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BISOL 1200 OFF-GRID SYSTEM For energy independence anywhere in the world. Solar company!

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BISOL off-grid system Have your own source of green electrical energy. An off-grid system is a solar photovoltaic power plant not connected to the electricity grid. By utilizing solar batteries, it can power electric appliances when there is no sun, allowing you to be energy independent. All the electricity generated is solely for the user’s own consumption. An off-grid photovoltaic (PV) system can reduce your electricity bill, but more importantly it allows you to produce electricity even when there is no access to the electricity grid. Off-grid systems are particularly suitable for...

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BISOL 1200 off-grid system System operation BISOL 1200 off-grid system is suitable for small consumers, ensuring the comfort of energy independency. When the amount of electricity produced exceeds the electricity consumed, the surplus electricity is used to charge the batteries. When there is not enough electricity produced to meet the consumers’ demand the batteries provide the electricity needed. In real-life conditions the system operates in three different operation modes: Regular operation mode: assumes a partial day and night distribution of the consumer’s activity. Autonomous...

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Upgrading your off-grid system We offer different system upgrade options to suit specific customer needs. Replacing the modules with BISOL 251Wp monocrystalline ► Elegant and aesthetically pleasing dark PV modules ► 11% higher energy yield ► 11 % faster battery charging time ► Facilitates the connection of additional batteries ► Increased system performance stability One or two additional BISOL PV modules ► 50% or 100% higher energy yield ► 50% or 100% faster battery charging time ► Possibility to connect two additional batteries without prolonging battery charging time Increased battery...

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Off-grid system application Customers can choose between different types of mounting structure depending on roof type. BISOL EasyMount hanger bolt Trapezoidal or corrugated metal sheet roof Steel, wooden or concrete roof support structure BISOL EasyMount roof hook Tiles Wooden roof support structure Recommended for higher wind loads BISOL EasyMount bracket BISOL EasyMount HDPE base 125 Trapezoidal metal sheet roof with insulation Recommended for lower wind loads Flat roof Ground mounting Manually adjustable to follow the sun’s movement Easily stored when not in use Practical advice The...

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