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08 Get inspired 10 Deck transformat 14 Decking ' . - 48 Technical info " SHOWN: AZEK TRIM, MOULDING, VINTAGE MAHOGANY DECKING, PREMIER RAIL

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At AZEK , we engineer the best high-performance building materials available. Our commitment to technology and materials science innovation is at the heart of our brand, and our dedication to inspiring design and style are why the best dressed homes wear AZEK.

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AZEK —The Leader in Premium Decking ® THE POWER OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MAKES LIFE BETTER. We believe both should be leveraged to add strength, low-maintenance beauty, and value to your home. That’s why we invest heavily in materials science research and development. Our polymer engineers have masterminded game-changing materials and continue to create the most lasting building products on the market. AT THE INTERSECTION OF SCIENCE AND STYLE. We believe trust is built with quality products. Transform our high-performance materials into exquisitely crafted works of art, giving you the home...

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STANDS UP TO RESISTS MOLD, HARSH WEATHER MILDEW, & MOISTURE RESISTS STAINS, SCRATCHES, & FADING NO ANNUAL SEALING & STAINING QUICK & EASY SUPERIOR HEAT INSTALLATION DISSIPATION A HISTORY OF QUALITY AND INNOVATION AZEK® Decking is part of AZEK Building Products' offering of premier exterior building products. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, AZEK Building Products' industry leadership and knowledge is unparalleled. You can be confident when you select an AZEK product, you're selecting the best high-performance building materials on the market.

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Choose materials that last When you’re investing in your home, be sure to select the material that’s right for you. PRESSURE TREATED WOOD Although traditional lumber still attracts many home owners, the appeal often fades as quickly as the wood does. Without frequent and necessary maintenance, pressure treated wood decks can splinter, warp, or cup—and this can happen within the first few years. In the long run, wood decks can become an expensive and time-consuming addition to a home. CAPPED WOOD COMPOSITE Made of plastic and wood fibers and coated with a composite cap, this decking is more...

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Cost of ownership is an estimate based on the average deck size of 320 square feet and includes all materials and labor for annual cleaning/staining and pressure washing.

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Casual Contemporary Get inspired When you add a new room to your home, including an outdoor space, make sure it reflects your unique style and flows seamlessly from areas that adjoin it. Evaluate your interior spaces, along with your home’s architecture when making decking, railing, and accessory decisions to ensure your new space fits your home style and lifestyle.

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STYLE DETAILS DECKING COLORS RAILING COLORS AND TEXTURES A classic style updated to maintain relevance today PRIMARY Mahogany, Acacia®, Silver Oak® ACCENT Cypress®, Morado® Premier Railing® in Kona® with White post sleeves and cable rail infill Warm tones, intricate patterns, floral tapestries, ornate planters Casual Contemporary STYLE DETAILS DECKING COLORS RAILING COLORS AND TEXTURES iclectic STYLE DETAILS DECKING COLORS RAILING COLORS AND TEXTURES Uses reclaimed and repurposed materials to make a statement PRIMARY Slate Gray, Hazelwood®, Dark Hickory, Mahogany ACCENT Acacia,...

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Rooftop revamp AZEK® Deck was chosen as the perfect solution to renovate this California condo rooftop. Replacing the rotten wooden deck, AZEK Deck's Vintage Collection® was selected because it resists fading, is lightweight, and has a Class "A" flame spread index. This beautiful space now provides residents a gorgeous skyline view with years of enjoyment. Vintage Collection

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Seaside strong A beautiful deck overlooking the Pacific was this homeowner's dream. When their first deck failed after only 8 years, AZEK ® Deck in Mahogany was chosen for the rebuild. Backed by a 30 year fade and stain warranty, and protected by Alloy Armour Technology, this AZEK Vintage Collection® deck will stand up to the seaside elements. BEFORE Vintage Collection

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TIMELESS COLORS SLATE GRAY Harvest Collection AUTUMN CHESTNUT Harvest Collection Harvest Collection Harvest Collection Harvest Collecti

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BRAZILIAN WALNUT MOUNTAIN REDWOOD Arbor Collection Arbor Collection Arbor Collection Arbor Collection Arbor Collection DARK HICKORY Vintage Collection® Vintage Collection Vintage Collection For additional color options, explore TimberTech's capped wood composite decking options at www.TimberTech

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Collection details With the AZEK® Deck Vintage Collection®, the sophistication of high-end hardwood flooring meets the resilient beauty of performance materials. Rich colors, dramatic streaking, and slight board-to-board variations give AZEK’s Vintage Collection the timeless aesthetic of traditional wood with added durability. The Vintage Collection was preferred 3 to 1 in consumer testing compared to other non-wood decking. The Vintage Collection has been tested to meet the criteria of a class “A” on the flame spread index

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Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut Mountain Redwood® Silver Oak®

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Mountain Redwood® Collection details The AZEK® Deck Arbor Collection® resembles the elegant simplicity of exotic wood, with the scratch and stain resistance of highly engineered materials. With the widest range of warm, earthy tones, this collection’s unique color variations within each board are designed to emulate the natural streaking of tropical hardwoods. Unlike wood, AZEK’s Arbor Collection doesn’t require staining or sealing for protection. All options install easily with hidden fasteners to provide a fastener-free surface with no more nail pops or unsightly raised boards. And, all...

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