2020-21 Product Brochure - 15 Pages

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2020-21 Product Brochure

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SMART LIGHTING TRENDS BSI® Lighting Technologies follows smart, sustainable and ecologically responsible outdoor lighting principles using new technologies and best practices in lighting design and production. We provide the most current research and information to our clients on smart lighting solutions based on their performance and real effectiveness. Total lighting solution BSI® Lighting Technologies lighting luminaires combine high technology and stylish design, from classic to modern, with high-efficiency LED technology. Our portfolio brings in optimal lighting solutions for...

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Committed to Excellence LED’s have become a major highlight in today’s lighting and entertainment industries. Our products will help you get the most out of this modern technology. BSI® Lighting Technologies BSI® Lighting Technologies, designs and develops creative lighting solutions for the international architectural lighting market. BSI® Lighting Technologies is built on a solid basis of experience and a range of dynamic lighting solutions. BSI® Lighting Technologies offers a wide range of services, from consultation and advice to architects and architectural lighting designers during...

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A new and fresh approach to lighting products and manufacturing BSI Lighting Technologies controls every aspect of the production process; design, development, manufacturing, and distribution. The result; high quality, from product performance to customer service. ® Cutting-edge technology and artisan perfection in lighting We created a new concept stands for artisan and trendy LED lighting luminaires with an appealing design and high-quality manufacturing. Lighting solutions, in harmony with architecture and nature We stand for innovative lighting technology and combined light expertise;...

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Modified Standard & Custom Solutions BSI® Lighting Technologies collaborates at every step, offering perceptual ideas, creative suggestions and a problemsolving attitude. Engineered for Quality Throughout the entire production process BSI® Lighting Technologies distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. Solid Experience BSI® collaborates with landscape designers,...

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BSI® is an independent and flexible supplier whose know-how and knowledge is operating in many industry verticals all over Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. BSI® has the full flexibility and processes to cooperate with its business partners wherever they are located. emaar malls BSI® is committed to excellence and has a pragmatic approach to fulfil customer needs efficiently. FASHK N AVENUE LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES bsilighting.com

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Underpass & Tunnel Industrial Architainment Urban & Area Light Elements & Bollards Wall Effect Education Custom Made Shop & Retail 14

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• Shop & Retail Retail Lighting is one of the most diverse sectors in the lighting market and can be more subjective than most. At BSI® Lighting Technologies we understand that a bright and clean aesthetic is important for many to highlight merchandise to passing customers, while conversely, for some - particularly in clothing and fashion commerce, a particular aesthetic can be of as much importance as energy usage. • Healthcare BSI® Healthcare systems offer thoughtful, innovative lighting solutions with modern, energy-efficient LED lighting with advanced control systems. Innovative LED...

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• Industrial Industrial lighting fixtures from BSI® offers maximum efficiency and productivity. High performance LED High Bay and Low Bay fixtures providing higher reliability and energy efficiency in commercial and industrial lighting applications. Light Elements & Bollards BSI® Light elements and bollards are ideal for lighting up modern and architectural areas. They are designed to last in extremely harsh environments. With different direct or oblique or even diffused emission solutions, BSI® offers LED elements ready to meet various installations. • Underpass & Tunnel Specially designed...

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Outdoor Lighting bsilighting.com ARCHITAINMENT LIGHTING iAxis Mono Surface iAxis RGB-RGBW Surface iAxis Dynamic Surface iAxis Mini Surface iAxis Edge Surface iAxis String iAxis Mono Recessed iAxis RGB-RGBW Recessed iAxis Dynamic Recessed iAxis Diffused Recessed iLinex Recessed ACCENT LIGHTING iSoho Recessed Sword RGBW Sword Dynamic

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Outdoor Lighting URBAN AREA LIGHTING iPace Area UNDERPASS LIGHTING iAlba INDUSTRIAL AND CEILING iTetta Ceiling iErgo Platz iErgo Supra iErgo Flow

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Outdoor Lighting bsilighting.com LIGHT ELEMENTS AND BOLLARDS iMistral Decor iMistral Plus iRuta Decor iRuta Decor Plus iRuta Skew iLia Decor iLia Soft iTubo Wall iArte Wall WALL EFFECT iOtto Plus

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Indoor Lighting bsilighting.com ilumLuna TRIMLESS ilumTurn TRIMLESS ilumZoom ilumEye ilumBeetle TRIMLESS ilumOzzo TRIMLESS ilumFlus Spot ilumSpace TRIMLESS ilumPure TRIMLESS

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