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Vertical blinds - 1

indoor installation Vertical blind Manage precisely the sunlight entrance in two simple moves. Capable of adapting to large windows, uneven surfaces, ledges, staircases and curved rooms. Cord‑chain-, crank- or motoroperated. colors: Anodized aluminum Operating systems Chain and cord, Crank, Motor Ceiling, Wall Folded track. Sloped track, horizontal base. Sloped track, sloped base. Horizontal track, sloped base. Horizontal track, staircase adaptation. Sloped track, staircase adaptation. Curved track (only 89mm). Color combination. Trims. Distance chain assembled. Confection without separator chain. Safekids.

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Vertical blinds - 2

Vertical blind Adaptable to irregularly shaped rooms Vertical blinds can be adapted to any window and room thanks to the track slope or curve. Additionally, the slats can be cut to ease its installation in staircases, sloped ceilings, curved walls and unusually shaped rooms. Folded track for easy transport and installation This new development from Bandalux makes transport and installation easier and minimizes the risk of breakage. The new folded track option is available for vertical blinds longer than 3 meters with a chain or string action and a central opening (RC) or an opening on both...

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Vertical blinds - 3

Regulating the sunlight 180° Total control of the amount of light entering the room thanks to the 180º turning radius of the slats. Dimensions up to 6m wide and/or 6m high (max surface 24m2 ). The slats overlap perfectly as each one of them is positioned at the same distance from the next. Frontal Trazer Elegant decorative cover, 100% aluminum. This can be added as an accessory to blinds that have already been installed. New extendible reinforced Trazer brackets New brackets developed by Bandalux for wall installation. Design adapted to the latest trends. for more information see price list...

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Vertical blinds - 4

Vertical OPTIONS SERVED BY DEFAULT STRAIGHT TRACK, CHAIN- AND CORD-OPERATED CHILD SAFETY RETAINER CHAIN PROFILE COLORS White RAL 9010 Safekids safety device. Anodized aluminum For the straight track (chain- and cord-operated), components will be supplied matching colors with the fabric according to Bandalux criteria. If another color is desired, indicate on the order form or eBa. For the other tracks, Bandalux will provide the track and components in white. OPTIONS STRAIGHT FOLDED TRACK, CHAIN- AND CORD-OPERATED OTHER TRACKS STRAIGHT TRACK, CRANK - from 1000 to 6000mm CURVED TRACK, CRANK -...

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Vertical blinds - 5

Vertical OPTIONS OTHER OPTIONS SLOPED TRACK (1) SLOPED BASE SLOPED TRACK (1) HORIZONTAL BASE STAIRCASE ADAPTATION OF HORIZONTAL TRACK HORIZONTAL TRACK SLOPED BASE STAIRCASE ADAPTATION OF SLOPED TRACK (2) DISTANCE CHAIN ASSEMBLED COLOR CHANGE LATERAL TRIM CONFECTION WITHOUT SEPARATOR CHAIN (METAL COUNTERWEIGHT) (3) 1. Sloped track, maximum slope 45°. The stacking is always on the highest side. 2. No stacking, only orientation. 3. Option non compatible with collections Ecoplanet Ignis, Ecoplanet Ignis Metal, Planet Ignis, Skyline Ignis, Skyline Ignis Metal, Polyscreen® 473, Polyscreen® 475,...

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Vertical blinds - 6

Vertical TECHNICAL DATA MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM SIZES Blind width Blind height Maximum Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum Minimum % (Width/Height) STRAIGHT TRACK CHAIN- AND CORD-OPERATED STRAIGHT TRACK CRANK-OPERATED CURVED TRACK CRANK-OPERATED STRAIGHT TRACK, MOTOR-OPERATED CURVED TRACK, MOTOR-OPERATED SLOPED TRACK NUMBER OF BRACKETS ACCORDING TO BLIND WIDTH Blind width Bandalux supplies brackets for ceiling installation by default. If you want brackets for wall-mounted installation, please indicate on the order form or eBa. APPROXIMATE STACKING WIDTHS (mm) 89 mm Right/left stacking Stacking at...

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Vertical blinds - 7

Vertical TECHNICAL DATA CROSS-SECTION AND HEIGHTS OF EACH SYSTEM STRAIGHT TRACK, CHAIN- AND CORD-OPERATED STRAIGHT OR CURVED TRACK, CRANK-OPERATED CURVED TRACK, MOTOR-OPERATED 54mm STRAIGHT TRACK, MOTOR-OPERATED CONTROLS HEIGHT CHAIN- OR CORD-OPERATED SYSTEM WITH CHILD SAFETY SYSTEM The Child Safety/Safekids piece must be positioned at a minimum height of 1,5m from the floor. CRANK-OPERATED Bandalux has the following controls heights recommended for hand crank: CHAIN- OR CORD-OPERATED SYSTEM WITHOUT CHILD SAFETY SYSTEM If the Child Safety/Safekids feature is declined, controls height will...

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Vertical blinds - 8

Vertical TECHNICAL DATA TYPES OF STACKING The Bandalux vertical blind offers four different stacking models: LA SIDE STACKING OPPOSITE SIDE STACKING The blind is stacked to the same side as that of the controls. The blind is stacked to the side opposite to that of the controls. STACKING AT BOTH SIDES CENTRAL STACKING The blind is stacked in the centre of the track. The blind is stacked in two separate sections. Overlapping of the last slat with the first slat of the tracks, which are installed together. Bandalux recommends placing the slats in parallel position to one another when stacking...

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Vertical blinds - 9

Vertical TECHNICAL DATA TRAZER TECHNICAL INFORMATION (more information in Price List 'A4 Decorative Covers') PERSONALIZATION OF THE MOUNT PLATE Standard Without mount plate For wall-mounted installation, the mount plate measurement must be 10mm larger than the bracket measurement. NUMBER OF BRACKETS ACCORDING TO BLIND WIDTH PROJECTION PERSONALIZATION Projection Width Without projection Bandalux supplies brackets for ceiling-mounted installation by default. If brackets for wall-mounted installation are desired, please indicate on the order form or eBa. SPACE BETWEEN THE RETURN AND THE FABRIC...

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Vertical blinds - 10

Vertical FABRICS MATTIZ IGNIS Transparent FR: Fire-retardant fabric. B1: DIN 4102. MATTIZ IGNIS NACAR PLANET IGNIS SKYLINE IGNIS Transparent OF 4% FR (B1) METAL: Reflective fabric. FR: Fire-retardant fabric. ECO: Recycled fabric. OF: Openness factor. B1: DIN 4102.

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Vertical blinds - 11

Vertical FABRICS Collection EFFICIENT/BO OF 5% FR (B1) OF: Openness factor. FR: Fire-retardant fabric. BO: Blackout Fabric. B1: DIN 4102. M1: NF P 92-503. ECOPLANET IGNIS POLYSCREEN® CREPE POLYSCREEN® VISION SKYLINE IGNIS METAL Metal OF 4% FR (B1) ECO: Recycled fabric. FR: Fire-retardant fabric. OF: Openness factor. METAL: Reflective fabric. B1: DIN 4102. NFPA: NFPA 701.

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