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Eliot is the BTicino program dedicated to connected objects (Internet of things) which identifies all those products or systems which, ™ because they can connect to the Cloud, give added value in terms of functionality, information, interactions with the environment and use. Compatible with Netatmo BTicino renews the range of Classe 100 indoor units by introducing Wi-Fi connectivity in the standard video door entry system offer. The result is a range of video and audio indoor units with a modern and elegant design, capable of meeting all installation needs. Built-in connectivity for...

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Classe 100 - 5

After being connected to Classe 100X, the smartphone becomes an “additional virtual video indoor unit” that can be used to answer calls, activate the opening of the door locks and activate the system cameras. CATALOGUE BTICINO.COM

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Classe 100 - 6

Maximum freedom. Always at ease,also when away from the home. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, Classe 100X gives the possibility of managing various functions quickly and safely using the smartphone. Full screen, compact view. The 5” display always ensures great visibility, irrespective of the type of installation.

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Classe 100 - 7

Thin and minimal. Modern design combined with small thickness, lightness and solidity: this is the characteristic design of the new Classe 100. Integration between physical and digital controls for better user experience. New tilting control to answer and end the call, together with a range of touch controls for other functions. CATALOGUE BTICINO.COM

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Classe 100 - 8

Answer the call comfortably from your home sofa Absolute freedom of movement inside your home. You can answer the video door entry call from any room of your home.

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Answer all the calls from anywhere in the world When you are out, on holiday, in the office, you can answer the video door entry call wherever you are. Open the home gate You return home by car and cannot find your gate radio control? No problem, you can open the gate with your smartphone. Switch on the lights or water the garden Even when you are out or on holiday, you can comfortably activate the garden watering and switch the lights on directly from your smartphone. See what is happening outside the home More security for your home. Using your smartphone you can activate the external and...

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Classe 100 - 10

Door Entry App Classe 100X Conceived for easy daily use

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CAMERA ACTIVATION SCREEN HOME PAGE SCREEN A simple touch for the end user Camera display DOOR ENTRY is the App which allows, using the smartphone, to manage the video indoor unit calls locally and remotely or with a simple touch. - open the gate, - activate cameras, - switch on the timed lights in the garden. Door lock management Call home directly Select the camera and press to activate it Answering the indoor unit is as easy as answering a normal telephone call To open the door slide the key to the right – you will avoid opening the door accidentally CATALOGUE BTICINO.COM

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Classe 100 - 12

Immediately connected and configured After installing the App, a guided procedure allows the association between smartphone and Classe 100X16E in few steps.

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Classe 100 - 13

After the account has been created, go to the SETTINGS menu and select “CONFIGURATION”. Using the smartphone, scan the QR Code that will appear on the video indoor unit screen. Select the home Wi-Fi network Once the password of the Wi-Fi network is entered, the App will search for the Classe 100 and will connect automatically, self-configuring. The connection to the dedicated Cloud totally and safely automates the configuration on the home network (you do NOT need to configure your router). The video indoor unit transfers all the configuration of the 2 wires video door entry system...

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Classe 100 - 14

Open at integration with connected devices, to extend your user experience. Compatible with Video internal unit compatible with the NETATMO Smart Indoor and Smart Outdoor cameras. CONNECTED AND INTEROPERABLE The integration with NETATMO Smart Indoor and Smart Outdoor cameras, simplifies and enhances the control and security of your home. You will be able to view the video of both your cameras BTicino and Netatmo, answers the courier who rings your internal unit and checks that he actually delivers the package you are waiting for. All this is now possible by one App: DOOR ENTRY CLASSE 100X....

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Classe 100 - 15

By installing or updating the DOOR ENTRY CLASSE 100X App on your smartphone, you can connect and view the images of Netatmo cameras on your video internal unit, both in new and existing systems. No additional wiring / accessory is required: the association is done directly from the App in a few simple guided steps. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?

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Classe 100 - 16

EXAMPLES OF INTEGRATION AND USE OF CLASSE 100X WITH NETATMO CAMERAS 1. NETATMO Smart Outdoor Camera The DOOR ENTRY APP displays the NETATMO camera pictures Directly from the DOOR ENTRY APP, in addition to the camera(s) and external pushbutton panel, it also displays the extra NETATMO Wi-Fi cameras. 3. NETATMO Smart Indoor Camera It displays whether your son has come home from school Thanks to the face-recognition technology, the NETATMO camera can recognise your children and report the information on the DOOR ENTRY APP. 16 OK Marco is at home. The NETATMO camera has recognised him.

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Classe 100 - 17

Displays the actual delivery of the packages once the gate has been opened for the courier Hello, leave it in the garden in front of the house BYou can choose not to open remotely if there is already someone in the house.

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Classe 100 - 18

Perfect for renovations In existing 2 WIRES systems you can update and replace your old indoor unit or video indoor unit with CLASSE 100X16E. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity you do not even need extra wiring.

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Classe 100 - 19

Classe 100X16E is the best solution available for renewing indoor unitFor the villa or for one&two-family context Entrance panel Built-in connectivity for constant connection with the home. Power supply No extra work for the installer; easier to use for the end user. For apartment block or multi-family context Smartphone apt Built-in connectivity for constant connection with the home. Up to 22 apartments without dedicated power supply. No extra work for the installer; easier to use for the end user. (*) NOTE: for the sizing of multi-family systems refer to the General Installation Standards...

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