System Wiring In this way, the installation is much easier and the possibility of mistake is greatly reduced. Remote control panel Wiring Internal unit Internal to external unit connection cable External unit 208/230 V single phase TCC Link. Flexibility defined The return air (room) temperature sensor can be located in different positions unlike the...

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R-410A HEAT PUMPS ECO-DRIVING COMPRESSORS Super Digital Inverter Outdoor unit Features The best SEER values in its class Wide operating range The seasonal and the rated efficiencies are among highest in the industry. The air management system has been optimized: high efficiency fan motors, larger fans and new fan grille design also contribute to the exceptional energy performance. Piping and operating limits improved. The new system can work at extremely low temperatures, in cooling and heating. Piping lengths up to 245 feet. Among the best SEER values in the industry. The structure and...

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