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The 2023 Collection - 7

INTRODUCING BLOMUS blomus is synonymous with intelligent, minimalist, and functional design for the contemporary home. Founded in 1961 and rooted in the German tradition of exceptional quality and highly skilled craftsmanship, the family-owned brand has built its success on the firm belief in honesty of materials, purity of shape and a passionate approach. blomus steht für durchdachtes, minimalistisches und funktionales Design für modernes Wohnen. Gegründet im Jahr 1961 und ganz der deutschen Tradition höchster Qualitäts- und Fertigungskompetenz verbunden, begründet sich der Erfolg der...

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The 2023 Collection - 8

A PLACE CALLED HOME What is a home? While the dictionary definition may be straightforward and simple, to most people the meaning is intriguingly more complex. Home is not solely about the physicality of a building, space or structure; rather, it represents an emotional sentiment. Home can be the arms of the person you feel closest to, or it can be a community that includes you when you most need it. Home can be the intangible feeling you get in a certain space; a distinct sense of peace and belonging, or a natural inclination to just sit down and ’be’. But even though home may not always...

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The 2023 Collection - 12

KASCHKASCH The German design studio kaschkasch was established in 2011 by Florian Kallus (born 1983) and Sebastian Schneider (born 1985). Since then, the two designers have been a strong voice on the international design scene. The duo works within the creative fields of art direction, furniture and lighting design, servicing a number of international brands. Kaschkasch is primarily known for simple yet refined designs, and for Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider’s continuous exploration of the interplay between functionality and beauty. Das deutsche Designbüro kaschkasch wurde 2011 von...

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The 2023 Collection - 13


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The 2023 Collection - 15

LIVING ESSENTIALS P L E A S E TA K E A S E AT When Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, the duo behind German design studio kaschkasch, started out designing a new upholstered stand-alone sofa for blomus, their very first thought was to create an explicitly positive piece of furniture. Ideally, the sofa should be an open invitation to relax, and it should instantly remind you of long, lazy weekends or holidays with no particular purpose other than to de-stress. Now, the upshot of their creative endeavour has arrived: the Lua sofa. A cosy and comfortable piece of modern furniture, Lua...

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The 2023 Collection - 16

M O D E S T B E AU T Y The simple beauty of the perfect hyperrectangle! Sometimes there is no need to overcomplicate things, and the new Goba table by blomus is the perfect example of such a no-nonsense approach to furniture design. Goba is launched in two sizes, both made in oak veneer, and with its almost invisible stand, that creates the impression of a wooden block that appears to be floating lightly above the ground. Despite the obvious volume of the piece, its construction suggests an intriguing lightness. Giving a nod to both Scandinavia and Japan in its aesthetic, the pair of simple...

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The 2023 Collection - 17


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The 2023 Collection - 18


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The 2023 Collection - 20

Tasi: Mura, Cloud

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The 2023 Collection - 21

LIVING ESSENTIALS R O B I N S C H O LT Y S I K Originally trained as a carpenter, German designer Robin Scholtysik (born 1991) has an eye for construction and a natural curiosity when it comes to almost any raw material, and on top of this, he has that vital passion for experimenting and challenging conventions that makes a great designer. In 2017, Scholtysik finalised his studies in design at the Academy of Design in Münster, alongside his master’s in carpentry. During his education, he focused mainly on furniture design and developed his now renowned appetite for experimenting with...

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The 2023 Collection - 22

LIVING ESSENTIALS A TA B L E S T O R Y The traditional Japanese artform origami was the creative point of departure for German designer Robin Scholtysik when he designed his new side table for blomus – named Oru. Based on the precise folding of intricate figures out of paper, the table consists of thin, powder-coated, steel sheets which – when put together – create a three-dimensional shape, while cut-out joints reveal important little details, such as opposing radii and delicately curved interfaces. The construction of Oru is just as smart and simple as its design. The table can be...

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The 2023 Collection - 23

Tasi: Boucla, Beige

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The 2023 Collection - 24

LIVING ESSENTIALS WEICHE WERTE From jacquard to chenille, denim to herringbone, velvet to chambray, fabrics bring visual and physical texture to any interior. Though they may not be your first consideration when decorating a new space or refurbishing an old one, little else will feel as essential as a warm blanket or a soft cushion when winter comes knocking or during those long summer nights on the balcony or terrace. And aside from the practical considerations, the right textiles will accentuate tactility and add colour, bringing that cosy atmosphere to any space and making you feel right...

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The 2023 Collection - 27

LIVING ESSENTIALS FROM FRANCE WITH LOVE It is bouclé’s unique weaving process that gives this luxurious textile its stylish and sophisticated aesthetic. Its rich history is rooted in Europe; bouclé is derived from the French word boucler, meaning to curl. It refers both to the yarn, which is made from a series of variously sized looped fibres, and to the textured fabric woven with the yarn, which has a curly, knotted finish and is exceptionally soft. Bouclé was widely used as upholstery in mid-century modern furniture design and in European high fashion; indeed, Coco Chanel included the...

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The 2023 Collection - 29

SAMTIGES WUNDER From the lavish palace interiors of England’s extravagant Henry VIII in the early sixteenth century to the decadent homes of the grooving urban youth of the late 1970s, velvet has been present through it all. Its history is as rich and diverse as any, and to this day the soft textile oozes luxury and abundance whether used in fashion or interiors. Von den verschwenderischen dekorierten Palästen des extravaganten Henry VIII. im frühen sechzehnten Jahrhundert bis hin zu den dekadenten Häusern der groovy urbanen Jugend der späten 1970er Jahre - Samt war immer präsent. Seine...

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