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GFRP upstands with gutter are designed to be used with continuous skylights, thermoformed tunnels and ribbed tunnels as they are made with modular elements in order to obtain long length structures. They are realized with glass-fibre reinforced polyester, white pigmented on the internal side and designed to collect possible condensation water. They are insulated with rigid expanded polyurethane panels, density 35±1 kg/m3. Every upstand can fit to our domes and opening device systems in order to get an excellent natural illumination, a great daily ventilation system and/or a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system. 'available with cross elements, T-shaped elements and angular elements. ''H 25 and H 30 cm gutters are self-supporting and available with elements length 500 cm. Dimensions in cm. See also: / Natural zenithal illumination / Smoke and fire exhausting systems / Accessories CAODURO® S.p.A. Via Chiuppese, 15, 36010, Cavazzale (VI), Italy Phone +39 0444 945959 - Fax +39 0444 945164 -

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