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035 FX series continuous skylight 035 FX series continuous modular skylights are manufactured by thermoforming first quality polycarbonate (PC) sheets, in standard opal white colour. In addition to robustness and light diffusion, they have an excellent impact behaviour and guarantee an high resistance to heat in all those situations where the safety of people and things is a determinant factor which cannot be ignored. Each intermediate element, 180/270 cm long, is realized with stiffening ribs 30 cm spaced. Cutting appropriately the ribs, it is possible to obtain sub-multiple 30, 60 or 90 cm long. These skylights are surely the ideal solution to take advantage of natural zenithal lighting, as their modularity permits to have very long roof openings. The possibility of obtaining solutions in single, double or triple skin allows to install our skylights in the most different environmental conditions. Thanks to this range of solutions, we can solve the problem of thermal insulation that is becoming more and more important in terms of energy saving. This is one of the reasons that led CAODURO® to create new models. M35 FX series allows double or triple skin solutions. It is realized with the external skin made of solid thermo- formed sheet (single or double) and gives greater guarantees of weather resistance, while the internal skin, consisting of a flat alveolar polycarbonate sheet, provides a better thermal transmittance value. The fastenings are made with standard clamps, which offer the maximum guarantee to water tightness and thermal expansion. In order to get a correct installation, the skylights need a perimeter support with thickness to the finished of any sheaths of 7 cm on concrete walls, wood, prefabricated .5 glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP) or metallic upstands. CAODURO® skylights are manufactured and tested according to the following European Standard which requires CE marking: EN 14963 Roof coverings – Continuous rooflights of plastics with or without upstands – Classification, requirements and test methods. It is possible to apply to each model the whole or partial opening systems. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, our skylights can be employed in private dwellings as well as in commercial and industrial buildings: a quality product guaranteed over time. See also: / Upstands / Ventilation systems / Opening devices / Accessories CAODURO® S.p.A. Via Chiuppese, 15, 36010, Cavazzale (VI), Italy Phone +39 0444 945959 - Fax +39 0444 945164 info@caoduro.it - www.caodur

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**element with a length different than 180 cm. Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) skylights are only available upon request and depending on the quantities. Dimensions in cm. Further dimensions are available upon request and depending on the quantities. Dimensions in cm.

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