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Axolute - Catalogue 2014


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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 1

BTicino SpA reserves at any time the right to modify the contents of this booklet and to communicate, in any form and modality, the changes brought to the same. This publication replaces the previous AX13C/GB. BTicino SpA Viale Borri, 231 21100 Varese - Italy

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 2

Download the free APP Bticino to configure the light point with cover plates and devices Axolute or Livinglight. Available for iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android devices. CONFIGURE THE LIGHT POINT AXOLUTE Go directly to the APP using the QR code reader on your smartphone

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 3

AXOLUTE, the original: design and technology 2 AXOLUTE Monochrome: new Monochrome finishes k AXOLUTE white Solution: white cover plates used with the white mechanism 5 AXOLUTE Swarovski elements 9 Automatic clamps for control devices 15 Offerfor hotel room management 20 AXOLUTE: an international standard 22 Installation and cover plates range 97 Dimensional data Numeric index

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 4

axolute, the original Design and technology AXOLUTE is the best solution for elegant environments: sophisticated design and MyHOME technology, add value to the electric system like never before. COMPLETE RANGE OF CONTROLS AND FINISHES NEWS AXOLUTE MONOCHROME Device, surround plate and cover plate in one single finish (White, Tech, or Anthracite)

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 5


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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 6

axolute - monochrome New Monochrome finishes Aesthetic coordination of every detail NEWS Devices and cover plate with White finish (HD) Devices and cover plate with Tech finish (HC) Devices and cover plate with Anthracite finish (HS) With Monochrome, AXOLUTE becomes a worthwhile luxury. Device, surround plate and cover plate in one single finish (White, Tech, or Anthracite) 4 For the Monochrome Items see “Cover plates: installation and colour range” section

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 7

axolute - white solution White Solution: white cover plates used with the white mechanism The AXOLUTE range includes The white solution is obtained by white cover plates and White devices: a choice that enables matching the system to the most - completely white cover plates (Corian®, Vetro, Alluminio e Zama) trendy interior decoration styles. - white mechanisms Axial control White Glass cover plate White shiny surface Opaline white lens GLACIER WHITE Corian® COVER PLATE Maximum formal purity: the inner frame perfectly matches the keys. Video Display White Glass cover plate Digital control...

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 8

axolute etèris The slimline charm of an innovative and essential design: minimum thickness and monochromatic look. Square shape, essential design and monochromatic look. AXOLUTE ETÈRIS is the new slimline look of AXOLUTE, which distinguishes itself for its monochromatic look, and the extremely small thickness of the switches only device make the switch the main and most essential element of the area. AXOLUTE ETÈRIS CAN BE USED FOR THE INSTALLATION OF ALL THE MODULAR DEVICES OF THE AXOLUTE CATALOGUE. ONLY 2.5 mm THICK Monochromatic look ANTHRACITE COVER PLATE MONOCHROMATIC LOOK TECH COVER...

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 9

axolute etèris Square shape The same size, for two cover plates with different modularity: - 4 modules: for the installation of 1 and 2 modules AXOLUTE devices - 8 modules: for the installation of all AXOLUTE modular devices (1, 2, 3 and 4 modules). 4 MODULES TECH COVER PLATE 8 MODULES TECH COVER PLATE The AXOLUTE ETÈRIS absolute PRODUCTS MUST BE FORESEEN modularity, require a dedicated installation system. For the assembly of the system, only dedicated flush mounted boxes, supports and cover plates must be used. Although it’s installed in the same way as any traditional residential lines,...

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 10

AXOLUTE WHICE AND NIGHTER Exclusive solution with Whice and Nighter glass AXOLUTE WHICE is the Wiring devices, MyHOME and monochromatic white line monochromatic black line where video door entry system, all with where unobtrusive controls and a coordinated look: WHICE or technological sublimation achieve BLACK glass and blue LED. perfect balance. Whice control for MyHOME systems Nighter control for MyHOME systems Whice glass cover plates used with AXOLUTE TECH controls Black glass cover plates combined with ANTHRACITE AXOLUTE controls

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 11

Elements crystals and the elegance of AXOLUTE, together in a cover plate destined to leave a mark. A new refined splendour, to dress and enhance the switch with a unique AXOLUTE SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS CRYSTAL x ect. ©ccciiCsooGc o^oco aooos :•'.* o voo; .0*0. AXOLUTE SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS LIGHT PEACH The cover plates made using Swarovski Elements, of high value, are fully handmade. They are made to special request and are available in the following modular constructions:

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 12

ELEGANT LOOK Combination of materials, finishes, shapes THE RECTANGULAR COVER PLATES, SOBER AND ELEGANT, REPRESENTATIVE OF AXOLUTE RATIONAL SOUL. BRUSHED CHROME GLASS, a material that is both technologically advanced and ALUMINIUM, the main character of natural. Processed into a sheet with a modern interior design. Minimum thickness of only 4 mm, with extreme precision and attention to detail. painted finishes, enhanced by diamond cuts on all edges. EVENING BLUE STONE, depicting value. The natural material contrasts with the technological brightness of the keys. Two Italian stones WOOD,...

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 13

ELLIPTICAL COVER PLATES WITH SOFT EDGES, TO MEET DIFFERENT TASTES AND STYLES. LEATHER, soft and sophisticated. Available in two finishes, sand and coffee, to enhance the technology with a natural and elegant touch. LIQUID BLUE PLASTIC, the expression of design. Modern technologies that enhance the colour and give the cover plate the brightness of water. COFFEE LEATHER ALESSI STAINLESS STEEL LIGHT TITANIUM The collaboration with Alessi has brought to the development of two finishes, a bright and a satin one. METALS, depicting absolute value. Classic ALESSI BRIGHT STAINLESS STEEL finishes,...

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Axolute - Catalogue 2014 - 14

CUSTOMISATIONS Possible customisations for the customer Glass section External surround plate The Kristall VKA cover plate can be disassembled by unscrewing the four screws under the chrome inner frame. In this way, the customer can insert under the glass metal internal surround plate sheets (copper, gold, silver), fabrics, embroideries, and wall coverings, for a unique effect. Customisable cardboard frame Thickness 4 mm AXOLUTE offers maximum customisation also in the selection of the materials: the glass section can become a template to give to the craftsman, who will be able to create a...

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