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BERA Gravel Fix Lite - 1

Frame & Pins included Gravel Stabilisation “Stepping Stones

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BERA Gravel Fix Lite - 2

Only 3 steps for your gravel “Stepping Stones”! 1. Remove 10 cm of soil or grass of the desired 40 x 80 cm area. 2. Fill the void with 5 cm of sand and compact it. Lay the “BERA Gravel Fix® Step” and fix it with the 4 pins. 3. Fill the secured step with approx 25 kg of gravel (any size between 3 - 16 mm). Ensure that the gravel is spread evenly, across and covering the entire step. READY! What is BERA Gravel Fix® Step? BERA Gravel Fix® Step is a very simple way to create your individual section of stabilised gravel. They come in handy 40 x 80 cm kits complete with gravel...

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