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Interiors with Personality - 6

MAYA Armchair, LURAY Side Table

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Interiors with Personality - 8

ABOUT BRABBU BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. With a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting and softgoods, and through design, we pass on a unique experience in every product we design and handcraft. Every day our tribe of designers and craftsmen search for the most high-quality materials and innovative techniques to bring the comfort, functionality and personality your space deserves. BRABBU is nature’s child, we remember our wildness, and thus we reinvent all the forces of...

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Interiors with Personality - 9

1. Multi-Category Furnishings: Casegoods, upholstery, lighting, rugs and softgoods 2. Wide Range of Products to furnish any room: Residential: living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway, office, library, dressing room, kitchen, entryway | Public: restaurant, bar, hotel lobby, hotel bedroom, hotel hallway, retail 3. Versatile Design For Different Styles and Tastes: Classic, Contemporary, Mid-Century, Eclectic and Modern 4. Product Families: KOI family, IBIS family, VELLUM family and more 5. Carefully Designed & Handcrafted Products 6. Multiple Customisation Options: 35 different materials &...

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Interiors with Personality - 10

e live in a material world, the strength of the oceans, of the soil and volcanoes. where old values are rapidly We believe in every force of nature as a rhythm, a heartbeat. Harmonise your stressful life drums with homes with mass production our own beat and feel revitalised every time you get furniture, furniture that has home. We believe that all of the world’s memories no personality or uniqueness. We have the same are inside nature and cultures. As time passes, the furniture as millions of other houses in the world. trees gain rings and we gain wrinkles. All these wrinkles represent a...

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Interiors with Personality - 11

KAROO Bar Chair, AGRA Bar Table, SHAKA Wall Light

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Interiors with Personality - 12

DESIGN, CRAFTSMANSHIP, INNOVATION: HAND IN HAND BRABBU is more than a brand: it is the result of passion and commitment to design, the highest standards in materials and quality. Inspired by the world cultures and nature, and driven by craftsmanship and innovation. The almost exclusively handcrafted production and the close relation between designers and craftsmen adds bigger value to the products, placing BRABBU in a competitive position in the market, especially for those who look for meaningful products beyond functionality. Knowledge meets creativity: BRABBU has the social...

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Interiors with Personality - 13


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Interiors with Personality - 14

IDENTIFY YOUR DESIGN STYLE THE STYLES Your design style is a reflection of what you are. Home is the place where you can express yourself without limitations. Combine the two to achieve a tailored interior design project. Choose from five different styles: Classic, Contemporary, Mid-Century, Eclectic and Modern. IDENTIFY YOUR DESIGN STYLE

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Interiors with Personality - 15

1. KAYAN Mirror; 2. Abstract art by The Arte 123 - Blog; 3. IGUAZO Armchair; 4. CAY Side table; 5. MAREE Sofa; 6. ARDARA Console; 7. Watercolor flower print: “Indigo Blossoms” by KarenFaulkner Studio; 8. HABIBIB Rug by RUG’SOCIETY; 9. NAICCA Suspension light CLASSIC Timeless and aesthetic appeal, iconic, provokes a nostalgic feeling. Inspired by the 18th and 19th-century European decor, it is an enduring style that exemplifies elegance and comfort. Classic Style is perfect for those who love antiques, classic art pieces, symmetry and other design elements which are rich in history. The...

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Interiors with Personality - 16

1. SAYA mirror; 2. HANOI screen; 3.Illustration by Eric Fischl; 4. SIKA RARE I armchair; 5. CYPRES floor light; 6. ERUPTION wall fire; 7. TACCA center table; 8. Illustration by Kitty Sabatier; 9. VELLUM wall light; 10.Ilustration by Satsuki Shibuya CONTEMPORARY The word contemporary means ‘of the moment’, making the style really hard to define. Dating back to the 1970s, this style is unique because it borrows elements from many other movements and styles. In it, you can see inclinations to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design. A contemporary design style of decoration is...

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Interiors with Personality - 17

1. HAIKU Mirror; 2. DELPHI Screen; 3. NAMIB 2 seat sofa; 4. SEQUOIA Center table; 5. Illustration by Kim Knoll; 6. PADAUNG Stool; 7. HUANG Sideboard; 8. CAY Wall light; 9.Illustration by Kim Knoll ECLECTIC Eclectic Style decoration movement started with the Fine Arts and Architecture, whose artists pride themselves in not adhering to any particular style. Eclectic Style may seem unattained, however, eclectic spaces celebrate the harmonising of seemingly disparate styles, textures and colours. Eclectic Style is a mix of high and low, rugged and luxed, bold and quiet. It reflects confidence...

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Interiors with Personality - 18

1. KAAMOS Mirror; 2. Illustration by Isabella Pavanati; 3. Texture by Pratt Larson; 4. CANYON Screen; 5. HONEYCOMB BLUE Geometric Pillow; 6. TIMBERLINE YELLOW Geometric Pillow; 7. MAYA 2 seat sofa; 8. SIMBA rug by RUG’SOCIETY MID-CENTURY The movement started around 1933 and lasted until 1965, growing out of the early-20th-century Modernism. It uses expanses of glass, flat plans and a strong connection to nature. Mid-Century Style has organic influences, simple forms, emphasis on function, with simplicity and fine craftsmanship, peg legs and hardware. The colour palette ranges from bright...

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Interiors with Personality - 19

1. HULI I Mirror; 2. NAZCA Sideboard; 3. NAJ Restfoot; 4. GRASBERG Fire Pit by FOOGO; 5. NAU Sofa; 6. Minimal geometric composition by Tilman 7. CYRUS Wall light MODERN Design movement that began in the 20th Century. Modern Style furnishings and decor celebrate natural materials, neutral or earthy colours, and the elimination of unnecessary detailing. It uses monochromatic colours whilst Contemporary style has a wide range and variety of colours. The typical characteristics - mainly structural elements (concrete and beams) are often left exposed; emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines...

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Interiors with Personality - 20

CHOOSE YOUR ACCENT FURNITURE THE STYLE FORMULA Once you have identified your style, you can start selecting your accent furniture. These products will be the focal point of your room and lead all the design choices. Use our style formula to help you decide. MAYA Armchair CHOSE YOUR ACCENT FURNITURE

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