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Garden • Wood • Landscape • Ambience • Function • Design Garden • Wood • Landscape • Ambience • Funct

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Catalog 2020 - 2

Timber in the garden • Index „Peace and quiet" can be planned with wood. Dear Sir or Madam, Wood and naturally renewable materials are experiencing a renaissance and have established themselves in future-driven architecture. In a world with limited resources and an increasing carbon impact, creative and functional solutions in wood as sight, wind and sound protection are vital to the planning of both new construction and exclusive renovation projects for older properties.. We would particularly like to draw your attention to our new wood products for your garden in 2020. Partition 2.0 in...

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Catalog 2020 - 3

Flower boxes Seating area Heselbach Raised flower bed Bank municipal Picnic combination, bank Seat sets Murgtal and Rustic Light posts "Lite" Separations Tailor larch, larch glazed Separations Ellipso larch, larch glazed System construction kit Sunrise Fence system AostaNova® Pine, bamboo, larch, Care oil Separating wall horizontal/2.0 pine, larch Separations "diamond" larch Soundproof fences Junior reflecting Pine, larch Limes reflecting Pine, larch Front-yard fences pine, larch, gates, bar ThermoRaute Stabello, Larch Fence field Tubo Inox, gates Pine, larch, Bangkirai, IPE Frisian fence...

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Catalog 2020 - 4

Wood is a popular design element. It offers diverse options, many different styles, wishes and requirements can be implemented: Traditional, classic, modern. Wood permanently i ncreases emotional residential value. Braun&Wurfele is a creative partner for timber in garden and landscape with an exclusive product range. The last decades have seen us develop from a typical round-timber-processing operation into an innovative specialist in the areas of garden timber and terrace systems. Craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology is the basis of our products. Long experience in the...

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Catalog 2020 - 5

Since May 2005, Braun & Wurfele has been certified according to ISO STANDARD 9001. The integrated quality management at B&W was implemented in the entire company with high commitment of all employees within one year. Quality assurance and increase are subject focuses of our company in addition to continuous development of high-quality products and systems for garden and landscape and development of cooperation with timber specialist trade. Braun & Wurfele received the RAL-quality seal in 2003. This is the RAL-approved "quality seal i mpregnated timber construction elements". This marks...

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Catalog 2020 - 6

Each tree has its own character, depending on many factors, such as site, climate conditions, etc. The tree from which your product has been made may have been more than 100 years old and have lived through many storms, droughts or frost periods. If you can see where the branches were, do not forget that they were once vital to the tree! Quality is our watchword and we select our material very carefully. However, some of the properties of wood cannot be avoided and must be accepted as limitations: 1. Example: Same wood dry (18%) und wet (rear). Wood adjusts to ambient moisture and therefore...

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Catalog 2020 - 7

Wood is subjected to the harshest conditions outdoors. Nevertheless, the natural material has been highly popular for millennia due to its huge benefits: • ight weight, high strength and easy to process. L • urability due to the correct use of wood types with a high natural resistance D or permanently protected by professional boiler-pressure impregnation according to RAL seal of quality GZ 411. • Renewable, therefore good ecological balance with careful handling of resources. Timber Properties Wood types such as pine and larch are known for their high resin content. Any isolated resin...

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Catalog 2020 - 8

Pine pressure treated I I Thermo Pine heat treated Siber. Ih kilndried Europ. h kilndried Origin Approx. weight/m3 Durability Resistance class Quality Resin content, crystalline enclosures Strength Surface hardness Processing Shrinkage and swelling conduct Discolouration Contents BWS-system timber Siberian larch untreated BWS-system timber BWS-system wood Nordic pine Thermo-Pine (above) Boiler-pressure impregnated heat-treated With water-repellent (approx. 210°C) Always use Wolmanit® C&T Wood protection for protection of subsequent cuts of impregnated timbers, see P 134 protection agent and...

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Catalog 2020 - 9

Wood type South and Middle Europe Middle Europe South America South America Approx. weight/m³ Good Also with earth contact Good Also with earth contact Very good Also with earth contact Very good Also with earth contact Resistance class Mostly knot-free Mostly knot-free Partly with interlocked grain Fine cracks Particularly at the ends Fine cracks Particularly at the ends Resin content, crystalline enclosures Very hard Very Hard Strength Surface hardness Medium Always pre-drill Heavy Always pre-drill Heavy Always pre-drill Shrinkage and swelling conduct High wash-out in the first months...

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Catalog 2020 - 10

Wood | Tradition Architecture | System Wood has been the central element in the more than 100 years of the Braun & Wurfele company’s existence: from transport and trading, processing and treatment of the wood to the design and production of innovative products from this natural material. Innovative production methods and new developments in engineering with wood make it possible to manufacture once generally labour-intensive shingle facades much more economically. In addition, installation times can be drastically reduced due to ingenious and efficient systems of production. Braun & Wurfele...

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Catalog 2020 - 11

Black Forest | Innovation NEW: Junior sound protection fence, horizontal diamond profile, p. 60 NEW: Swedish fire log, wooden base Douglas fir/larch, p. 98

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Catalog 2020 - 12

Sight and wind protection Rest, protection, comfort– ambience. Wishes and needs in increasingly • ensely settled residential and business areas d • Increasingly small properties • igher traffic density and noise around our own H living space Individually and attractively designable sight and wind protection fences meet the important functions for the very personal garden area. Unobtrusively transparent, closed, diversely c ombinable with lattices, pergolas or pavilio

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