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Decorative Lighting Architectural Lighting Outdoor Lighting

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Decorative lighting Suspension lamps Floor lamps Table lamps Ceiling lamps Wall lamps System lamps Architectural lighting Outdoor lighting

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El sabor de nuestra tierra y sus tradiciones Der Geschmack unseres Landes und unserer Traditionen The essence of our land and its traditions We work from an enclave located in the heart of nature, where we combine innovation and tradition with an offer that fuses technology with the best artwork. We are deeply rooted in our environment. We are heirs to the traditional values of our land and to the best of its industrial character, such as commitment and satisfaction in the face of a job well done. Producimos desde un enclave situado en plena naturaleza, donde aunamos innovación y tradición...

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General catalogue - 9

Commitment to what is natural Our environment has given us everything and, to preserve this tremendous asset, we comply with the highest standards of production control and waste management. Ninety per cent of the raw materials we use are of Spanish origin and we use wood from controlled forests that meet the sustainability criteria established by the PEFC. This is just a small example of the many measures that we have taken to raise B.lux to the level of an industry with a present and future committed to nature. Nuestro entorno nos lo ha dado todo, y para preservar ese inmenso valor,...

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General catalogue - 10

Control, confianza y esfuerzo Kontrolle, Vertrauen und Anstrengung Control, trust and effort Our products are distributed in 65 countries on five continents. This outstanding international presence is possible thanks to the rigorous control of the manufacturing and distribution processes to which we subject our luminaires, allowing them to meet and exceed the most demanding quality standards. We are committed to long-lasting relationships based on trust between manufacturer and customer. Our success is based on a slow growth, sustained over time, which advances with secure steps. There are...

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General catalogue - 12

#berespectful As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, we have developed a comprehensive plan that establishes and fosters our key targets for sustainable development. #berespectful embodies our commitment to the environment, innovation, the social and economic scene and product quality. Dentro de nuestra política de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE), hemos desarrollado un plan integral que ampara y potencia nuestros principales objetivos de desarrollo sostenible. #berespectful es un compromiso con el medioambiente, la innovación, el entorno social y económico, y...

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General catalogue - 13

1. Our products are made with recycled material and are recyclable. 2. We participate in the circular economy producing products that have a long life. 3. 100% of our electrical consumption comes from renewable sources. 4. Day after day, we fight to reduce our carbon footprint. This is why we implement policies to keep waste to a minimum, recycle and use recycled materials. 5. We promote innovation and incorporate technological advances in order to grow and help our community grow as well. 6. We support the local industry. Our suppliers are European and many of them live in our region. 7....

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General catalogue - 14

Carlos Serra David Abad Collaboration with top external designers has always been a cornerstone of our trajectory and growth. This strategy, which is widespread today, was not so common in the early 80s, when we embarked on our first collaborative experience with Guillermo Capdevilla, who designed the successful B.lux System. Since then, we have focused on channelling the creative wealth of established professionals and talented up-andcoming designers with a view to offering a coherent, innovative and up-to-the-minute product range. La colaboración con diseñadores externos de primer orden...

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General catalogue - 15

Gemma Bernal Héctor Fernández Jorge Pensi Josep Lluis Xuclà Manel Ybargüengoitia Mario Ruiz Martínez y Soler Arquitectos Miguel Ángel Ciganda Miguel Herranz Stone Designs Werner Aisslinger

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General catalogue - 16

Decorative lighting Decorative lighting Suspension lamps Suspension lamps Aspen S Aspen Aspen S Castle S Castle Castle S C_Ball S C_Ball C_Ball S Centra S/Minicentra S Centra / Minicentra Centra S/Minicentra S Clon S Clon Clon S Cone Light S Cone Light Cone Light S Ginkgo S Ginkgo Ginkgo S Globe S Globe Globe S Ilde S Ilde Ilde S Ilde Max S Ilde Max Ilde Max S Ireland S Ireland Ireland S Keshi S Keshi Keshi S Lite Hole S Lite Hole Lite Hole S Lite Square S Lite Square Lite Square S Bowee S/SH Bowee Bowee S/SH

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General catalogue - 17

Suspension lamps Tree Series S Tree Series p. 120 p. 94

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Decorative lighting Floor lamps Blux System Blux System F

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Decorative lighting Table lamps Blux System T Blux System Misko Camp

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General catalogue - 20

Decorative lighting Ceiling lamps Lite Hole C/W Lite Hole Lite Square C/W Lite Square Tree Series C Tree Series Blux System C Blux System

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General catalogue - 21

Decorative lighting Decorative lighting Wall lamps Blux System Blux System W Cone Light Cone Light W Nora Nora

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Decorative lighting System lamps C_Ball System

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General catalogue - 24

Architectural lighting Anvil System Anvil LedLed Module Anvil Module R2/R4 Anvil SpotSpot Anvil CR/S/SR Anvil Slim Spot CR Anvil Spot Slim Anvil Point Deep Cove System Deep System

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Outdoor lighting Speers Outdoor Speers Outdoor W1 / Bollard

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General catalogue - 26

Decorative lighting

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General catalogue - 30

Aspen by Werner Aisslinger Decorative lighting Suspension lamps Luminaria de suspensión de doble pantalla disponible en tres formatos (S17A, S17B y S40). Disponible con pantalla de aluminio en diferentes acabados mate: grey, snow, lemon, mango, clear turquoise, aqua, merlot, river, sea, rose, limestone, black y latón. Todas las pantallas son combinables entre sí. Luz directa y difusa. Hängeleuchte mit doppeltem Schirm, verfügbar in drei Formaten (S17A, S17B und S40). Verfügbar mit einem Aluminiumschirm in drei verschiedenen Ausfertigungen in matt: grey, snow, lemon, mango, clear turquoise,...

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General catalogue - 33

Decorative lighting Suspension lamps ASPEN S17BS17B / ASPEN S17BS17B (E27) ASPEN LED LED / ASPEN (E27) ASPEN S17AS17A / ASPEN S17AS17A (E27) ASPEN LED LED / ASPEN (E27) SEE ONLINE COLOR CONFIGURATOR   Clear turquoise (matte)

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