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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 3

PERSONAL SPAS PERFECTED Occasionally a product design comes along that is so uniquely matched to its purpose that you must say – this is perfect. The all new Bullfrog Spas combine the patented JetPak Therapy SystemTM, cutting-edge engineering, daring design, comfort and unmatched quality. The result: the personal spa, perfected. Discover how Bullfrog Spas is engineering your perfect spa experience.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 4

JETPAK THERAPY SYSTEM You deserve the best spa experience, and that means a spa that is personalized just for you. Bullfrog Spas created the JetPak Therapy System to allow you to fit your spa to your body and lifestyle. Only Bullfrog Spas let you select your perfect massages, move them from seat to seat, and upgrade at any time. *JetPak Therapy System U.S. Patent # 8,661,576

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 5

It’s a fact, regular exercise is necessary to maintain your health. Nothing supports the achievement of fitness goals better than your personalized Bullfrog Spa. Your Bullfrog Spa allows you to select specific JetPak massages to help you to stay loose and pain free. Your recovery times will be shorter while energy levels and performance are enhanced.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 6

HEALTH WELLNESS PERFECTED Wellness is more than just being healthy; it includes staying balanced, relaxed, active and being happy with your life. Your Bullfrog Spa supports this balanced approach to life and wellness. Daily spa time with your choice of soothing JetPak massages will help you stay stress free, energized, healthy and happy.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 7

CONTROL & MONITOR With Bullfrog Spas’ exclusive CloudControl app you can control and monitor your spa from anywhere with your smartphone or app-enabled device. Adjust settings from the comfort of your living room. Check on your spa while on vacation. Dial up the perfect temperature from work. Spa ownership is now easier than ever. ANYWHERE... EVERYWHERE... *CloudControl WiFi module optional on A & R Series spas. Standard data rates apply. Subscription cloud service free during first year of ownership.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 8

ESCAPE RELAXATION PERFECTED We all need a little time for ourselves, time to slow down, time to unwind, and time to simply relax. In just a few minutes a day you can make deep relaxation a reality in your own home spa. You are empowered to choose the JetPak massages that feel best. Your relaxation experience is completely personalized.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 9

LUXURY PERFECTED The stunning design of your Bullfrog Spa creates a beautiful environment. Sync your favorite music to the premium sound system and set your lighting for just the right mood. Add a few candles, your favorite aroma salts, and a gentle massage. This is your private spa paradise, luxury perfected.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 10

SOOTHING SOUND Relaxation, therapy, and good times are all enhanced by your soundtrack. Bullfrog Spas’ optional Elite Audio System includes seat surround speakers and a powered sub-woofer to immerse you with rich high-quality sound. Protect and charge your iPod, iPhone, or other digital music player right in the spa-side water-proof housing. Or, simply connect via Bluetooth and stream your favorite playlists. Also Available - Life Audio System. See dealer for specifications and details.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 11

RELATIONSHIPS ROMANCE Remove yourselves from everyday distractions and allow time for true communication and a stronger connection. Your relationship will be strengthened as you relax. Fresh air, swirling jets, romantic mood lighting, soft music, and aroma-therapy combine to create a romantic spa retreat without ever leaving your own backyard. Quality time in your Bullfrog Spa will help you remember why you fell in love.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 12

RELATIONSHIPS FAMILY TIME PERFECTED Your family will absolutely love your new Bullfrog Spa. Every member of your family can choose their own personalized massage. Mom can escape with a soothing RainShower JetPak. Dad will love the powerful therapy of the DeepRelief JetPak. And kids will love playing in the Cascadia waterfall. Your children will open up in conversation and all ages will absolutely love the relaxation, quality time, and memories.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 14

JETPAK THERAPY SYSTEM PERFORMANCE The plumbing used in other spas is inefficient, expensive, and unreliable. Bullfrog Spas’ exclusive H2Air Manifold is one simple self-contained seatback unit. The result is far less plumbing, greater efficiency, and optimal performance. Every aspect of the JetPak Therapy System was re-imagined and re-engineered to deliver the best personalized therapy and performance. With JetPaks® you are in complete control of your massage experience.

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 15

CUSTOMIZATION NECKBLASTER™ Maximum Stress Relief The NeckBlaster JetPak provides a one-of-a-kind massage. With the most penetrating neck and shoulder jets of any JetPak, along with a complete-back array of single pulse jets, you’ll get a powerful massage that eliminates built up tension in neck and shoulder muscles. Perfectly Aligned Therapy Comfortable Rhythmic Massage Focused Stress Relief The Alleviate JetPak features 8 bio-aligned medium pressure jets with a steadystream massage for a unique whole-back sensation. The Pulsator JetPak features 6 rotating dual pulse jets to provide...

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 16

UPGRADEABILITY FIBROTHERAPY™ Therapy for Pain Relief and Health The FibroTherapy JetPak is engineered to provide a unique kneading action to relax your lower back with deep-penetrating therapy in the area of your thoracic vertebrae. Peaceful Rhythmic Sensation Maximum Relief Deep Tension Relief The Gyrossage JetPak utilizes 5 rotating single pulse jets to provide a rhythmic kneading massage for your entire back. The Reliever JetPak combines a deep steady massage in the lower back with a mediumpressure kneading of upper obliques. The DeepRelief JetPak provides a steady penetrating whole-back...

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Bullfrog Spas Brochure 2016 - 17

PERSONALIZATION NECKMASSEUSE™ Targeted Neck Therapy The NeckMasseuse JetPak combines a targeted deep-pressure massage for relief of neck, shoulder, and upper back tension with the rhythmic massage of 3 large rotating single-pulse jets. Ultimate Kneading Massage Smooth Soothing Sensation The Oscillator JetPak provides a unique wide-coverage kneading massage to soothe all key regions of your back. Designed for the A8, A8L, and A8D models, the Cascadia JetPak combines a smooth waterfall feature with a steady 4-point back massage. The RainShower JetPak features 42 of Bullfrog Spas’ exclusive...

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