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*1 Further information on our guarantee terms and conditions can be found at website Modern 1design for all requirements The BetteSelect bath series combines clear, tasteful design with a high level of comfort, flexibility and abundant creative freedom. At an attractive price. Like all our products the BetteSelect series is made exclusively in the natural materials glass and steel. The result? Our high-quality products in glazed titanium steel last longer than other materials and are the best choice for the bathroom. Which comes with our 30-year guarantee. Dirt and bacteria...

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Elegance to the power of two. BetteSelect Duo The Duo version is the perfect bath for two. The symmetrical shape and the two comfortable backrests guarantee a perfect relaxation experience. The central position of the outlet makes it particularly comfortable for bathing a deux.

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The all-rounder for bathing and showering. BetteSelect Key features of the single bath are the elegant shape with the striking head and foot end and comfortable backrest. Thanks to the offset position of the outlet, it can also be used as a shower with a generous standing area. You can choose between having the overflow on the side or at the foot end.

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Product overview Colour variety Sanitary colours - an extract of more than 400 colours Bahama beige Jasmin Moss Green Bali Brown For quick and safe installation we recommend mounting with the original accessories from Bette: Bath foot universal B23-1500 @ @ @ • • • Green Misty Blau Caramel Violet • Calypso 011 • Sorento Blue 067 BetteSelect, Overflow front @ L x W x D; lying dimensions: Item no. Waste- and overflow fitting 0 52 mm, 1070 mm B603- © Waste- and overflow fitting 0 52 mm, 560 mm B600- @ Waste- and overflow fitting 0 52 mm, 725 mm B602- @ Sealing System B57-0372 @ (2 3) Sealing...

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Bette GmbH & Co. KG Heinrich-Bette-Straße 1 33129 Delbrück Germany T +49 5250 511–0 F +49 5250 511–130 international@bette

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