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Collected Interiors - 4

e live in a material world, the strength of the oceans, of the soil and volcanoes. where old values are rapidly We believe in every force of nature as a rhythm, a heartbeat. Harmonise your stressful life drums with homes with mass production our own beat and feel revitalised every time you get furniture, furniture that has home. We believe that all of the world’s memories no personality or uniqueness. We have the same are inside nature and cultures. As time passes, the furniture as millions of other houses in the world. trees gain rings and we gain wrinkles. All these wrinkles represent a...

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Collected Interiors - 5

DESIGN, CRAFTSMANSHIP, INNOVATION: HAND IN HAND BRABBU is more than a brand: it is the result of passion and commitment to design, the highest standards in materials and quality. Inspired by the world cultures and nature, and driven by craftsmanship and innovation. The almost exclusively handcrafted production and the close relation between designers and craftsmen adds bigger value to the products, placing BRABBU in a competitive position in the market, especially for those who look for meaningful products beyond functionality. Knowledge meets creativity: BRABBU has the social...

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Collected Interiors - 6

AMIK Table Light, HUANG Sideboard and OCLI Rug by Rug’Society. ABOUT BRABBU

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Collected Interiors - 7

CAY Wall Light, HELIOS Mirror and BRYCE I Console. A hallway is not a mere corridor to lead to other places, a hall is important for the house and they deserve design attention, even with colour choice. The hallways can set the tone for the rest of your house, from colours to decoration. It is one of the most important places to insert personality and boldness, so it can grab the much-deserved attention and help with our own mood. A perfect hallway with metallic tones and with a simple colour spread. The HELIOS Mirror invokes the feeling of grandeur with the help of the CAY Wall Light....

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Collected Interiors - 8


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Collected Interiors - 9

ARDARA II CONSOLE Dolmens are ancient stone monuments from the Neolithic period. These unique structures were the inspiration behind the ARDARA Console Table. With a finish in Sahara Noir faux-marble painting glossy, this console table will give a unique twist to any interior design. ARDARA II Console, HULI Round Mirror and GOBI Rug. ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS

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Collected Interiors - 10

ELLA Puff by Maison Valentina and INKAGE Rug by Rug’Society. Hallway design in an array of cold colours in muted hues gives us the opportunity to keep our home colourful, relaxing and embracing. Hallway decoration is not always easy, being an extension of an entryway or even as a wide passage away between divisions, hallways have significant importance in keeping the design flowing, in keeping them warm and comfortable. The image on top has the marvellous ELLA Puff by Maison Valentina, upholstered in velvet making it a comfortable addition to this hallway design, which alongside the...

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Collected Interiors - 11

HELIOS Mirror, AURUM Wall Light XL, NANOOK Dining Chair, ARDARA II Console and CHROMA Rug by Rug’Society. ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS 1. HELIOS Mirror 2. AURUM Wall Light XL 3. NANOOK Dining Chair 4. ARDARA II Console 5. CHROMA Rug by Rug’Society ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS

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Collected Interiors - 12

CYRUS Wall Light, BARAKA Sideboard and WHITE GARDEN Rug by Rug’Society. Hallways are those beautiful connecting spaces that you can in need of light, so our hallway interior decor has to fulfil the use to fill your home with more decor, with more class, with more missing aspects of a big and luminous space or a small and dark elegance. By acting as, either the extension of an entryway or one. A contemporary hallway featuring our NUI Stool and the a link between divisions, hallways have to continue the design splendid KUMI Rectangular Mirror. The image on the right has the aesthetic chosen for...

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Collected Interiors - 13


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Collected Interiors - 14

COLOSSEUM II Console, CYRUS Double Wall Light, SAYA Mirror and DISRUPTION Rug by Rug’Society. ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS DUKONO Armchair, KOI Side Table and MACUSHI Round Rug. ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS

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Collected Interiors - 15

ECLIPSE Wall Light. Hallway design is a continuation of our interior design, having the necessity of connecting all rooms with its own design. By acting as, either the extension of an entryway or a link between divisions, hallways have to continue the design aesthetic chosen for the rest of the house. Hallways come in all shapes and sizes, colours, so when we think about decorating this space. The hallway on top has the amazing ECLIPSE Wall Light and the one on the right, we have an elegant hallway composed of CYGNUS Display and SHIELD Mirror by Maison Valentina. These two modern minimal...

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Collected Interiors - 16

BATAK Armchair, LATZA Side Table, CALLA Table Light, VELLUM Pendant Light and LOLA Rug by Rug’Society. KAYAN Mirror, ARUNA Wall Light, BASTEI Console and CELL Rug by Rug’Society. ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS

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Collected Interiors - 17

HULI MIRROR Huli is a tribe from Papua New Guinea known for painting their faces yellow, red and white to impress the enemy. This ritual was the inspiration behind the HULI Round Mirror, made of matte casted brass. More than a wall mirror, it is a decorative item that will shine on any wall. HULI Round Mirror, OTTAWA Sofa and IMPERIAL SNAKE Rug by Rug’Society. ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS ENTRYWAYS & HALLWAYS

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Collected Interiors - 18

BYRCE II Console, NOAKI Stool and MIRA Rug by Rug’Society. Sometimes entryways can be very small and others very big, nonetheless, regardless of the shape and size your space may take, sometimes all it needs is a console table or a unique item of furniture, a coat hanger or a boot tray to keep both function and efficiency without losing comfort and warmth. Just because space is functional does not need to sacrifice the embracing of your guests. This modern hallway interior is full of colour, light and sophistication which are reflected by the luxurious MIRA Rug by Rug’Society, the unique BRYCE...

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