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Finishes for Exterior Walls PRODUCT CODE 1007 Apex Tile Guard Asian Paints Apex Tile Guard is a water-based high performance coating for roof tiles, Kerala bricks and non-porous baked clay tiles. PRODUCT BENEFITS Strong Water Repellence It has excellent water repellency property and provides excellent resistance against algal and fungal growth. Adhesion The Tile Guard film has better adhesion on tiles, crack bridging abilities and a tough film. Long Lasting Asian Paints Apex Tile Guard incorporates the latest state of the art technology to provide long lasting performance in the most tropical and harsh conditions. WATER BASED * All Asian Paints products contain no added Lead, Mercury, Arsenic or Chromium from April 2008. PRODUCT FEATURES WASHABILITY COLOURS AVAILABLE On normal masonry surface by brushing AVAILABLE PACKS *Currently available in 36 shades as per the Asian Paints Colour Spectra. SOFT SHEEN RICH SHEEN HIGH GLOSS Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. **Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application and surface roughness and porosity. Refer to sheen levels in technical details HOW TO APPLY PRE PAINTING STEPS PLASTER New masonry surfaces must be allowed to cure completely. It is recommended to allow 28 days as the curing time for new masonry surfaces. CLEANING Surface should be free from any loose paint, dust or grease. Growths of fungus, algae or moss should be removed by wire brushing and water. In case of areas having excessive dampness use Asian Paints DampBlock to limit further dampness. When the underlying surface exhibits chalkiness, in spite of thorough surface cleaning, use Asian Paints Exterior Sealer. PAINT APPLICATION PROCESS APPLICATION PRODUCT CODE STEP 1 FIRST COAT ASIAN PAINTS APEX TILE GUARD BRUSH / SPRAY PASTE FORM STEP 2 SECOND COAT ASIAN PAINTS APEX TILE GUARD BRUSH / SPRAY PASTE FORM FILLING FOR CRACKS For filling cracks upto 3mm use Asian Paints Crack Seal. FILLING FOR HOLES & DENTS In case of dents and holes use Asian Paints Wall Putty or white cement and fine sand in the ratio 1:3 Apex Tile Guard should not be applied on surfaces / substrates that are subjected to continuous seepage or dampness. 1. As measured through a Ford cup. 2. Recoat period is quoted for 25°C and 50% Relative Humidity, these may vary under different conditions. 3. For best results, it is advisable to apply Apex Tile Guard on both sides of a roof tile individually before laying.

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Finishes for Exterior Walls HOW TO CHOOSE COLOURS Browse through Asian Paints colour tools to help you find the right colour combination COLOUR SPECTRA FAN DECK* ASIAN PAINTS IMAGINE EXTERIORS ACE AND APEX SHADE CARD *These shades are for reference only. Please refer to the Colour Spectra or Colour Palette for correct shade reference FORESITE SERVICE Choosing the right combination of shades for your home can be difficult. At such times, you could do with some professional help. Asian Paints Foresite provides you with prints for your home in 3 colour combinations, as selected by you. Visit...

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