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Be different AZENCO has become for you a brandof distinction. We wanted to give you the best of design and quality so that your exterior becomes a unique place where you feel good. With our complete range of swimming pool enclosures and pool covers, we cater to all your desires for relaxation, leisure and fitting out of your home. Innovation, high-quality materials, perfect integration in your environment, aesthetics, with AZENCO achievements, your outdoor space is even more valuable. Experience the difference with AZENCO, be different ! Charles Chapus CEO Azenco Slatted Covers

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Azenco knows how to combine technological performances and inventiveness. On a daily basis, Azenco designs strive to provide you with relaxation and enjoyment. Elegance and practicality You want your home to reflect your style; we know how to incorporate the elements that will preserve its character and enhance comfort

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Dynamic lines Always seeking an original look that is harmony with your environment, AZENCO offers a streamlined style, recognisable in all its designs. Intelligent control Enjoy new technology in home automation designed to make your life easier. All AZENCO* swimming pool enclosures must meet the requirements of French safety standard NF-P90-309 and all swimming pool covers must comply with French safety standard NF-P90-308. The French Act of January 2003 states that all pools must be equipped with a standardised safety system: Act no. 2003-09 of 3 January 2003. The aim of this Act is to...

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Azenco is now one of the three leading French companies in the market. Dynamism, know-how and anticipation combine to make Azenco a world-class group placing quality and innovation at the heart of its development strategy. Made in France We are proud to offer you products that are entirely manufactured in France, combining technical expertise, reliability and authenticity. Today, buying French products represents an act of citizenship, and also safeguards a unique know-how and impeccable quality. Azenco guarantees For all our products, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all the high-quality,...

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A real laboratory for ideas, our Design Office is open to all possibilities and innovations. It is here where all our patented products, exclusive features, innovative technologies and specific designs are conceived, developed and produced. Azenco is a small and personable company that designs and manufactures its products in a production unit equipped with the latest generation, high-precision tools. All Azenco products are manufactured in Cazères, near Toulouse. Each step in the manufacturing process is overseen and controlled by our technicians in minute detail... an expert job. A real...

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High-quality materials tested and approved By choosing the best technology, we increase the performance capability of our products. The aluminium frames are powder-coated in accordance with the Qualicoat and Qualimarine labels* and the panels are made from 8mm polycarbonate with UV protection on both sides. The EPDM seals between the frames and panels provide excellent protection for both the enclosure and the pool. As for our residential enclosures, the panels can be made with 4mmthick safety glass which is very resistant and does not scratch. *Quality label organization committed to...

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A to Z S upport Every installation is carried out by us, a guarantee of Azenco quality. The final assembly and installation are carried out on-site by our team of expert technicians who will ensure that every aspect of the product you have purchased is functioning correctly. Our team of skilled Azenco technicians are at your service and will come out and visit your home if necessary. We have also set up a telephone helpline to assist with any problems or questions you may have. You can also contact our After-Sales Department via our website. and on 304...

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Pooldeck 12 The 3-in-1 solution Removable curved flat enclosure 14 Discretion guaranteed Removable curved enclosure and Visio 16 Comfort and practicality Telescopic enclosures 20 Comfort and esthetic quality Residential Living spaces 26 Mid-height 30 High Spa enclosures 40 Relaxation area Custom-built 44 Options 46

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Mobile pool deck - the 3-in-1 solution A clever cover that creates a multi-purpose pool. Patio, deck or safety cover, you choose. Pooldeck, the perfect way to bring your pool and living space closer together. Its composite wood cladding gives it a very modern feel. Benefits Space optimisation Seductive design Pooldeck fits almost all pools but above all it is a real space saver thanks to its modular platform that makes the most of small spaces. Optimal protection and ease of use Easy to use, it provides effective thermal protection. It has a locking system that is totally safe for children....

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Removable curved flat enclosure

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Its design gives it all of its appeal. It manages to be discreet and blends harmoniously with your surrounding environment. Adjustable opening Easy to use Enhanced safety The slightly curved profiles in both the transverse and longitudinal directions ensure excellent rigidity of the panels and provide maximum security and durability. With its handrails, you can open this pool enclosure on either side. This is useful if you want to shelter from the wind or enjoy the sun without having to fully uncover the pool. Mounted on rollers, it is very easy to operate. With this system, the...

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Removable curved enclosure

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Enables you to swim more often and for longer With a height ranging from 65 to 120 cm, you can swim even when the enclosure is fully closed. This means you can enjoy your pool in all weathers. Benefits Easy deployment on rollers This pool enclosure is fitted with rollers so it can be manoeuvred quickly. The lightweight and strong aluminium also facilitate operation. A unique sliding system allows you to adjust the opening of the enclosure according to your needs. Thanks to the handrails, it can be fully lifted on either side so you can open the enclosure in the direction you prefer...

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