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BERA Portfolio - 1

‘Green’ Solutions For Your Garden

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BERA Portfolio - 2

INTRODUCTION BERA B.V. was founded in the Netherlands in 2009 to develop, manufacture and distribute ‘green’ thus sustainable products and system solutions for gardens, landscapes and urban spaces. Our strive is to provide solutions that are both sustainable in their manufacture and application. In less than 5 years we have become leaders in the field of gravel stabilisation and have been awarded in 2015 by the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver certificate for one of our core products, BERA Gravel Fix® Pro. Millions of square meters of BERA Gravel Fix® Pro have been installed in diverse...

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BERA Portfolio - 3

SUSTAINABILITY INCLUDED! BERA takes pride to enforce its philosophy being responsible when it comes to manufacturing one of our products or systems. We are proud that we are being copied on our products, however our philosophy cannot be copied! The sustainability comes with the products……free of charge. It is your turn now to implement the same when you apply one of our solutions and take the responsibility onwards to one of your projects. The core products are manufactured with following basic principles: » » » » » » » » Using renewable energy sources such as solar power and heat-recovery;...

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BERA Portfolio - 4

BERA assortment has been built around drainable paving and stabilization solutions, thus ‘Preserving Water for Future Generations. Together with associated products in landscaping you will find us a ‘ONE-STOP SHOP’ for all your landscaping needs. Expertise in STABILIZATION can be found in pages 5-9: For Split & Gravel BERA Gravel Fix® Pro for professionals and all applications incl. driveways and large parkings BERA Gravel Fix® Smart & Lite for semi-professionals and DIY for all residential applications for DIY and professionals for grassed parkings and service roads for Heavy Duty grassed...

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BERA Portfolio - 5

Our Expertise in Gravel Stabilization Gravel Fix® Pro Architects and landscaping contractors have installed millions of square metres of our permeable, stable and strong BERA Gravel Fix® Pro for traffic and pedestrian applications. The product is available in the optimal height of 32 mm and in multiple sheet sizes ranging from 0.9 - 2.3 m2. The white sheets are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver Certified and LEED and BREEAM® credits are earned as the product is UV and frost resistant and guaranteed for immediate rainwater infiltration of 180 liters per sqm and due to the use of heavy duty...

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BERA Portfolio - 6

Gravel Fix® Smart & Lite Lighter usage and smaller size of residential applications are covered by dedicated BERA Gravel Fix® Smart and BERA Gravel Fix® Lite. The high quality products are available in 2 heights i.e. 32 and 26 mm and in multiple sizes and colors covering 0.3 up to 0.9 m2. Together with the simple to install edging products, decorative yet permeable and stable gravel area’s can be installed by most private customers. These products are sold through DIY chains worldwide. Multiple presentation (POS) are available. Some of them are shown below, however can be enhanced, modified...

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BERA Portfolio - 7

* BERA® Grass Fix Eco BERA® Grass Fix Eco is a versatile and strong method to reinforce your greened areas. Most grass pavers are made of concrete, and tend to heat up resulting in unsightly drying out and scorching of the grass and causing discomfort to barefoot pedestrians. The low thermal conductive properties of HDPE, BERA® Grass Fix Eco solves this problem. No more discomfort! The strength of the sheets make them suitable for emergency and service access roads around buildings in accordance with DIN 14090. The product is available in green colour in 1 size of 600 x 400 mm and fully...

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BERA Portfolio - 8

Our Expertise in Grass and Soil Stabilization BERA® EquestFix BERA® EquestFix is a versatile yet strong method to reinforce your equestrian zones. It is a unique ‘circular’ product to be implemented in the stabilization of areas such as paddocks and equestrian yards. It prevents compacting of the subbase causing stagnant water and will keep the surface even and stable to ride. Several pavers available on the market are made of low quality recycled plastic. They tend to be inflexible and smelly due to use of plastic which was not cleaned in the recycling process. The stiffness creates...

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BERA Portfolio - 9

Our Enhanced Expertise For all your pedestrian pavements with concrete, ceramic or natural materials you can now use our drainable lightweight sub-base. Made of durable and 100% recyclable expanded polypropylene, you can make any paving easy and fast. Replacing 15-20 cm of your sub-base, thus save per m2: Advantages: þ Reduce 275 kg of soil excavation þ Reduce 175 kg of split or stabilized sand þ Reduce 1/2 hour of labour þ Reduce logistics costs and CO2 emissions þ Reduce sweating! þ Excellent distribution of vertical loads þ Excellent thermal protection against frost Applications: þ...

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BERA Portfolio - 10

aBERA® Gravel Edge 'L' a B-Edge Smart a B-Edge Pro BERA® B-Edge Smart universal Edging & Borders, come in 6 m and 12 m lengths, are flexible, safe and universal in their application. Easy to install, easy to interconnect and safe for those enjoying their games in the garden. The rounded top prevents any injuries commonly experienced with metal or thin plastic products. Paths, walkways, lawns and borders are easily separated by our 12 cm high “B-Edge Pro” semi-professional edging. They come in 10 m and 20 m lengths. Flexible, safe and universal in their application either curved or straight....

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BERA Portfolio - 11

*Alu L & T Edge Pro The BERA® T-Edge Pro, with its stable base, is able to withstand pressure from light vehicles onto a paved/gravel driveway or parking area. The triangle cut-outs are made to create a highly flexible edge for curves and bends by cutting the ‘bridge’ or by leaving them uncut to have a straight and solid edge. The same features are applicable to BERA® L-Edge Pro, except for the fact that this range is more suitable for neat and elegant edging of flowerbeds, lawns and hard landscaping. Both systems are of the highest quality of aluinium, light in weight and easy to install....

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