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ATEPAA. WE MANUFACTURE HIGH QUALITY CUSTOMIZED FURNITURE THAT MEETS THE NEEDS OF EACH PROJECT. COMMON GOAL We prefer a modern approach to projects that is based on partnership. We do all that we can to achieve our customer’s vision. 3D DESIGN We provide 3D visualizations. Thanks to that our customers have an opportunity to make the final choice. CONTRACTED PRODUCTION Our comprehensive customer service involves consultations, design and custom-made production. ASSEMBLY WORLDWIDE Transport, carriage and assembly - we care for professional and customer-friendly implementation of every project.

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Thanks to the growth of our machine park, the experience and commitment of our employees and the introduction of virtually every material to our offer - we are able to design and make any type of furniture for our customers, and natural wood has become a beautiful and traditional complement to our furniture.

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NO MODERN MACHINE IS ABLE TO REPLACE A PERSON. EVERY ONE OF OUR EMPLOYEES PUTS A LOT OF HEART AND SOUL INTO CREATING UNIQUE FURNITURE We are distinguished by a passion and commitment to producing the highest-quality furniture. We combine experience and precision craftsmanship with modern technology. We strive to ensure that the entire technological process is in our hands. We put a lot of emphasis on every detail so that the final result is of the highest quality. Qualified Staff and modern CNC machining allow us to implement the most demanding projects. We use a wide range of materials. We...

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8,000 SQM MODERN AND AUTOMATED PRODUCTION HALL WOOD PROCESSING METALWORKING PAINT SHOP OFFICE departments - design, construction, commercial, service, installation and marketing

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OUR FURNITURE CAN BE FOUND IN EVERY CORNER OF THE EARTH: EUROPE, THR UNITED STATES, THE MIDDLE AND FAR EAST o o o o o oooooooooo ooooooooooo oooooooooooo o oooo oooooooo oo #o#oo ooooooo oo oooo ooooooo OOO O O #0000000 ooo#o #oo##ooooooo oo oooooooooofooo o o#o ooloooooooo ooo#o#oo#oo#ooooo o o #oooooooooooo oooo#ooo#oo#o o oooo o # ooooooo# #o# £ o# #ooo#oo# OOO oooo

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PROMISE WORK MISSION PRODUCT Innovative products and projects are the key to building our competitive advantage. Our design and production team works in Poland, creating furniture that is sent to various places around the world. We believe that close relations between our employees, clients and partners make ATEPAA a unique place that inspires us to continuous development while maintaining the highest standards. We know that each space is different and investors have different expectations. That’s why at ATEPAA we know how to create a functional and tailored product that will produce the...

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^WE’LL DESIGN THE SPACE TOGETHER WITH YOU. WlflfgErEPAA EVERYTHING TTTT IS POSSIBLE! We believe that reliable and professional relationships are very important in business. Your project, combined with our tools for preparing detailed offers and projects, create conditions for making decisions. We focus on an approach that emphasizes quality, design and professionalism, which is why ATEPAA is a company which services you will want to use again and a given project is completed. Working with ATEPAA, our partners can always count on professional help from our salespeople and office employees....

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FULL COMMITMENT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIR PRODUCTION OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY Our experienced design department will make even the most demanding projects become real. The most modern machinery and continued development bring us success in the global market We strive to make sure that creative and fresh ideas are always reflected in the completed project. We focus on professional transport as well as quick and trouble-free installation.

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a WE rRE I DEVELOPING. UJ X $ ATEPAA headquarters is planning a specially designed ^ modern complex with total space of 8,000 sqm. The ^ place is well connected to both the city center and the main roads leading to the border with Slovakia and the z Czech Republic. O -J ATEPAA will move to its new headquarters next summer. D The complex will be surrounded by a large garden with relaxation areas and sport facilities. The uniqueness of ^ the project determines the above-average share of < green areas with energy-saving systems and solutions lu ensuring comfortable working conditions.

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AIRPORTS The proximity of two large airports in Cracow and Katowice allows us to quickly transport our installation teams to every region of the world. HIGHWAY The direct road connection of our headquarters with a transport node that connects the most important highways leading into every region not only Europe, allows for fast and safe delivery of our products.

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Q ATEPAA Need more information? Contact us if you wish to receive free samples, price quotation and product advice. Please note that we will prepare visualization, present available options and organize transport with assembly to any destination. WE MANUFACTURE AND DESIGN IN POLAND. WE WORK FOR CUSTOMERS GLOBALLY. ATEPAA BIELSKO-BIALA GEN. MACZKA 73 A +48 33 810 50 63 +48 605 959 444 INFO(a)ATEPAA.COM

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