Infinity Series Air Conditioners - Consumer Brochure - 6 Pages

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Infinity Series Air Conditioners - Consumer Brochure

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Infinity ® Series Air Conditioners Two-Stage, Extra-Efficient Air Conditioners with up to 21.0 SEER

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Extra-Efficient Air Conditioner Designed with Your Comfort in Mind What Efficiency Means to You Air conditioners are powered by electricity. You can compare efficiencies of different air conditioner models by checking the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, available through your Carrier dealer or manufacturer web sites. The published ratings provide a standardized method for comparing how much cooling performance you get for the electricity you use. Using these ratings is a lot like miles per gallon for your car – the higher the number, the more efficient the product and the...

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Innovation and the Environment Over 100 years ago, a humble but determined engineer solved one of mankind’s most elusive challenges by controlling the indoor environment. A leading engineer of his day, Dr. Willis Carrier would file more than 80 patents over the course of his career. His genius would enable incredible advancements in health care, manufacturing processes, food preservation, art and historical conservation, indoor comfort and much more. Carrier’s foresight changed the world forever and paved the way for over a century of once-impossible innovations. Yet in addition to being an...

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Extra-Consistent Comfort Standard systems mindlessly blast cooled air at one speed before shutting off, which can lead to widely uctuating temperatures. The Innity® series air conditioner with two-stage scroll compressor, when properly matched with a Carrier® compatible indoor unit, runs on low-stage up to 80% of the time to maintain consistent comfort. Two-stage operation also contributes to reduced energy usage, helping achieve up to 21.0 SEER cooling efciency. Quiet Operation Innity two-stage air conditioners quietly cool your home with sound levels as low as 65 dBA. Our exclusive...

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It’s About Your Comfort Uncompromising Quality The Carrier Infinity series air conditioners represent years of design, development and testing with one goal in mind – making you more comfortable. We have taken the lead in creating new technologies that deliver the comfort and efficiency you deserve while staying ahead of industry trends and global initiatives. ® All year long, humidity affects the temperature at which you feel most comfortable. That’s why Carrier Ideal Humidity System ® technology plays such an important role in your comfort. When you add the Infinity Touch Control, Carrier...

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Carrier® Systems for Unmatched Performance in Every Season Willis Carrier’s meticulous attention to quality and detail led to a major culture shift in the way we live indoors. More than a century later, Carrier Corporation operates with a unique willingness to develop new technology, the confidence to revise proven designs and the ability to deliver results with every new installation. A. Air Conditioner Gas Furnace Evaporator Coil Air Purifier Ventilator Humidifier Zoning UV Lamp Infinity Touch Control Part of that equation is our nationwide network of experts you can turn to for all of...

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