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Màtix - Catalogue 2014


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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 1

A Group brand Q legrand

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 2

Modern design, suitable for all types of settings ■ 24 cover plate colours available, split into 5 families ■ White or ivory finish devices ■ Traditional electromechanical and home automation functions (MyHOME) ■ The MyHOME technology gives the possibility of installing electric systems with advanced performance in terms of comfort, safety, energy saving, communication and remote control ■ Stand-alone energy saving devices ■ Anti-tamper and antibacterial range ■ Installation solutions for the residential and the service sector ■ Protected installation with IDROBOX enclosures ■

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 3

Index 2-16 General features A wide range of colours for Màtix Antibacterial and anti-tamper range New universal dimmer Green Switch With Màtix home automation becomes standard Functions for the home Functions for the service sector Can be installed in the home Can be installed in the service sector Màtix and Idrobox: the ideal solution for a protected environment Màtix Cover plates: colours and installations

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 4

a wide range of colours and functions for the home and service sector 24 colours divided into 5 groups: White, Metallic, Colour, Texture and Galvanic ranges, that perfectly complement today’s new trends in home design.

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 5

WHITES Base and neutral colours: White, Ivory, Ash and Cord. Complement very well today’s most popular wall colours. Switches with White cover plate. Switches with Titanium cover plate. METALLICS Metal effect. Gold, Iron, Silver, Titanium. The metal effect makes these cover plates suitable for all environments. màtix

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 6

a wide range of colours Shiny effect, polished surfaces. The eight finishes of this range can be split in two groups with similar hues. Switches with Coral colour cover plate. Bright colours: Coral, Amber, Cobalt, Emerald Strong and bright colours, suitable for environments with character. Soft shades: Ice, Ivory, Green Tea and Turquoise. Pastel hues for soft designs. Switches with Green Tea colour cover plate.

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 7

Switches with Terracotta colour cover plate. TEXTURE Textured look: Lime White, Terracotta, Brown Coffee, Blue Mercury. Original finishes with a beautiful textured finish. GALVANICS The colours of precious metals: shiny Chrome, black Nickel, shiny Gold and satin Gold. Two finishes, polished and satin, are the ideal complement to the metal finishes of interiors. Switches with Satin Gold colour cover plate.

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 8

Antibacterial devices and cover plates ANTIBACTERIAL TECHNO-POLYMER COVER PLATE - ANTIBACTERIAL DEVICES The antibacterial properties of the specific devices and cover plates of the MÀTIX series are due to the formulation of the materials, based on silver ions (Ag+) This technology ensures the non proliferation of bacteria, viruses, fungus, without creating immunization or resistance effect (physical rather than chemical destruction). The ideal use for MATIX antimicrobial devices is in medical surroundings (hospitals, nursing homes, consulting rooms, diagnostic rooms and similar), public...

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 9

Dimmer universal dimmer With the new BTicino universal dimmers it is possible to control and adjust the light intensity of all types of loads on the market, from traditional filament lamps, to the latest generation LED and CFL energy saving lamps that, as required by the regulations, will soon replace them. Installation advantages: - thanks to the possibility of managing all kinds of loads, the device may be installed before selecting the lamps - wiring only requires 2 wires (no neutral wire necessary), saving time during the installation - as the neutral is not necessary, it can be easily...

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 10

GREEN SWITCH Illumination only when needed Green Switch is the intelligent state of the art solution for managing lighting without waste in the residential and service sectors. The light is switched on by the user and goes off automatically when no one is in the room. in compliance with EN15193 standard Double technology Green Switch - infrared and ultrasounds - ECO MODE - AUTO MODE - Passive infrared movement sensor - AUTO MODE - features power supply Sensor technology Operating mode Offices Meeting rooms Domestic rooms and in general stable presence environments (Dual tech version) GREEN...

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 11

Màtix home automation becomes standard the BTicino home automation system that offers modern functions and solutions, which are becoming more and more a necessity both in domestic and service environments. Today also available in the MÀTIX series. It covers all main comfort, safety, saving, communication and control applications. SHUTTERS AND LIGHTING AUTOMATION Cobalt cover plate with ON-OFF control and IR remote control receiver Emerald cover plate with transponder connecting key Alarm central unit TEMPERATURE CONTROL Silver cover plate with temperature control unit local control Ivory...

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 12

functions for the home COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS FOR THE DWELLING traditional control devices electronic devices sockets suitable for all standards Switches, two-way switches, intermediate switches, pushbuttons IDROBOX PLUS SAFETY DEVICES Earth leakage, pull-out torch, gas detector

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 13

eleCtronic FUNCTIONS Thermostat, timer thermostat, timer, USB charger

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 14

Functions for the service completE RANGE OF DEVICES FOR THE OFFICE traditional and electronic control devices sockets suitable for all standards RJ connectors safety devices and emergency lamps Switches, two-way switches, intermediate switches, pushbuttons, fan-coil adjuster SAFETY LAMPS Emergency lamp, signalling lamp, step-marker lamp Luminous signalling devices hotel offer range

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 15

energy saving Green Switch Safe sockets, fuse-carrier thermal-magnetic circuit breakers RJ CONNECTORS AND CONNECTORS FOR DATA TRANSMISSION

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 16

Flush-mounted: in rectangular, round and square boxes Frame Devices Front cover plate Available in all modular concepts

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Màtix - Catalogue 2014 - 17

installed IN THE service sectOr All the functions of a modern electric system, including electromechanic and electronic functions, make Màtix also ideal for installation in service sector environments. Desk device-holder Wall-mounting multi-function switchboard Protruding tower POP-UP boxes One-side minicolumn One-side column

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