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Self-supporting modular domes This production is still CAODURO®'s pride as regards the technology applied to thermoplastic products. One of a kind, this type of dome is self-supporting with no need of metallic structures up to 800 cm diameter. The mathematical model for the static study of the dome was conceived by the Material Engineering Department of the University of Padua. Since the dome is completely transparent, light passes uniformly. Moreover, because of the absence of metal ribs there are no compatibility problems between different materials due to the thermal expansion at different temperatures, and thermal bridges can be avoided. In case daily ventilation is required, the central top ring can be supplied with an electric opening device. Motorization, connection and positioning of the power supply remain visible. Single skin solution is recommended where there are no particular problems related to thermal insulation (external structures, etc.). Double skin solution is instead suggested for coverings to be installed on buildings having a controlled climate, where a low thermal transmittance improves the inside comfort. Standard colours are opal white or clear transparent. Single skin Clear span A Double skin Clear span A See also: / Ventilation systems / Opening devices / Accessories CAODURO® S.p.A. Via Chiuppese, 15, 36010, Cavazzale (VI), Italy Phone +39 0444 945959 - Fax +39 0444 945164 -

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