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Imagine, a sound system that fills every room with crystal clear music & offers unequalled performance, flexibility & simplicity.

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asano high-quality music, tailored to your needs Asano is a high-end multiroom audio system by Basalte, designed for KNX home automation systems and developed to fit the needs of projects all over the world. It offers excellent sound quality in a comprehensive, flexible and reliable audio solution. Connect your music to the system and enjoy the integrated internet radio and music streaming services. Play different music genres in separate rooms or play that one great song throughout your home. The result is a high-performance, networked multiroom audio solution for a virtually unlimited...

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asano every room, your music The Asano multiroom audio system consists of high standard audio products, including a music server, amplifiers and integration modules. The multiroom stereo amplifiers P1, P4 & M4 are developed with excellent sound quality to cover all rooms. Modularly add amplifiers if you want to add music zones. You can even integrate thirdparty amplifiers with the A3 output module. Furthermore, you can link any music source to the Asano amplifiers or N1 input module: from a CD player and mobile device to your favourite streaming service and internet radio! Learn more about...

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asano professional audio quality in your home CobraNet transports uncompressed, digital audio over a dedicated Ethernet network. By using standard CAT5E cabling, audio is distributed with no signal degradation or interference. As a result, cable runs to speakers and sources are dramatically reduced. You have no single point of failure because all devices intelligently intercommunicate with each other. The result? Crystal clear audio everywhere and perfectly synchronised music in all rooms. CobraNet is the biggest standard in professional audio distribution and the core of Asano. Its robust,...

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asano a perfectly integrated solution for KNX systems Asano seamlessly integrates with KNX, the worldwide standard for home automation. This creates a whole new level of simplicity, flexibility and ease of installation for multiroom audio in KNX systems. The party mode allows for all selected rooms to play in perfect sync like one big system. The integrated 5-band equaliser even lets you finetune the sound in every room. Select your audio source and change tracks & volume with your KNX switches and room controllers. Use the integrated scene functionality to set scenes for any occasion, like...

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amplifiers integration modules p24 diagrams p32 specifications p38

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S4 hosts 4 digital music streams, assigned to 4 individual users, to directly integrate in the Asano multiroom audio system. Let the music follow you in your home by selecting your stream when you enter a room. Access your music library and iTunes® playlists from a USB or network drive (NAS). Connect S4 to the internet for internet radio and streaming services (including Spotify and Deezer). Play your music in individual rooms or multiple rooms at once, all perfectly synchronised. Integrate external sources like turntables or CD players and select these from the beautiful app. Use the...

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The intuitive Asano Music app for iOS and Android is fit to your daily needs by Basalte’s usability standards. Use the clearly arranged interface for the most important functions like music on/off, volume control and selecting favourites. In bigger projects with many music zones, keeping an overview can be difficult. Where you traditionally have an unorganised list of rooms, S4 lets you organise rooms per floor or tag rooms by category, like ‘guest’ and ‘kids’. Group rooms in a virtual zone and control for example the ground floor area as it would be one music zone. Additionally, you can...

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Asano M4 is a networked 4-zone stereo amplifier with 1 digital and 1 analogue source input. M4 can only be used in combination with the S4 music server and is fully controlled over CobraNet. To deliver superior audio performance, all zone outputs are powered with 2x80W ICEpower® amplification. Advanced DSP processing provides perfect equalisation with bass and treble control. A source connected to one of the inputs, immediately becomes a source for all the other zones of the Asano system. All inputs have signal sensing to automatically switch on a zone. Neatly integrate Asano M4, in...

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reddot award 2014 winner asano pi KNX Asano P1 is a single zone networked stereo amplifier with 2 analogue source inputs: the perfect solution to add an extra room in your project. Asano P1 can also be configured to be used as 2 independent mono zones for smaller areas like a dressing room or a bathroom. To deliver superior audio performance, Asano P1 is powered with 2x125W ICEpower® amplification. Furthermore, Asano P1 offers the possibility to connect an active subwoofer. A source connected to one of the inputs, immediately becomes a source for all the other zones of the Asano system. All...

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Asano P4 is a networked 4-zone stereo amplifier with 4 analogue source inputs. Use a P4 per 4 rooms and combine with other Asano components to perfectly match Asano with your total number of rooms. To deliver superior audio performance, all zone outputs are powered with 2x125W ICEpower® amplification. Two zones can even be bridged to produce an astonishing 2x450W audiophile amplification. Advanced DSP processing provides 5-band equalisation with bass and treble control and the selection of up to 8 different EQ-presets for every zone or room. A source connected to one of the inputs,...

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Asano A3 is a networked stereo output module to connect up to 3 zones (1 digital S/PDIF and 2 analogue) of third-party amplifiers or active speakers with the Asano system. The two analogue zones are connected with RJ45 over shielded cabling, which can be converted to RCA connectors using the optional A3 Audio Splitter. Every zone output has a separate trigger output to switch on/off the third-party amplifier or active speaker. Advanced DSP processing provides 5-band equalisation with bass and treble control and the selection of up to 8 different EQ-presets for every zone or room. You can...

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