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is an elegant and refined wall mount for iPad and iPod touch. As smart home systems today are more and more controlled with iPad, Eve is the perfect solution to secure the iPad in style on the wall. Eve is simple in design, installation and use. brushed black rounded cover

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Simple in design Eve, the ultimate iPad frame, embraces the iPad or iPod and turns it into an amazing on-wall touch screen, while fully respecting its design. The entire frame is precision machined out of a single block of aluminium and is available in various high-quality finishes such as brushed aluminium, brushed black and satin white. Eve for iPad is available with a rectangular or rounded cover while Eve touch is only available with a rounded cover. This cover hides unsightly cables and connections.

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square cover, brushed aluminium magnets holding the iPad security cover rounded cover, brushed black precision machined

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portrait or landscape orientation installation of frame using 2 screws compatible with Lightning connector

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Simple in installation Eve is easily mounted on the wall using two screws. It can be positioned in portrait or landscape orientation. The iPad/iPod can be permanently charged using an iPad/iPod charger (220V) or the puck USB charger (24V). The puck USB charger is a small device that is hidden in the single gang wall box behind the iPad or iPod. satin white - rounded cover The puck is connected to the iPad or iPod, so the battery is constantly charged and the device is always ready to use. The Eve cover hides unsightly charging cables or connections. 5

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As smart home systems today are more and more controlled with iPad, Eve is the perfect solution to mount your iPad in style on the wall. For commercial applications like retail and hospitality, Eve is available with security cover. By means of a small tool, the iPad can easily be unlocked and removed again. Eve Air table base satinised aluminium iPad installation security cover with locking tool

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brushed black - rounded cover

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Collection & finishes Eve is compatible with iPad and iPod touch. There is an Eve collection for iPad mini 1 to 4, iPad Air 1 & 2, iPad Pro 9.7" & 12.9" and an Eve touch collection for iPod touch 5 & 6. All Eve frames are available in various high-quality finishes: brushed aluminium, brushed black and satin white. Eve for iPad is available with a rounded or rectangular cover, featuring security option. Eve touch has a rounded cover. brushed aluminium - square cover

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Eve mini for iPad mini 1, 2 & 3 and iPad mini 4 Eve mini square security cover 621-01 - brushed aluminium 621-03 - brushed black 621-04 - satin white 623-01 - brushed aluminium 623-03 - brushed black 623-04 - satin white 625-01 - aluminium 625-03 - black 625-04 - satin white Eve mini rounded cover Eve mini rounded security cover 622-01 - brushed aluminium 622-03 - brushed black 622-04 - satin white 624-01 - brushed aluminium 624-03 - brushed black 624-04 - satin white Dimensions Set mini 1, 2 & 3: Set mini 4: _ 6.81” Frame mini 1, 2 & 3: Frame mini 4: Eve mini square cover

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Eve Air rounded security cover 632-01 - brushed aluminium 632-03 - brushed black 632-04 - satin white 634-01 - brushed aluminium 634-03 - brushed black 634-04 - satin white 633-01 - brushed aluminium 633-03 - brushed black 633-04 - satin white 631-01 - brushed aluminium 631-03 - brushed black 631-04 - satin white Eve Air square security cover 630-01 - aluminium 630-03 - black 630-04 - satin white

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satin white - rounded cover

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Eve Pro 9.7" square security cover 661-01 - brushed aluminium 661-03 - brushed black 661-04 - satin white 663-01 - brushed aluminium 663-03 - brushed black 663-04 - satin white Eve Pro 9.7" rounded security cover 662-01 - brushed aluminium 662-03 - brushed black 662-04 - satin white 664-01 - brushed aluminium 664-03 - brushed black 664-04 - satin white 660-01 - aluminium 660-03 - black 660-04 - satin white

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654-01 - brushed aluminium 654-03 - brushed black 654-04 - satin white Eve Pro 12.9" rounded security cover 652-01 - brushed aluminium 652-03 - brushed black 652-04 - satin white set 268 mm/10.55” 653-01 - brushed aluminium 653-03 - brushed black 173 mm/6.81” 653-04 - satin white Eve Pro 12.9" square security cover 651-01 - brushed aluminium 651-03 - brushed black 651-04 - satin white 138 mm/5.43” Eve Pro 12.9" rounded cover

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Eve touch for iPod touch 5 & 6 IPod touch is a handy replacement for the larger iPad tablet, in rooms where only a small screen is needed. Eve touch is available in the same finishes as the other Eve frames. The installation of this frame is very simple, as only two screws and a US single gang wall box are needed. Eve touch can be equipped with a puck USB charger, which ensures that the iPod remains charged and is always ready for use. No unsightly cables or connections are visible. brushed aluminium

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640-01 - brushed aluminium 640-03 - brushed black 640-04 - satin white

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Table base for Eve mini, Eve Air & Eve Pro 9.7" The table base for Eve mini, Eve Air and Eve Pro 9.7" supports these elegant mounts and can be installed on a table or desk. This accessory leads to more ease of use and can be used in both residential and public applications. It serves as a perfect solution for hotels or restaurants at the reception desk or as a publicity screen. Of course, this table stand can also be very handy as an extra screen in your kitchen or living room. The table base accessory is machined out of highgrade aluminium and is available in two finishes, each optimised...

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Table base for Eve mini 1, 2 & 3 Table base for Eve mini 4 638-12 - satinised aluminium portrait 639-12 - satinised aluminium landscape 628-12 - satinised aluminium portrait 629-12 - satinised aluminium landscape 626-12 - satinised aluminium portrait 627-12 - satinised aluminium landscape 638-09 - polished aluminium portrait 639-09 - polished aluminium landscape 628-09 - polished aluminium portrait 629-09 - polished aluminium landscape 626-09 - polished aluminium portrait 627-09 - polished aluminium landscape Eve Air / Eve Pro 9.7" table base: 173 mm/6.81" Eve mini table base: 143 mm/5.63"...

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