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Premium power from the sun! Solar company! EN

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Dr. Uros Merc, BISOL’s Founder, President and CEO The vision that has always appeared impossible has now become a reality in its full extent. The sun is the most self-sufficient and effective source of energy and, considering the long existence of mankind, it is an inexhaustible source of energy that has determined our past and will shape our future. The visionary and progressive thinking of BISOL is manifested through its supreme quality, rounding up the integral offer of prime essential benefit – green electricity!

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BISOL is an innovative and ambitious company with rich international experience in manufacturing the core elements of solar power plants - the premium quality crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules. The widely representative state-of-the-art technology recognizes BISOL as a worldwide top quality customer-oriented company. Permanent investments into its further development dictate the future of the photovoltaic industry. In its aspiration for sustainable energy supply, BISOL accelerates technological innovations by industry-led research and development of photovoltaic technology offering...

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Photovoltaic modules manufactured by BISOL are the result of intensive research and development by BISOL’s highly skilled personnel, with their comprehensive mastery of professional know-how. Premium quality photovoltaic modules are engineered in-house and manufactured within a state-of-the-art automated production environment delivering the highest power output and energy yield. Customer response is very important to BISOL, as its laboratory experts are constantly working on new technological innovations to help fulfill customer specific photovoltaic technology needs. With this in mind,...

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BISOL focuses every single of its efforts on reaching maximal profitability for its customers. Because of their highest energy yield and long-term performance, BISOL photovoltaic power plants offer a highly profitable return on investment that strongly outweighs the initial cost of the investment. © February 2011, BISOL, d.o.o. All rights reserved. All information presented in this documentis subject to change without prior notice. BISOL POWER PLANTS Other R&D projects

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Corporate brochure - 7 BISOL, d.o.o. Latkova vas 59a 3312 Prebold SLOVENIA T: +386 3 703 22 50 F: +386 3 703 22 63 BISOL Sarl Savoie-Technolac 17, Avenue du Lac Léman 73372 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex FRANCE T: +33 4 79 44 85 91 F: +33 4 79 44 85 91 BISOL bvba Ambachtenlaan 54 3001 Leuven BELGIUM BISOL s.r.l. Via Bonazzi 5 40013 Castel Maggiore (BO) ITALY T: + 32 16 39 15 60 F: + 32 16 39 15 66 T: +39 333 816 8175

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