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A Group Brand | Q legrand AUDIO VIDEO

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TWO personalitIES FOR ONE SINGLE eleCtronic HEART Design Unlimited combinations Technology, quality, strength Ease of configuration and maintenance Pushbutton panels overview Support services Electronic modules catalogue Sfera New - catalogue and dimensions Sfera Robur - catalogue and dimensions The QR Code provides direct access to multimedia contents. The service is very easy to use, and only requires a smartphone with the free software needed for reading the code. SFERA www.BTICINO.COM

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Modern look suitable for all types of homes. High perception of quality and sturdiness across the whole range. ■ Three different colour variations, better look impact ■ Perfect alignment of the modules ■ Same colour variations also for the rainshields I Lowered wall mounted boxes available in the same colourvariations Extra strong front section and frame for increased safety Flush mounted box (optional) in steel, to prevent the device being pulled off. ■ Minimum protrusion from the wall ■ Reinforced plastic components ■ Compatible with SFERA New rainshields and wall mounted boxes

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Front covers for NeW version Front covers for RoBuR version MODULAR COMPOSITION OF THE FUNCTIONS SEPARATE COMPOSITION OF THE FINISHES AN ADVANTAGE FOR EVERYONE SINgle eleCtRoNIC HeaRt The same electronic module may be used for both the “New” version and the “Robur” version Just a few codes to make warehouse storage and the job of the installer simpler. A wide range of audio and video functions with only 13 electronic modules. SFERA www.BTICINO.COM

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unlimited combinations A COMPACT AND COMPLETE RANGE TRADITIONAL FUNCTIONS SPECIALIST FUNCTIONS ■ Wide angle Audio video ■ Night & Day camera and wide angle ■ Inductive loop and control speech synthesis DOOR LOCK RELEASE FUNCTIONS Basic speaker module Speaker module Nameplate module Display module wide angle camera Night & Day and wide angle camera module control speech synthesis module DOOR LOCK Keypad module Badge reader module Fingerprint module

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to guarantee maximum audio and video performance, and minimize installation and connection times, SFeRa uses the 2 WIRe technology. the innovative design is the guarantee of a product CaPaBle oF DoINg eVeRYtHINg. Protection index against dust and water sprays IP54 Protection index against mechanical impact up to IK10 High protection from UV rays and saline mists the 2 wire technology gives the possibility of turning an audio system into a colour video system without need for modications on the system structure SFERA www.BTICINO.COM

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ADVANCED VIDEO FUNCTIONS NIgHt & DaY Perfect and clear images also in low light conditions thanks to the IR LEDs and the automatically removable IR lter. DOOR LOCK RELEASE FUNCTIONS WIDe aNgle CaMeRa wide horizontal and vertical shooting range. Better protection against vandals and possibility of use by children and disabled people. FINgeRPRINt ReaDeR Advanced devices, perfectly integrated in terms of look with the SFERA pushbutton panels, but which can also be used in stand alone systems. Simplied management of activations, programming of residents directly on the device, without need for...

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Meeting all needs SFERA is well suited to all installation solutions the modules may be installed side by side horizontally or vertically. The attention to detail during the design ensures perfect alignment of the modules thanks to the flush mounted boxes spacers (supplied with the boxes), and the screws fitted only on the front sections. Horizontal conguration SFeRa RoBuR Vertical conguration SFeRa RoBuR FluSH MouNteD INStallatIoN with standard boxes, or with specific steel boxes with tearing protection (Robur only). total INStallatIoN CoMPatIBIlItY WItH tHe SFeRa ClaSSIC RaNge. Same box,...

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Clips for securing the front cover to the electronic module SFERA is innovative also in terms of conguration and maintenance operations. Without removing the pushbutton panel from the wall it is possible to: adjust the microphone volume, replace or update the nameplate, congure the device using the software, and update the device. All the operations, with the exception of the conguration performed using physical congurators, are possible without disassembling the module. SFERA New and SFERA Robur can be congured traditionally, using physical congurators, as far as the basic functions are...

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For the preparation of estimates of 2 WIRe audio and video door entry systems, Bticino supports the professionals of the sector with dedicated estimate and design tools: FRee eStIMate SeRVICe Detailed list of items required System block diagram and multi-wire connection diagram for the individual devices Conguration of all the system devices Current absorption checks Toll free number active 8.30-18.30 Monday to Friday, and 8.30-12.30 Saturday SOFTwARE utility for the design and conguration of 2 WIRe audio and video door entry systems. You Diagram is the Bticino software for designing 2-wire...

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SFeRa NeW - SFeRa RoBuR eleCtRoNIC MoDuleS Catalogue BaSIC speaker module for the creation of 2 wIRE audio systems. Fitted with loudspeaker and microphone volume adjustment. It manages up to 100 pushbutton calls using additional double row pushbuttons. It can be used for opening an eleactrical door lock directly connected to the S+ and S- clamps (18 V 4 A impulsive - 250 mA holding current 30 Ohm max) and the connection to a local door lock release pushbutton on the PL clamps. To be completed with surround plate. The device must be physically congured. Speaker module for the creation of 2...

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SFeRa NeW - mechanics and function modules SFeRa NeW - installation and dimensional data FINISHING ELEMENTS FLUSH MOUNTED INSTALLATION SFeRa NeW - front covers 3 AUDIO FRONT COVERS - PUSHBUTTON CALL Allstreet Replace the dots in the item code with the finish number corresponding to the desired finish basic speaker module basic speaker module 1 pushbutton basic speaker module 2 pushbuttons basic speaker module 2 pushbuttons on double row basic speaker module 4 pushbuttons on double row RAINSHIELD (optional) WALL MOUNTED BOX (optional) FRAME + SUPPORT SURROUND PLATE speaker module Flush...

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