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b( >ver Euroluce 2019 Press Dossier

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Euroluce 2019 - 2

In Bover we have been working for years with the idea of contributing in the improvement of space; trying to solve the lighting needs in the most natural way that, as users, we consider to be the most relevant. We are interested in the constant search for timelessness as a concept and at the same time, we try to maintain a balance between trends and the material culture that surrounds and influences us. That soft and discreet line that separates and positions us in front of the others and makes us feel different when we enter our homes, our favourite spaces. In short, in our world. The...

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Euroluce 2019 - 3

b( >ver barcelona lights

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Euroluce 2019 - 4

barcelona lights

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Euroluce 2019 - 5

Maybe because we are from the Mediterranean; the outdoors are one of the areas in which Bover is best known. Thanks to their highly decorative look, the Outdoor collections can equally be placed both in exterior and interior environments to create a surrounding comfort. In addition to design, their strong durability make them perfect also for commercial spaces. Their versatility is remarkable making these products unique in exterior solutions. This collection’s common denominator is the combination of resistance and sensitivity. Resistance since it is designed to be able to live...

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Euroluce 2019 - 6

by Alex Fernandez Camps | Gonzalo Mila, 2019 The Amphora collection was designed to create warm environments for the outdoors. However, thanks to its highly decorative appearance, the Amphoras are perfectly integrated both indoors as well as outside. Its shape and size pay a subtle and discreet tribute to the terracotta amphoras that were used in the past for food storage. The dimensions of this family of lamps are large, designed for big spaces. For this reason and collecting the feedback of our customers, we decided to expand the family with a new smaller size, suitable smaller spaces...

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Euroluce 2019 - 7

barcelona lights

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Euroluce 2019 - 8

by Alex Fernandez Camps | Gonzalo Mila, 2019 Garota, inspired by the shell of a sea urchin, offers us a warm and diffused light; wrapped in organic shapes, rounded and subtle; designed to accompany us in interior and exterior areas indistinctly. We expanded the collection with a Garota garland that will bring warm light to those summer evenings in terraces and gardens. lx >ver barcelona lights

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Euroluce 2019 - 10

Sisal wall lamps were born with the idea of being able to combine with Bover's Outdoor products. The same language, the same organic and handmade expression that characterizes most of our exterior collections, hand-woven with recyclable synthetic fibers and with quality finishes that give the outdoors fixures their own identity. "I like that outdoor sconces are a new opportunity to offer a welcome light that is warm and, in a way, traditional", said Joana. Thanks to its size and the materials used, they are highly decorative because they give the product a timeless, serene and Mediterranean...

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Euroluce 2019 - 12

By Alex Fernandez Camps, 2019 The Tria are one of the most beautiful products and receives much positive response from our catalog. For this reason we decided to take them a little further so as to now included them within our gardens, terraces and open spaces, both public or private. Their organic forms, like worn out river stones, make them a singular and original object. As opposed to the Tria indoor, the outdoor cannot be installed in a modular way due to its IP-66 protection. They are individual luminaires. They are available in two sizes and two finishes, graphite brown aluminum sheet...

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Euroluce 2019 - 16

At Bover we believe that the right combination of design and technical development is crucial to the development of a successful product. We like to say that we create “heart made contemporary design lighting pieces”. Contemporary because they are pieces that know how to maintain the balance between quality and shapes giving way to products that will remain actual in the future. Made with the heart because we love to take care of every detail. barcelona lights

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Euroluce 2019 - 17

by Benedetta Tagliabue & Joana Bover, 2019 From the beginning of the creation of the Dome, we knew that sooner or later we should expand the collection with smaller versions that allow us to create lighter spaces. Under these premises were born the Domitas, lamps made with thin wooden slats that converge between them, forming a small dome that keeps inside the LED source. The Domita was intended as individual elements, which, combined with each other, allow us to build large formats of lamps, cascades of light that can generate multiple applications according to the project needs. There are...

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Euroluce 2019 - 18

by Benedetta Tagliabue & Joana Bover, 2019

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Euroluce 2019 - 22

The new polycarbonate shade of the Drip collection is designed to be used in commercial applications. Hotels, restaurants or public areas where friction or the possibility of breakage is a relevant risk. The Drip in polycarbonate, are the same as the rest of their peers made in glass; They are simple, discreet and minimalist. If you touch them, it's hard to know which is which. They come in a matte finish. Until now, all of the Drip and Drop pendant lamps fell in circular cascades. On this occasion, we are increasing the possibilities by adding to the collection a multiple linear suspension...

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Euroluce 2019 - 24

By Alex Fernandez Camps, 2019 The Mediterrania lamp is an ode to the light, the Mediterranean breeze and smell. A soft wave of ribbon that pays homage to our Mediterranean light, so heterogeneous throughout the day; that light that always combines bright flashes with very warm beams, especially in the sunrise and sunset. Architecturally speaking, Mediterrania is a lamp that serenely participates in spaces. When it’s on, it brings a light with a natural sensation, very light, friendly and habitable. Its curves and material make it a non-invasive object, soft, simple and openly welcoming. Its...

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Euroluce 2019 - 27

The Mod seeks its inspiration in the nature, as it can be grouped to form a garden of possibilities through the finishes of the clusters of flowers. The petals of its flowers are customizable, being able to adapt to almost all types of materials; Plates smooth, perforated, deployed or drawn and laser cut according to the agenda you want to use. They also accept natural materials, such as wood panels or natural fibers such as raffia and if we let our imagination fly, we can sew or crochet them with colored thread. The Mod was born for the interior creators to let them fly-The luminary is...

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