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BERGO ULTIMATE™ – A NEW GENERATION OF SPORTS FLOORING bergo SportS FloorING™ Professional ECO-friendly all-weather courts World leader in multifunctional floor tiles. The original since 19

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Uninspiring & dull surfaces don’t encourage to exercise and play... Image of reality. Uninspiring dull surfaces don’t encourage people to exercise. Attract children and young people to be more physically active. HEALTHIER and HAPPIER children, parents, school and community. Accessible and inspiring activity spaces that encourages all people to sport and play with no need for booked training times. Especially not children and youngsters. In the digital era with smartphones and tablets, we need to make it fun and alluring to become more active. • Better health and better school results. •...

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Colorful courts encourage play, movement & socialization. WISH - an environmentally sustainable solution from Bergo that contributes to better health and integration, worldwide.

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Bergo sports flooring advantages • Approved and certified by FIBA, EN14877 and ITF. • Strong and easy mounted floors. • Fast makeover/installation without tools. No chemicals or glue. • Draining and ventilating - no puddles! • Smart accessories: Line strips (50 mm) - less or no painting. • Integrated expansion solution - allows the floor to move freely. • Portable • Long lifetime - 15 years warranty. • No micro plastics, emissions or migrating particles during use or production. • 100% re

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 6

BERGO ULTIMATE™ range The Ultimate™ (System4-series) offers sports flooring with easy installation without hammer, 200% faster installation compared to many other floor tiles, integrated expansion solution and built-in lines. Less painting! Ultimate is available in two versions, Bergo Ultimate ™ and Bergo Ultimate Plus ™, specially developed to meet different needs. Underside BERGO ULTIMATE™, 375 x 375 x 12 mm SYSTEM 4, ART NO. 113__95X BERGO ULTIMATE PLUS™, 375 x 375 x 12 mm SYSTEM 4, ART NO. 113__96X BERGO ULTIMATE PLUS™ Bergo Ultimate™ is an all-round sports tile for most sports. Bergo...

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 10

Bergo Sports Flooring offers a perforated pattern and the underneath design allow excellent drainage capability, which will make the court dry quickly after rain. No puddles! Playing areas • Multi-sport court • Basketball & 3X3 • Futsal/football • Inline-hockey • Practice area for off-ice/hockey • Pickleball • Badminton • Tennis • POP-tennis • Volleyball • Floorball • Handball • Field hockey • Netball • Aerobics • Playground Withstand all climates and environments For indoor and outdoor use Easy to install - No chemicals, glue and tools. Easy to move. Requires minimal maintenance Ergonomic...

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 11

BERGO MAKES PEOPLE PLAY! BERGO is an ideal solution for on/off arrangements, such as special events, shows and exhibitions where you need to install and remove the flooring quickly. BERGO is widely used in various floorball and inline tournaments and recommended by several sports federations. bergo sports floor quickly transforms any facility to a sports hall

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 12

healthier and happier people! Successful outdoor courts construction program Bergo Flooring is a proud sports flooring supplier to the large project when the Hungarian government and the National Handball Federation sponsored the project to increase the availability of sports and health in schools and public places. The public Bergo sport courts are widely used for any game and attracts to play!

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 13

one floor – many possibilities!

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 15

Uppsala Summer Zone Bergo Sports Flooring transforms any dull area to an attractive alluring sports surface! An impressive facility that Uppsala municipality offers its residents with seven attractive Bergo Sports Courts at Uppsala Summer Zone.✨

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 16

fast, economicAL solution Bergo Sports Flooring is easy to lay and can be placed on an existing surface without fasteners such as glue, screws or nails. SUBFLOOR Concrete or asphalt as sub ground is recommended, but Bergo Sports Flooring can also be installed on hard compressed sand / stone powder. Asphalt Bergo Geotextile Hard compressed stone powder 3 cm Macadam 10 - 32 mm Macadam 32-63 mm Concrete Drainage Pipe quick installation Bergo Sports Flooring can as an option be supplied as pre-assembled sheets or/and as single tiles, which means that the floor can be laid very quickly. We offer...

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 18

TEMPORARY FLOORS BERGO solid™ Strong, flexible and easy mounted Bergo solid can be applied to difficult and insufficient areas such as sand, soil, grass and ice. Suitable for: As subfloor for sport arenas. Protection of existing surfaces. Events on ice. Outdoor events and concert venues. Warehouses and tents. Temporary parking lots, e.g. in connection with events. Temporary roads that also allows heavy vehicles (e.g. building/construction works). Time of installation/person approx. 100 m2/h BERGO SOLID Basic™ • Material: HDPE • Colour: Black

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 19

We care about people and planet • Clean, non-hazardous materials* - No Bisphenols, No Phthalates/softeners • Natural color pigments • 100% recyclable material *Our Raw material is actually so good, that it is approved to be in direct contact with food (FDA-approved). *To make sure our products are as good as we claim, we let the Governmental controlled Swedish Chemicals Agency review us and our products. Recycle / Reuse • Reuse the present product in new locations / 2nd hand market • 100% Recyclable product = material for new products = circular economy • Leaves no residues/particles after...

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Bergo Sports Flooring - 20

SPORTS FLOORING proudly made Bergo is the original since 1972 and with 50 years of experience, Bergo Flooring is the world leader in multi-functional floor tiles. All production is proudly made in Sweden with the highest quality. We make ECO-friendly, award-winning floor tiles specially developed for various applications within five different business areas: HOME, PUBLIC, EVENT, SPORT & MARINE. Bergo is pure, functional design. A Bergo floor solves many problems thanks to the ventilating and flexible design and is particularly suitable for installations on damp surfaces, but also on uneven...

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