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Pressbeton catalogue

Catalog excerpts

Industrial & Decorative Floors

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ressbeton, being an alternative technology of performing decorative external and internal surfaces, shows what a creative material may concrete be, it delights many human eyes and satisfies at the same time the needs of the most demanding architects and investors. PRESSBETON Surfaces with their nature and climate fit every style of architecture – from old to the most modern forms.

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he secret of PRESSBETON technology is pressing a specified pattern in a properly prepared and coloured surface of fresh concrete. With appropriately designed base and concrete slab the surface is able to take any load. The applied surface materials (hardener and sealer) cause that the user receives pavement with increased abrasion resistance, not saturating, frost resistant and easy to be kept clean. The proof of versatility of PRESSBETON technology are numerous projects of sidewalks, driveways, petrol stations, car parks, environment of sacral facilities.

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RESSBETON draws the attention of designers and users with simplicity of the used material and its beauty imitating stone, brick, sandstone, Roman pavement, granite, stone and even board. Any possibilities of combining shape with colouring give numerous solutions, often unique.

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on-standard finishing of buildings, entrances, access roads emphasizes the prestige of the structure and its individual character.

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he possibility to adjust the thickness of the surface to individual requirements and local conditions in connection with richness in terms of design and colour proves universality of PRESSBETON. Appropriately designed surface guarantees transfer of any utility loads from light vehicles to several tons trucks, buses etc. being an escape from monotony of block paving and the greyness of concrete. On the contrary, the possibility to perform in the form of thin, 10-15 mm layer applied on the existing concrete surface enables original arrangements of interiors of restaurants, pubs, as well as...

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rowing needs and requirements of investors and many years of practice contributed to establishment of specialized software that enables creation of technological designs based on output data including, among others, ground conditions, expected static and dynamic loads and requirements concerning the surface itself. Thanks to examining individual requirements and local conditions surfaces are made „to measure”. heavy duty pavements (trucks) light pavements (cars) Thickness: 15-20 cm, concrete C30/37 reinforced with steel fibres BAUMIX Thick.10-12 cm, concrete C20/25 C25/30 reinforced with...

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ow it is already known that even the best architectonic concept collapses, if there are no appropriate means to implement the intended goal. In the places where the imagination of the designer races reality what offers assistance is Press-Beton Vertical technology, which enables adaptation of any pattern and colour (also this from the floor) on vertical surfaces. In almost free conditions of possibilities and lack of any barriers, imagination of every designer starts to work completely differently. In Press-Beton Vertical technology we will perform monolithic wall lining imitating e.g....

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Vertical is characterized by lack of visible seal suppression and cuts in their internal structure, which essentially affects the final visual effect. Creation of any geometry, also irregular enables composition of original, avant-garde arrangement and the use of non-standard finishing techniques. It is particularly used in places, such as: art galleries, commercial rooms or restaurants. Not trivial vertical surface finishing may also constitute element of elegant decor of a hotel reception desk or lecture hall. What is important, it can be also coloured to any colour, adapting to...

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variety of possibilities is very wide. Realism, extraordinary durability as well as ease in cleanliness maintenance, determines outstanding properties of the technology and determines the revolutionary character of PRESSBETON VERTICAL technology. Would you expect something more?

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esistance to atmospheric factors and UV enables the application of Pressbeton Vertical technology also outdoors. Using the technique of pressing concrete we will aesthetically finish decorative elements of small architecture such as e.g. pedestals, wells, low retaining walls or artificial rocks.

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errace is a showcase of each house, it is the place where we rest and it is the place of summer meetings with friends. Appropriately designed, it becomes an integral part of garden, and richness in terms of design and colour of PRESSBETON technology even enables unlimited possibilities of shaping its form.

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Eight steps to beauty 1 Putting composite concrete onto a specially prepared base. Compacting the concrete with a vibration floating screed. Troweling and smoothening of the applied hardener using special steel bullfloat. Application of PRESSBETON release agent preventing adhesion of pressing forms to the concrete surface. Pressing the pattern on the surface of fresh concrete with the use of appropriate forms. Washing the release agent with pressure unit from the surface of concrete. Application in a proper dose of a coloured hardener MULTITOP PRESSBETON on the surface of fresh concrete....

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Rich range of colours TILE RED LAWN GREEN Dessert beige Light Sandstone Golden Sandstone The above colours present only approximate effect without release agent. There is a possibility of free combination of patterns and colours. Diversity of PRESSBETON forms Garden stone Sand paving Irregular SLATE Castle paving Irregular stone Greek mosaic

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Diversity of PRESSBETON forms Irregular paving Classical paving Belgian paving Hexagonal paving Antique paving Rustic paving Arabic brick BRICK BASKETWEAVE Herringbone brick Antique brick Irregular SLATE Irregular SLATE

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Pine board Stone board Mountain stone Austrian paving Czech paving Italian SLATE

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Wide range of models and colours English board PM528 90 X 40 cm Roman SLATE Irregular Sandstone Basalt SLATE Venice board Italian paving French paving Spanish paving Roman paving

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