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BERA Stable Pave - 1

Stable Base For Paving

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BERA Stable Pave - 2

BERA® Stable Pave Base Advantages: þ Reduce 275 kg of soil excavation þ Reduce 175 kg of split or stabilized sand þ Reduce 1/2 hour of labour þ Reduce logistics costs and CO2 emissions þ Reduce sweating! þ Excellent distribution of vertical loads þ Excellent thermal protection against frost Conventional System Split - or sand layer Split- or sand layer Gravel layer Applications: þ Terraces, Patios þ Walkways, Sidewalks þ Pool Area’s BERA® Stable Pave Create your paving faster, cheaper and stable - no sweat! TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Product BERA® Stable Pave Product safety Production...

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